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November 19, 2018
SGB Fraud Alerts
Image: SGB Fraud Alerts

  • SGB will notify you if we suspect fraud is occurring on your debit card
  • You choose which method you prefer to receive/respond to alerts: Mobile Fraud App*; Text*; Automated phone call
  • Control your debit card with the Mobile Fraud App
  • For assistance, call (800) 228-7839

[Frequently Asked Questions]

*Standard data fees from your mobile provider may apply.

Why is SGB making the change to .bank?

Acquiring a .bank domain ensures a trusted, verified, and more secure location for your bank's online banking services. All .bank domains are required to meet robust security technologies and practices, and only verified members of the banking industry can register a .bank domain.

Powered by VeriSign, .bank has a higher level of mandated security than any other commercially available domain and must adhere to 8052835904developed by ABA, its member banks, and its partners in 401-544-6926. In addition to strict registration requirements, the .bank domain helps prevent users from being redirected to fake websites; makes it more difficult for criminals to phish and spoof emails from a .bank domain; and requires strong encryption. These features boost customer trust and confidence in banks using .bank in an era of increasing cybersecurity threats.