World Peace Is Coming!
Modern man can send astronauts to the moon yet hasn't solved the basic problem of human survival. Today's world is beset by appalling evils and violence. More than half the world's population lives in poverty, suffering from hunger or malnutrition. Even the poorest nations at times resort to costly arms to settle disputes.

   Several nations now have nuclear weapons. Even small unstable nations have nuclear power plants and the potential for similar weapons. Any one of these nations could start a chain reaction that could destroy humanity.

   As today's world conditions worsen, millions are asking the grave question: "Is peace possible, or will nuclear war destroy our planet?"

   For over fifty years Herbert W. Armstrong proclaimed that peace is not only possible but soon coming.

   Through the efforts of the necessitous, (570) 647-4916 and their affiliated websites, most of the major nations of this world are once again hearing this vital message. Mr. Armstrong stated, "Many world leaders believe humanity's only hope for a lasting peace lies in a single world government. Yet they admit the impossibility of man to produce it. Why? Because the solution to mankind's dilemma lies outside the realm of government, science and traditional religion."

   Mr. Armstrong traveled the world and spoke to numerous heads of state, business leaders and educators. He was the Founder and Chairman of the Ambassador Foundation - an international organization dedicated to serving the cultural and educational needs of many nations. The Foundation received numerous awards for its humanitarian efforts.

   Mr. Armstrong is internationally recognized as "an Ambassador for world peace without portfolio." As an author, educator and minister, he spoke authoritatively on perplexing world conditions, where we are heading and why. As Editor in Chief of The Plain Truth, an international magazine of understanding with 20 million readers worldwide, he presented a thought-provoking insight into world problems.

   His message still relates to the future of all peoples everywhere.
Man's Paradox:
Humanity, through the gifts of science, now possesses the ability to loft sensitive scientific equipment into the vast reaches of the solar system. Yet, this same awesome scientific capacity has also conferred the nuclear kiss of death on the globe. An ominous future for all of humanity lies ahead - unless an unexpected and Unseen Hand from someplace intervenes forcibly in human affairs.
Take a look at today's troubled world. Since the 1960s the world's fund of knowledge and technological advancements have increased at an astonishing rate.

   But world troubles have multiplied at an even greater pace. What a paradox! Amazing progress and developments. Incredible computers, astronauts on the moon and unmanned spacecraft transmitting close-up pictures of planetary surfaces to earth.

   But the same human mind that has produced such awesome material achievements has proved utterly helpless before our human problems here on earth. For the first time in all history, weapons exist that could destroy all of mankind.

   Today we are on a cataclysmic collision course that leads to the possible extinction of humanity. Several factors exist - each of which, alone, threatens human existence.

   The world is experiencing famines increasing at an alarming rate, poverty, unhappiness, family problems, crime, near-global pollution, and now the impending threat of nuclear war. Shortages of all needed resources except knowledge.

   Yet knowledge hasn't brought us lasting peace and happiness.

   The answer to mankind's dilemma has been available, but few understand it. It's a vital message of hope about government, about law, and about contemporary world conditions. It concerns mankind's number one problem: human survival.

   Despite today's worsening world conditions, there is good news. World peace is coming!

   Never before was a message of a coming peaceful, prosperous world tomorrow more vital to the future of mankind. That is the message that Herbert W. Armstrong and the (352) 428-9187 proclaim through free booklets, squirrel corn, streaming audio, and the 8015424618.

   The good news of the world tomorrow now reaches over 200 sovereign countries and territories throughout the world - daily via the internet, in several major languages.

   It's a vital message of hope that transcends national and ethnic borders worldwide.
Out of Wars Ashes ...
World War I, "The war to end all wars," had ended. Following the armistice, King Albert I of Belgium visited one of the battlefields. He was appalled at the slaughter.
   The King ordered an iron cannonball from the field to be cast into four watch cases. Four fine movements were placed in them. Each watch was then to be presented to the four individuals who, he felt, had made the most significant contribution towards world peace.

   The King presented one watch to Field Marshal Ferdinand Foch, who headed the Allied Supreme Command in 1918. He gave the second to General John J. Pershing, commander in chief of the American Expeditionary Force. The third watch went to Georges Clemenceau, France's inspiring premier during the dark days of the war. But the King did not find anyone qualified to receive the fourth watch. King Albert passed it on to his son, Leopold III.

   In 1970, His majesty Leopold III presented the fourth watch to Herbert W. Armstrong. In accepting it, Mr. Armstrong said, "I feel it was the highest honor the King could have paid anyone. Whatever contribution to world peace I may be making is not through war, but through education, teaching millions worldwide the way to peace."
An Ambassador Without Portfolio
Herbert W. Armstrong flew multiple thousands of miles a year promoting the way to real peace.
A trip to address officials of the Philippines.
During his lifetime, Herbert W. Armstrong had personal meetings with many heads of state and other officials high in government, education and industry.

   As an "ambassador without portfolio for world peace," he discussed domestic and world problems and changing conditions.

   He addressed the likelihood of humanity's nuclear annihilation. He spoke dynamically and plainly about the causes and ultimate solution to the shocking problems that threaten humanity.
   In his meetings with leaders of nations, Mr. Armstrong spoke of the way to world peace:

   "Peace is not only possible - it is definitely coming - and in our time.
   "Peace is coming in spite of six thousand years of human suffering. In spite of world leaders' inability to achieve peace.

   "The lessons of history have been written in pain, anguish, failures, frustrations and human blood and death. Experience has been a costly teacher - but mankind has not learned that lesson.

   "For every effect there has to be a cause. Our human society has never yet found 'the way' and put into motion 'the way' that would cause world peace. Humanity has failed for six thousand years to discover the cause of the world's colossal evils - its wretchedness, unhappiness and suffering.

   "The answer has been available, yet science has never discovered it. Education has never taught it. Religion doesn't understand it."

   Mr. Armstrong's personal visits with national leaders have often led to public appearances before larger audiences of thousands in many world capitals. These leaders want their people to hear this message.

   The way of unselfish outgoing concern that leads to peace has been taught and put into living practice on the campuses of Ambassador College. The cultural and educational projects of the Ambassador Foundation also reflect the way of giving and service to others.

   This way has demonstrated - for over three decades - that it does indeed produce peace, happiness and the abundant life.
Building Bridges ...
Addressing Prince Mikasa, above left, and a number of members of the Japanese Diet in Tokyo, Mr. Armstrong warned that "weapons now exist that can erase all human life from this earth." In welcoming Mr. Armstrong, Prince Mikasa said, "Dr. Armstrong has been very kind to me and I have . .. kept a close friendship. Dr. Armstrong has helped the academic affairs of Japan and international peace." Prince Mikasa is brother to Japan's Emperor Hirohito. Right photo: Herbert W. Armstrong greets Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi in Nairobi.
Mr. Armstrong discussed the major issues the world faces in its attempt to establish lasting peace, in a meeting with Plain Truth subscribers in Bangkok, Thailand.
Left, Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel, welcomes Mr. Armstrong during one of his many trips to Jerusalem. The Prime Minister had interrupted a meeting to greet his personal friend.
Herbert W. Armstrong, above, articulates international issues for Philippine television. Right, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in the same office that the late President Anwar Sadat met with Mr. Armstrong. Mr. Armstrong told the President that Sadat had given the ultimate personal sacrifice for peace - his life. The visit was covered by Egyptian television and newspapers.
... Between All Nations
Arriving for a private meeting with Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, at her No. 10 Downing street residence in London, above left. The Prime Minister and Mr. Armstrong discussed the problems of the Middle East in the half hour meeting. Above right, Juan Carlos, King of Spain, and Mr. Armstrong converse on the King's estate outside Madrid. During the visit, the King explained to Mr. Armstrong his personal concerns of a possible political and economic union of European nations. The King also recounted their first meeting in 1974, when the King was Crown Prince.
For Two Decades ...
Mr. Armstrong also met with the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat on a number of occasions, first in 1974 when delivering a personal message to the President from Prince Mikasa of Japan.
Actively publishing a message of hope and the way to world peace for half a century, Mr. Armstrong began to receive official requests to visit world leaders in the 1960s. One of the first invitations came from the late Golda Meir, then Prime Minister of Israel. Mr. Armstrong visited her at her Knesset office in Jerusalem in 1971 (above left). He later wrote that Mrs. Meir had "that rare quality of seeing things precisely. Her vision is in sharp focus. Her mind pierces through the extraneous and confusing details to the central important point." The late Jomo Kenyatta (above right), Founder and first President of Kenya, also counted Mr. Armstrong as a personal friend.
... Carrying a Message of Hope
The field of international law is of great importance in the pursuit of peace. Above, Herbert W. Armstrong pauses with longtime friend Nagendra Singh (left) and President Manfred Lachs in the Peace Palace at the International Court of Justice at The Hague, Netherlands. Dr. Singh is a Justice at the World Court presently in his second nine year term.
The late Emperor Haile Selassie (left) of Ethiopia developed a close friendship with Mr. Armstrong after a 1974 visit there. Above, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi reviews a copy of The Plain Truth (of which Mr. Armstrong is Founder and Editor in Chief) during a 1970 visit.
Right, Indian Pres1dent V.V. Giri greets Mr. Armstrong during the same trip to India.
An Emperors Commendation
Honor in Japan is not lightly given. In recognition of "The Outstanding contribution {for} ... promotion of mutual understanding," Emperor Hirohito (above) conferred on Herbert W. Armstrong, through the Minister of Protocol, the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Second Class - one of the highest decorations that can be presented to a non-Japanese.
Personal Friends: Seven Japanese Leaders
During the past two decades seven successive Japanese Prime ministers have counted Mr. Armstrong as a personal friend and counselor.
Top row, from left: Eisaku Sato, Kakuei Tanaka, Takeo Miki.
Second row, from left: Taqkeo Fukuda, Masayoshi Ohira, Zenko Suzuki.
Shortly after his election to the office of Prime Minister, Yasuhiro Nakasone (above) received Mr. Armstrong. They Discussed trade and labor difficulties facing the United States and Asian Nations during the private meeting in the Prime Minister's office in Tokyo.
Addressing the Manila Rotary Club in the Philippines (right), Mr. Armstrong declared: "I need to warn you that you're living in a very troubled world...and we need to understand that there's a cause for every effect." Above, Mr. Armstrong composes an article for The Plain Truth at 40,000 feet aboard the Grumman Gulfstream II jet. He often uses extended flight time as an opportunity to write.
To the Philippine People ...
Speaking to a group of educators and community leaders as the invited main speaker in Manila, Mr. Armstrong commented on his morning meeting with Dona Josepha Marcos, then 89, mother of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. "Let me tell you," he said, "she is a great lady...your President had a good teacher in his mother." Mr. Armstrong was then 90 years old.
Decorated for Promoting World Order
Actively involved in assisting the Filipino people, Herbert W. Armstrong was recognized by Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos in February, 1983, in a formal ceremony begun by the presenting of the colors (above, left). President Marcos decorated Mr. Armstrong with the Presidential Merit Medal in the Manila Presidential Palace. He cited Mr. Armstrong "for his moral presence and compelling influence in moving people toward the creation of a just and peaceful world order." The ceremony was preceded by a private meeting with the President.
More than 4,500 people gathered at the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila to hear Herbert W. Armstrong declare: "The origin of all our world troubles, the cause of it, was back at the very beginning of civilization." He went on to trace the problems plaguing humanity and expound the eventual unexpected solution that will soon resolve man's dilemma.
A Respected Voice
Mr. Armstrong has maintained positive contacts with Arab and Israeli leaders in his efforts to foster peace in the turbulent Middle East. Left, Mr. Armstrong and longtime friend Mayor Teddy Kollek of Jerusalem discuss problems facing the ancient city. Above, Mr. Armstrong explains his commitment toward lasting peace during an interview for Jordanian Television.
After being introduced as an individual who "is one of the very few people in the world who both proclaims and applies the theme...of peace without any personal incentives," Mr. Armstrong addressed a group of distinguished businessmen and government officials in Athens, Greece. In his speech he explained that "the reason we do not have peace is because people do not know the way to peace." Right, Herbert W. Armstrong presents a gift of Steuben crystal to King Hussein of Jordan, a longtime friend. They first met in Amman, Jordan, in 1971.
Healing the Breach in the Middle East
Prince Hassan, brother to King Hussein of Jordan, bids Mr. Armstrong farewell after a private meeting in Amman, Jordan, left. Mr. Armstrong pays his respects at the tomb of slain Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. Earlier that morning Mr. Armstrong met privately with Jihan Sadat, widow of the late President.
Left, above, Mr. Armstrong presents a personal protocol gift to Yitzhak Navon, then President of Israel. Right, George Ladas, acting President of Cyprus, receives Mr. Armstrong in his office. They spoke of the complex problems facing a divided world.
His Majesty King Bhumibol of Thailand and Herbert W. Armstrong have maintained a personal friendship since the early 1970's, when Mr. Armstrong became acquainted with His Majesty's projects. Right, Mr. Armstrong addresses a luncheon after being presented a royal Thai decoration. He explained the cause of world troubles to the official guests.
Good News for Southeast Asia
Thailand's Prime Minister Prem Tinsulanonda personally congratulates Mr. Armstrong for the royal Thai decoration conferred on behalf of Thailand's King Bhumibol. Mr. Armstrong received the royal honor of "Commander of Our Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand" through an official proxy in a formal ceremony in Bangkok.
A Thai Honor
King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, honoring Herbert W. Armstrong through an official proxy, conferred the royal Thai decoration of "Commander of Our Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand" in a formal ceremony in Bangkok. Above, the Deputy Prime Minister presents the decoration in a formal ceremony, acting for His Majesty, in recognition of Mr. Armstrong's commitment toward world peace. Mr. Armstrong, by invitation, later met privately with the King at the royal residence.
Above, Maj. Gen. Pramarn Adireksarn, a Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, congratulates Mr. Armstrong after the award ceremony. Bottom right, Abbot Phra Thepsopon, a personal friend of Mr. Armstrong, offers his appreciation for the ceremony.
The Ambassador Foundation
The magnificent Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena, California.
The magnificent Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena, California.

   The Ambassador Foundation represents the philanthropic arm of the Church of God, embracing a wide variety of cultural, educational and humanitarian projects.

   Founder and Chairman Herbert W. Armstrong discovered over 50 years ago in his researches the Creator's purpose in putting on earth humans with such incredible potential. That purpose involves the development of character by rejecting the wrong way of life - "the way of get," and turning to and living the right way of life - "the way of give."

   Out of this understanding the Ambassador Foundation was born. The Foundation seeks to initiate and carry forward projects that can be of service to specific countries without respect to race or religion.

   Foundation activities slice through the complexities that divide a world where hatreds, prejudice and personal ambitions too often rule. By serving the cultural, educational and humanitarian needs of mankind, the Foundation believes it can create in men and women an awareness of their ultimate individual and collective potential for good.

   The Foundation's cultural centerpiece is Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena, California, regarded as one of the world's most beautiful and acoustically perfect performing arts centers. Many of the world's finest performers have graced the Auditorium's stage: Carlo Maria Giulini, the Vienna Symphony, Monteserrat Caballe, Placido Domingo, Marilyn Horne, Vladimir Horowitz, Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra, Luciano Pavarotti, the late Arthur Rubinstein, Renata Scotto, Beverly Sills, Joan Sutherland, Herbert von Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic.

   As a "builder of bridges between all peoples everywhere" few organizations have had such impact as the Ambassador Foundation.
Conductor Carlo Maria Giulini guides the Vienna Symphony Orchestra during the April, 1974, inaugural concert in Ambassador Auditorium (above, left). Above, right, an Ambassador College student explains a point in English to a Laotian refugee in an Ambassador Foundation project in Thailand.
Princess Sarvath of Jordan presents information about humanitarian projects in the Middle East to Herbert W. Armstrong, Founder and Chairman of the Ambassador Foundation. Right, a tour of the Bunyat Special Education Center in Amman, Jordan. The Foundation helps fund and provide teachers for the Center, which was established by the Princess to help educate the mentally handicapped in Jordan.
Easing Tension in Troubled Land
Understanding the culture of another people does lessen tensions. The Foundation sponsors a number of projects in the Middle East to foster cultural rapport and religious tolerance.

   Clockwise from left: children cluster around Mr. Armstrong in Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem, which the Foundation helped build; an artist's rendition of a peace center at the foot of Mt. Sinai in Egypt. (The late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat envisioned a center dedicated to lessening animosity between the major religions and personally invited the Foundation to assist in its building. He planned that the edifice should house separate worship areas for Moslems, Christians and Jews); children perform at the International Cultural Center for Youth (ICCY) in Jerusalem - the Center provides a meeting place for the youth of Jerusalem and features performances by various cultural groups.
Improving Education Worldwide
The Foundation helps improve the quality of education around the globe. Left, Herbert W. Armstrong at the Jomo Kenyatta School of Agriculture and Technology, a school partially funded by the Foundation that the late President Kenyatta and Mr. Armstrong discussed before the President's death in 1978. Right, James H. Zumberge, President of the University of Southern California (USC), discusses the Foundation's worldwide activities in a ceremony at the USC Law Center to establish the Herbert W. Armstrong Professorship of Constitutional Law.
Enjoying a light moment, Prince Mikasa, Mr. Armstrong and officials of the Mideast Cultural Center in Tokyo examine artifacts which the Ambassador Foundation helped the Center to acquire.

   Above, excavated wall and residential area of ancient Terqa on the Middle Euphrates in Syria, a project of the International Institute for Mesopotamian Area Studies and supported by the Foundation.
Exploring Cultures Old and New
There is much to be learned from ancient cultures. Ambassador College, with assistance from the Foundation, participates in the ongoing excavations at the ancient City of David in Jerusalem. Each summer students spend their mornings digging under professional supervision in the ancient remains of a city that has influenced the three great Western religions.
Ambassador College, with Foundation sponsorship, also assists in international projects helping uprooted refugees resettle in new homelands. One such project - the Ambassador College Educational Project in Thailand (ACEPT) - provided Ambassador students, trained in special teaching skills, for Southeast Asian refugees. English and aspects of Western culture were taught to prepare the refugees for eventual resettlement in third countries. The successful project drew high praise from the United Nations' representatives in South East Asia and public recognition from the Ministry of the Interior in Thailand.
Enhancing the Quality of Life
The internationally renowned Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra performs as the resident orchestra of the Ambassador Auditorium. Under the sponsorship of Ambassador College, the Foundation presents annually more than 100 concerts featuring a wide variety of acclaimed artists. Hundreds of thousands view these concerts each year. The concert season presented at Ambassador is recognized as one of the world's finest.
Southeast Asia contributes to the world's illegal opium supply. The King of Thailand vigorously combats the growing of opium poppies in his nation by encouraging and reeducating Hill tribe farmers to produce foodstuff crops. The Foundation financially participates in the projects.

   Above, right, Mr. Armstrong examines musical instruments preserved in the Royal College of Music in London. The Foundation assists by invitation in the renovation of major concert halls in Britain. Besides an acclaimed annual concert season in the Ambassador Auditorium, virtuoso performers and orchestras  present concerts worldwide under the aegis of the Ambassador Foundation.

   The Foundation is also responsible for a concert series that exclusively features promising young artists on major concert stages.

   Bottom, left, His Majesty Leopold III of Belgium on one of his many scientific and humanitarian expeditions in which the Ambassador Foundation participates.
Fostering Ties Between West and East
The scope of Ambassador Foundation encompasses the West and the East. Herbert W. Armstrong understands the importance of cultural exchanges between nations in promoting the way to peace, which must be built on the way of giving.

   Above, left, is the Royal Opera House in London, for which the Foundation helped sponsor renovation. Above, right, Charles, Prince of Wales, greets, Mr. Armstrong as a benefactor of the Opera House. The Prince is an active leader in maintaining and renovating Britain's irreplaceable cultural treasures.
Above, left, an acrobatic pair from the People's Republic of China perform in the Ambassador Auditorium. The Foundation, assisted by other cultural organizations, regularly arranges such performances.

Above, right, Before a luncheon address at Oxford University in England, Mr. Armstrong is introduced to Professor Zhao Renwei, holder of the Oxford professorship sponsored by the Ambassador Foundation. In his address before Oxford officials and professors, Mr. Armstrong discussed the paradox of humanity's scientific achievement and inability to overcome international strife.
Above, Mr. Armstrong examines an ancient scroll dating from the 4th century, A.D. in Beijing University during an official state visit to that country in 1979. During the visit, Mr. Armstrong addressed officials from 76 nations in the People's Great Hall in Beijing, concerning the way to real peace and why humanity fails to achieve it. He later met privately with the Vice-Chairman of China's National People's Congress, who outlined the turbulent situation in the Asian region.
A Standard of Excellence ...
The Superb acoustics of the Ambassador Auditorium are fully utilized by the demanding performances of virtuosos tenor Luciano Pavarotti and pianist Vladimir Horowitz.
The materials and furnishings in the 1,262-seat hall were gathered from many nations, truly making it an international cultural center.

   The spiraling bronze Egret Fountain by British sculptor David Wynne soars 37 feet over the 500,000-gallon reflecting pool below lit by 365 lights located beneath the water surface.

   Norwegian Sandefijord granite and African Angola black granite walkways lead to Ambassador's entrance and its exterior fortified in Brazilian emerald green granite that was cut and polished in Viareggio, Italy.

   Ambassador Auditorium's solid grandeur recalls a historic past accented with contemporary grace. Twenty-six, 72-foot quartz aggregate columns support soffits featuring Italian mosaic tile sparkling with 24-karat gold squares. Those gold squares shimmer, reflecting light from the half-acre pool that lies before the entrance.
A 2.5-ton, 1,390-piece, bronze and crystal chandelier from Germany crowns the scene. Below, a regal purple carpet fabricated in Hong Kong of 100 percent wool features a crystalline, starburst pattern that complements the crystals hanging overhead.

   Rose onyx from Turkey and Iran that was polished in Italy adorns lobby walls in one of the largest such installations of its kind in the world.

   One-piece handrails made of the rare African wood called Shedua lead up and down plush stairs embellished beneath with 24-carat gold leaf. Since rosewood, the primary wall covering throughout the main hall was not obtainable in thicknesses greater than 3/4 of an inch; Shedua was selected because its grain and color closely resembled rosewood. Highly polished stairway terminuses in the lower lounge are deeply variegated onyx.

   The auditorium's main doors of fabricated bronze weigh 200 pounds each and quiet any ambient noise. These doorways welcome the world to cultural and artistic achievement.

   Walls paneled with South American rosewood inlaid with Burmese teakwood and luxurious seats make Ambassador memorable for both performers and audiences.

   Behind the scenes away from patrons' view are the inner workings of Ambassador Auditorium that facilitated its reputation as one of the world's top five concert halls.

   Within the great hall, 37 gilded acoustical "clouds" covered in 24-carat gold leaf are suspended over the stage and audience to produce perfect sound.
... in the Performing Arts
Renowned conductor Herbert von Karajan directs the Berlin Philharmonic through a series of exclusive performances in the Ambassador Auditorium. One review said the performances were "history being made." The world famous Panovs and the late pianist Arthur Rubinstein were among the first to perform on the stage of the Ambassador Auditorium.
A Committed Global Effort
The publishing and broadcasting efforts of 5074313962 reach into over 200 countries and territories.

   From the beginning of the present work of the Church, Herbert W. Armstrong began fulfilling the Church's on-going commission to broadcast the "good news" of a soon-coming age of universal peace and prosperity. In that year, (418) 771-5661 was first aired. Today, The World Tomorrow is heard over 4049079684 and 250 television stations worldwide. In 1934 (908) 203-0708 made its debut. 5132841031 is a full-color monthly "magazine of understanding" printed in seven languages and offered without charge in public interest. Over 20 million people representing 196 countries and territories now read (660) 695-6224.

   The Church of God is nonproselytizing. As a matter of principle, the Church does not

- solicit contributions from the public
- offer anything for sale to the public
- agitate movements to bring about any objectives, political or otherwise
- appeal for converts.

   610-773-1515 practices Christianity as a way of life. The Creator's way of life demands an outgoing concern for the welfare of others equal to one's own self-concern. Herbert W. Armstrong called it "the way of give," a spiritual law, as opposed to "the way of get."

   The Church of God is committed to the mission of proclaiming a message of peace. That message concerns the ultimate deliverance from a nuclear holocaust by the intervention of world affairs of a "Strong Hand from somewhere."
Herbert W. Armstrong offering a free subscription to The Plain Truth at the conclusion of another studio videotaping of The World Tomorrow broadcast.
The Plain Truth, with more than six million copies each issue, is distributed free in seven languages.
The People Behind the Man
The Church of God maintains twelve regional offices in countries around the globe. Mr. Armstrong, as Pastor General and leader of the Church, regularly travels to the offices to receive a firsthand review of ongoing operations. Clockwise from right: Church officials meet in the Australian regional office; a Church employee in the South African office; and Mr. Armstrong with officials in the Mexico City office. The Regional Directors of each office also travel to Pasadena to update Mr. Armstrong on global operations of the Church.
The Church of God maintains twelve regional offices in countries around the globe. Mr. Armstrong, as Pastor General and leader of the Church, regularly travels to the offices to receive a firsthand review of ongoing operations. Clockwise from right: Church officials meet in the Australian regional office; a Church employee in the South African office; and Mr. Armstrong with officials in the Mexico City office. The Regional Directors of each office also travel to Pasadena to update Mr. Armstrong on global operations of the Church.
Assisting Mr. Armstrong in promoting the way to peace and understanding among diverse peoples, the Church of God maintains state-of-the-art facilities, including sophisticated computers and electronic and print media capacities, on the Ambassador College campus in Pasadena. Above, left, the Hall of Administration, the nerve center for the Church's ongoing worldwide work.
Ambassador College
The Loma D. Armstrong Academic Center, site of spacious classrooms, modern laboratories, faculty offices and formal gardens at Ambassador College in Pasadena.
   Ambassador College was founded in 1947 by Herbert W. Armstrong for the purpose of "recapturing true values." Today, the College's educational extension programs reach into most of the major nations of the world.

   Ambassador is not molded in the traditional image of European and American colleges. It is free from the shackles of tradition. It is not  plagued by student protests, violence, drugs and immorality. The College places primary emphasis on education of the whole individual and not of the intellect alone.
   Ambassador College is a unique educational character building institution. It teaches not only how to earn a living, but how to live. Ambassador College is a unique educational character building institution. It teaches not only how to earn a living, but how to live. Ambassador students are taught the missing dimension in education - the underlying purpose and the real meaning of life, the worth-while values, the basic laws of success. They are given individual attention in the development of character, culture and personality.

   Undergraduate students come from a great variety of national, racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

   The College maintains two campuses. The Pasadena, California campus with its 4-year curriculum has three times been recognized as "America's most beautiful college campus." Ambassador's Big Sandy, Texas campus offers a two-year curriculum leading to Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees.

   Ambassador students do not accept the "no solutions," "no future" and "no absolutes" philosophy. They believe in spiritual laws for right living that guarantee happiness and abundant well-being - and they apply them.

   The College is largely supported financially by the membership of the Church of God, and is empowered by the educational authorities of the states of California and Texas to confer academic degrees.
Herbert W. Armstrong with Chairman Deng Xiaoping.
Established in Pasadena in 1947 as a liberal arts institution, Ambassador College allows students to pursue studies in an atmosphere of quality on campuses.
Recapturing True Values ...
From the outset, Founder and Chancellor Herbert W. Armstrong set the motto of "Recapturing true values." In discussions with presidents and officials of other colleges before founding the Pasadena campus, he found that "demands in scientific, technological, industrial, commercial and professional fields have put the emphasis on the purely technical and intellectual, at the sacrifice of spiritual, moral, and cultural development; on curriculum rather than on character; on earning a living, at the neglect of learning how to live."

   "The Ambassador policy," the Chancellor strongly emphasized, "is based upon the recognition that true education is not of the intellect alone but of the whole personality...not only hearing and learning, but doing."
... for the Peaceful World to Come
The Pasadena campus combines the modern with older mansions built during the earlier part of this century. Students thus are exposed to an experience of quality which they are encouraged to inculcate into their lives.
Upper right, the very modern Big Sandy campus, a two-year college, features comfortable facilities for the student body and faculty members. The Pasadena campus offers bachelor and associate degrees, while the Big Sandy campus has programs for associate degrees in arts and science.
The Church of God Faithful Flock, with headquarters in Valley Springs, California, humbly presents this website which continues to provide a conduit for the work Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong spearheaded, the work of reaching out to people worldwide with the message of the soon-coming Kingdom of God through the preserved writings, recorded telecasts, sermons and Bible study messages that Jesus Christ used him to do in his human ministry!

   218-584-0008 has no subscription or membership price. This website is provided free of charge. It is made possible by the tithes and offerings of the membership of the Church of God Faithful Flock and others.
Alton B. (Don) Billingsley
As we become known to others, there are often questions as to who we are, and what are our beliefs, goals, and objectives. With this in mind I feel the need to make known some of the answers to those questions.

   Most of you who are asking are members who are either in the process of withdrawing, or have withdrawn, yourselves from corporate Churches where you have come to feel there are such grave problems you can no longer accept them in good conscience.

   God is pleased with His people who are diligently struggling to retain the faith which was once delivered to the saints and restored within His Church here at the end time by Jesus Christ through His late apostle, and the Elijah to come, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong (Jude 3; Malachi 4:4-6; Matthew 17:10-11).
   As we move closer to the end time there will also be others who will be withdrawing themselves, due to God working with them, and bringing all together in preparation to be taken to a place of refuge.

   Most of you who are asking are members who are either in the process of withdrawing, or have withdrawn, yourselves from corporate Churches where you have come to feel there are such grave problems you can no longer accept them in good conscience.

   God is pleased with His people who are diligently struggling to retain the faith which was once delivered to the saints and restored within His Church here at the end time by Jesus Christ through His late apostle, and the Elijah to come, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong (Jude 3; Malachi 4:4-6; Matthew 17:10-11).

   As we move closer to the end time there will also be others who will be withdrawing themselves, due to God working with them, and bringing all together in preparation to be taken to a place of refuge.

   In that place of refuge we will all dwell together while waiting for our final deliverance when Christ returns to this earth.

   Along with others who have already made their exit from places found to be in error, we are very thankful to God that He has blessed a few of us with that understanding and the willingness to stand up and be counted when it became necessary. It now has become our God-given responsibility to try and be there for any of you who would like to accept our offered hand to help you in any way that God makes possible.

My Personal Background —

I was born and grew up in a farming community in a family with two brothers and three sisters (none ever came to be members of the Church). My parents named me Alton B. at birth, but chose to almost immediately give me the nickname of Don. And that is the name I have been known by among relatives and friends all my life. Except for legal purposes I rarely ever use my legal name.

   At age 18 I was drafted into the army. After my training in the infantry I was sent to Germany as a replacement and entered into combat in General Patton’s 3rd Army in January 1945. After being discharged I returned to my home state in Oklahoma but only stayed for a short while and then made my way to Stockton, California.

   Almost right away I met the woman who came to be the wife that I had prayed for shortly before I went into the army. I had prayed and told God that I wanted to be a Christian in the future and I asked Him to bless me with the right wife who would also want to be a Christian. The first time I saw her I had a feeling this was the woman I would marry and in less than 6 weeks we were married on June 29, 1946, in Reno, Nevada.

   It was about the middle of 1951 that God began working with me. I was unaware that at the same time God was also working with my wife. Though I had heard briefly of Mr. Armstrong from an uncle and an aunt some little time before it was just a passing thing at the time for God had not really begun to work with me as He did later.

   We were both baptized in 1952 in Oklahoma City and continued living there until I resigned from my employment in Civil Service. My resignation took place after our driving to Big Sandy, Texas for the observance of the Passover in 1953. It was there that we met Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong for the first time.

   Both of us were so moved by what we learned from God’s apostle, who gave most of the sermons during the Days of Unleavened Bread that followed, we both knew we had to go where the Church was so we could learn and be with others of like faith and belief. When we returned home I immediately turned in my two weeks notice of resignation.

   Always to this day, we have been very grateful that God led us to go to Pasadena where we could be taught the TRUTH in classes, Bible studies, and sermons. This was with the hope that possibly we might be used by Him in some way in the future. That was our earnest desire.

Ambassador College, Pasadena —

The Church and College being as small as they were at that time and in the few years that followed made it possible for us to build on our foundation that had begun in Oklahoma City in early 1952. This made possible our becoming very well acquainted with Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong, along with others who were there as ministers, faculty members, students and members. We were a family growing together during the 1950's.

   We were helped greatly by my being hired as the college chauffeur at Ambassador College right after the Feast of Tabernacles in 1953. This made it possible for us to attend classes at the college; and we did. My wife worked some in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong, and also in the home of their daughter, Beverly. Some little time later, she began working in the kitchen at Ambassador College.

My Ordinations —

I was ordained a deacon in 1957. Somewhere about that time my wife and I were given the responsibility of visiting with members and prospective members in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles (which included areas from Pasadena to Long Beach and the San Bernardino areas and in between).

   On June 7 1958, I was ordained a local elder. Mr. Richard D. Armstrong, eldest son of Mr. Armstrong, then chose me to serve on the visiting program under him. Shortly after this he chose me to team up with him to go on a baptizing tour in central California. Though I do not want to go into detail, we had a terrible automobile accident, which was my fault; seven days later he died from the injuries he received in that accident.

   After his death, Mr. Meredith came to be the one in charge of the visiting program. He then appointed me to be the coordinator of it.

   The baptizing tour Mr. Richard Armstrong and I had started in 1958 was completed a few weeks later with my being teamed up with Mr. Gerald Waterhouse. The following year I was chosen to head another baptizing tour in central California, with Mr. James Kunz.

The Beginning of Transfers —

My wife and I remained in the Pasadena area until shortly before the Feast of Tabernacles in 1960. At that time we were transferred to San Diego, California, to be the resident co-pastor of that Church. That was the beginning of numerous transfers to different Church areas over the years. Our last transfer took place in 1991 when we were sent here to the Stockton and Modesto, California area.

The Hard and Trying Times —

Throughout our years in the Church, God continued to richly bless us through His wonderful love for Him and His truth that He instilled within us from the very beginning of our conversion, and kept it alive through all the hard and trying years.

   Had God not blessed us in this manner I seriously question whether we could have endured the hard trials we experienced over those years until now (II Thessalonians 2:10). Though all our trials have been very trying and hard, the one above all for me was the death of Mr. Richard D. Armstrong. We had developed a close relationship and I loved him very much. I often wondered why God let him die and not me.

   In light of what many of the scattered members are enduring by being isolated and alone without a local Church to attend, please know that my wife and I had to endure the same in 1952 and part of 1953 while living in Oklahoma City. This period of time strengthened the foundation God was building in us when we also lived alone and had no other Church members with whom we could fellowship.

   There was the need of praying several times a day and likewise to study our Bibles, as well as to fast, to keep our relationship alive and strong with God, just as many of you as His people are now doing.

   Once we learned of Mr. Armstrong and began hearing the daily Radio Broadcasts and receiving the literature we really began to learn. It seems necessary to add that what I read I also proved from the Bible. As the result there was no need to go back and prove it all over again. I will also add that I knew Mr. Armstrong was God’s true apostle from the very beginning and have never doubted or questioned it!

Departure from the Worldwide Church of God —

I have been asked why I remained as long as I did, without leaving the WCG. I will answer this in brief: The Scripture in Matthew 23:1-3 was a major reason for my remaining there. There were also a couple of other reasons.

   As far as I knew all the members I pastored believed as I did and no problems surfaced from any of them until Mr. Tkach declared that all the laws of God were not intended by God for us to keep under the New Covenant.

   During those years, and up to that time, I had continued to preach the basic teachings and prophecy as I always had, but refrained from teaching the doctrinal changes, trusting that God would somehow take care of the situation. There was no pressure put on me to preach the changes until close to the Passover in 1995.

   The position I held finally got me into trouble with the leader’s son. I had a member in the congregation who would hear what I was preaching and would then call and tell him what I was doing and saying.

   He called but did not fire me. Instead, he said I would be replaced by a pastor who would preach what the members wanted to hear. In the interim he would send over another pastor to preach to them. He named two pastors in the area and one or the other would come over each Sabbath to preach to the members. I was not allowed to preach anymore. This woman claimed she had a hot line between herself and him and she used it.

   I felt the need to remain with the membership for at the time they would have been so confused I doubt very few, if any, would have gone with me. I am only a Church pastor, not a well-known evangelist who would have had a large number to go with him. This was a time of bewilderment for everyone.

   Even though a number of us in the ministry in this area knew the doctrinal changes were wrong no one took any direct action. I do not know what they preached in their congregations, but I did not preach them. We talked about these changes in our small ministerial meetings in this area, but everyone for the most part kept quiet.

   During these troubling times there were the encouraging underground letters with no signatures that every now and then were circulated to those of us who were the more conservative pastors. These letters indicated changes were going to be made and to be faithful and endure, for there were possible circumstances that would take place that would adversely affect the apostate leadership.

   The apostate leadership became aware of these letters and began to search very diligently for the ones responsible, but as far as I know they never did discover the name or names. Though I speculated as to who was the author(s), I never did know for sure.

   From the expressed thoughts of others right up to the end it appeared that something would happen to correct what was taking place, but nothing ever did.

   An effort was made shortly before the breakup of WCG: Knowing that I had a close relationship with Dr. Hoeh, I was encouraged by an evangelist to call and ask him to make a stand in his sermon at Pasadena the following Sabbath. The evangelist told me the tape would then be circulated underground to others.

   I did call Dr. Hoeh on that Friday evening before his sermon was to be given the next day and respectfully urged him to do this. I also told him that by the fact of his long tenure he would be the logical leader of the Church. He agreed to what I said about his leadership, but also told me, “I will not stand up just to be counted!” And he did not. I was later told by a close friend of Mr. Tkach that he was very suspicious as to what Dr. Hoeh would say and he had a top associate listen very carefully to what he said in that sermon. It turned out to be just a normal sermon that created no waves.

   The last two sermons I gave were back to back on the subject of the Dietary Laws, proving from a Scriptural and a health point of view that those laws were to be followed. The WCG pastor who replaced me told the congregation that I had thrown a bombshell into the Church by giving those sermons, for he said I knew they were going to be changed. I did not, but I suspected it.

   I would not preach the Protestant teachings that were being launched as the “new understanding”, and this finally led the son of the Pastor-General to say to the head of Church Administration that they either had to fire or retire me. The telephone call then came and I was told they were going to transfer another minister to this Church area that would preach the “new” teachings; I was then offered retirement.

   Rather than accepting retirement, I chose to resign for I knew the retirement would be taken away once it was known I would remain with the true teachings wherever that might lead me.

   I was not told that I could not remain in the congregation. Because of feeling the need to remain with the members during the little time I yet had, (less than a month or so) I did.

   Right after the new pastor came into the area to take over the two Churches he preached the new teachings on the Sabbath in Modesto first. Rather than attending services with him I chose to attend services in another Church area; I did not want to hear him. After the service was over I was told that members came out of services all upset and some crying over what they had heard him preach.

   As the result well over 100 remained with me out of the approximate 300 in the Modesto, California Church. The very next Sabbath we held our very first service in a small city named Escalon. It is a name that means, beginning; first step. And it has proved to be just that – a beginning step.

   A few remained with us from the Stockton, California Church that I was also pastoring at that time. Four elders also remained with me. In addition, a few members and one elder from the Fresno, California Church area drove down each Sabbath to attend services with us. Our first Sabbath service took place two weeks before the Passover in 1995.

Standing Up for What We Believed —

At this point I want to add that for some time before we left WCG, my wife and I talked several times about the importance of God’s truth to us. We both agreed that if it became necessary we would go out on the street with a cup in our hands (like Lazarus, Luke 16:20-21) to survive, for we would not accept the new teachings or preach them. We had no social security, retirement, or substantial savings to fall back on – just God and Jesus Christ.

   Even though WCG and UCG both tried to retire me, I refused each time. Both would have taken it away from me after our separation from them. And we did separate from both. I was disfellowshipped from WCG after their learning of my remaining with the truth.

Tenure with United Church of God —

We chose to become a part of UCG when they first formed and remained with them for almost three years until I lost all hope of their getting back on track. There were other problems as well; and I resigned.

   Departing from them brought about the loss of two elders and a few members who chose to remain with UCG. I will add that I love the ministers in UCG and am sorry that it became necessary for me to leave them.

Tenure with Church of God, An International Community —

About the same time we met with the leader (Mr. David Hulme) of the newly forming Church of God, An International Community, to see where he stood regarding the doctrinal teachings that God restored through Mr. Armstrong. After giving us the indication he was going to follow fully in the teachings of Mr. Armstrong, we made the decision to go with him.

   After two years, I gave up on him, for he was drifting farther and farther away from the true teachings; and once again we had no recourse but to leave him as well. Sadly, some members who had been with us through all that had gone before chose to remain in his organization.

Church of God, Established in Modesto —

There was nowhere else to go, so the three elders and I then incorporated under the name of EIM, Church of God, Established in Modesto. After a year or a little more they became unhappy with me due to my unilateral decisions to protect the Church from erroneous teachings.

   Our problems had begun after we met with another corporate Church to see if we could consolidate with them. They did not have the right government and that bothered me; however, I agreed we would have further meetings of one type or another.

   Upon returning home from those meetings I learned they (the other Church) had a problem with Matthew 28:19, feeling this was speaking of the trinity (Mr. Armstrong never had a problem with this Scripture). I felt this could have been the “loose brick,” and said we could have nothing more to do with them as far as becoming associated with them (no reflection on them, for they are very fine people.)

   The elders with me became upset, even though they had agreed in the beginning there would be the times I would need to make unilateral decisions. Yet when I did, this upset them. An attitude on their part began to develop and they began to find fault with me on virtually every decision I made as well as sometimes finding fault with sermons I gave.

   They would not agree that Mr. Armstrong was the Elijah to come; and they were also fearful I would restore the makeup ruling Mr. Armstrong had made and objected to it. And I did reinstate it after leaving them. As the result, one complete Church who had formerly said they were 100% behind me then chose to leave us, along with other members elsewhere, and returned to EIM. The women would not accept the reinstatement of the makeup doctrine, nor would their husbands. To not obey that ruling is the willful desire to be like the world – so said God’s late apostle.

   We finally came to be at loggerheads and they squeezed me out of that corporate group. On Biblical grounds, and as the senior pastor of the Church of God who was sent here by the decision of Ministerial Services in Pasadena, California, some few years before, I had no choice but to disfellowship them for their rebellion against God’s government. This was sorrowful for me but there was no way we could continue to walk together unless they were to repent (Amos 3:3). So far this has not happened.

Church of God, Faithful Flock —

A short time before this separation took place, I began to suspect what was coming and to protect the existing membership, I filed the legal papers for the corporate name: “Church of God, Faithful Flock.” This occurred in 2002.

   I announced the new name to them and the Congregation. In so doing I stated we would use the EIM name for the website and the FAITHFUL FLOCK name within the Church. At the time this did not seem to be that much of a problem to these men and their wives.

   The departure took place a short time later. They chose to make the break by surreptitiously squeezing me out by taking over the bank account and the Post Office key to the Church mailbox in a clandestine manner. Though I was the president, they outnumbered me on the corporate board, so there was nothing I could do other than walk alone. It was three against one. Once again we lost a few members.

   After the loss of so many members due to the reinstatement of the makeup ruling, I was told that one of the elder’s wives in EIM made the comment, “Poor Mr. Billingsley, all he has left are old and retired people.” Meaning all the main tithe payers chose to be with them, leaving us with very little income.

   The one thing they left out of the equation was God; He did not leave us! Since then He has blessed us greatly with other members who truly want to obey our wonderful and caring God in every way in a spirit of love, harmony, and unity.

The Church of God, Wales —

Shortly thereafter the Church of God, Wales, chose to associate with us and accepted me as their senior pastor. After my mistake in ordaining the leader from a local elder to the office of pastor (not pastor-rank, preaching elder), and his writing a book entitled, “What is an Apostle,” he wrote me saying they were parting from us and going their own way. He did not need me any longer.

   A short time before this took place, he gave a sermon here in Modesto that was clearly off track in regard to the teaching of the Bible, as well as being contrary to what Mr. Armstrong had taught and written pertaining to end-time prophecy. I strongly pointed this out to him privately. And he said he would clarify it but it never really materialized. A short time later he made his decision to depart from us. Once again we lost a few members who chose to go with him.

Aside from God, We Walk Alone —

Though we have friendship with some others we are not associated with any other group.

   At present, we now number about 25 here in the Modesto Church. Over some time there have been a number of members who have come to be with us here in the states and in international areas.

   Though I could have added a lot more detail to what is written here it would have become far too lengthy. However, this will give the reader an overview of our personal lives and our Church history from our beginning to where we now are in this Church area.

Our Website —

To know more about us, I recommend viewing our website and the beliefs and doctrinal teachings section. .  You will find we believe and teach all the same things as did Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong.

   Though I was ordained by him as a local elder, June 7 1958, I was ordained again to a preaching elder office in early 1975. Later that same year I was given the title of Senior Pastor.

   There are NO departures from any of the doctrinal teachings God used Mr. Armstrong to restore within His Church, which includes prophecy and the makeup ruling made by him.

   Our Mission Statement is the same as the one God gave him. I will also add, contrary to others who have the wrong Passover service that was developed by the apostate leadership, we use the same Passover Ceremony Mr. Armstrong developed and used over the many years of his ministry.

   Up until the Passover season of 2006, we were not able to do much more than to reach out with our website regarding the gospel and the Ezekiel warning message, but since that time Jesus Christ has begun to use us in a much greater way.

The End-time Warning by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong

Just before and during that Passover season we came to be in possession of approximately 13 websites in addition to our website. This began just before the Passover in 2006 when I was called and asked about placing all of the Recorded Works of Mr. Armstrong on our website. When I was assured that this could legally be done I eagerly told them to do it.

   Now all of these websites have links to one another and all connect with our mother site, . And the blessing of it is that all of them have the recorded works of Mr. Armstrong on them.

   Jesus Christ began this development on and about the Passover season of 2006; and He is using us as His instrument, or as I prefer to call it, A CONDUIT, to fulfill what may very well be the final warning to the Church and to Israel.

   I emphasize of ourselves we are nothing more than a conduit and are well described in I Corinthians 1:27-29. I am only a Church pastor trying hard to point members in other areas along with other people as well to the RECORDED WORKS of the Elijah that Jesus Christ is using even though he is dead. He was the special man Jesus Christ raised up in this end-time to fulfill the work and commission of the Elijah so it is only logical that Jesus Christ would use him to finish it.

   It seems necessary to add all of these additional websites came to us without our asking for them, and without price; and I did accept them.

The Philadelphia Remnant Magazine —

Jesus Christ also used us to begin the printing of a quality magazine, named The Philadelphia Remnant. The first bi-monthly publication began with the January-February 2007 issue. It can be read on our website or a copy will be mailed to those who request it.

   With all these blessings given to us by Jesus Christ, we are continually putting forth the effort to reach out with a helping hand to all the scattered members (Habakkuk 1:5; 3:2; Zechariah 2:6; Isaiah 5:12).

   At the same time we are also trying to fulfill the commission Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong gave to the one chosen to replace him to prepare the Church for the coming of Jesus Christ. Though that man failed, we must not!  In our small way this is the united team effort of the Church of God, Faithful Flock.

Providing a Service for Others —

We do try to provide services to help fulfill the need of the members who are scattered in different places. They listen in to our weekly Sabbath services via the telephone and Internet streaming through a computer link. This is a free service. We are here to serve God’s people in whatever way He makes possible and do all we can to help them.

   In addition, we also make available a weekly Bible Study on Friday evenings for all of our members locally and scattered through the free use of a telephone or by computer link..

Our Teachings Remain the Same —

The only exception that I can think of regarding a difference in our teaching is that of prophecy. It has to do with the scattering of God's people as found in the writings of both Daniel and the apostle Paul (Daniel 12:7; II Thessalonians 2:1-3). Though Mr. Armstrong saw the beginning of it, God blinded his eyes to the fullness of it, otherwise he would not have chosen the man he did to replace him.

   God used Mr. Armstrong to hold the Church together until his death to fulfill the mission statement (Matthew 24:14; II Thessalonians 2:7). As long as he lived this large falling away would not have happened and the Work would have continued. His death had to occur in order for this prophecy to be fulfilled as well as that of Daniel 12:10; for the time given by God to see the need for refining and for repentance of the membership (Revelation 3:15). These prophecies began their fulfillment right after his death with the movement that brought about this scattering and falling away; and it did take place!

The True Church —

According to the latest count, there are now slightly better than 450 corporate Churches of God that have branched off of the parent corporate Worldwide Church of God. In the midst of all of these there is the Sardis Era (that is virtually dead, Revelation 3:1), the remnant of the Philadelphia Era (Revelation 3:7-13), and the very large and more dominant membership of the Laodicean Church Era, though not yet an entity of itself (Revelation 3:14-22). All others are tares (Matthew 13:24-30).

   Due to the prophesied scattering of God’s true people there are several thousands of the elect members of the Philadelphia Era scattered here and there, as made known by the apostles Paul (Romans 11:4-5), John (Revelation 3:8, 10), (Daniel 12:7, Jeremiah 23, and Ezekiel 13; 34).

   For any corporate Church to claim that only those who are members of their particular Church are the only true ones is terribly wrong and Scripturally untrue! To make this claim is to deny the existence of the almost completely dead Sardis Era, the Philadelphian Era, and the Laodicean Era (Revelation 3).

   And though there is not yet a particular entity, a particular leader as the head of it, that one can point to as being the Laodicean Church Era (as we have known the leader of the Philadelphia Era), it nevertheless is very apparent in spirit and attitude to those who have been given the eyes to discern it! Mr. Armstrong began seeing its beginning presence in the Church as early as 1969; and he began speaking about it.

   The elect membership of the Philadelphia Era for the most part began fading into the background after the death of God’s true apostle, Mr. Armstrong. Nevertheless, it is still very much alive, as Jesus makes known in Revelation 3, and in other Scriptures.  The letter to it makes known that it is the one that Jesus Christ is using as a conduit for the continuation of His work by His late apostle, Mr. Armstrong

   God only has one true Church but there are many members in it (I Corinthians 12:20). Due to the scattering, many of them are remaining by themselves at home, some in small groups by themselves, and some in other groups. However, God is working with them, just as He has with some of you, and they will soon be making their departure from the wrong places and begin coming together as a collective people and with the right leadership.

   It is being witnessed by us that Jesus Christ is bringing out a few from time to time to join together with others as a Congregation of the Philadelphian Era located in Modesto, California.

   By saying this I do not say we are the only true Church of the Philadelphian Era, but we are members of it. It seems necessary for me to add that at this time I do not know of any other groups, but this does not mean there are no others. If there is one it can only be identified by what Jesus Christ says in His letter to it; and by its fruits (Matthew 7:15-19).

   If there are any unanswered questions, please write or call me. I will be most happy to try and answer whatever questions or concerns you may have. My phone number and mailing address are on our website.

   Brethren may God speed the day when all of us who are of the true Church of God will once again be back together as a collective Congregation. And though it may be some time before it takes place this will be necessary to fulfill the Scriptures of going together to the place of safety (Revelation 12:14-16). There we will wait until the Day and time Christ Jesus will descend and change us from mortal to immortality.

Your friend and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Don Billingsley

Post Script

The Death of My Wife and Companion in life —

   At this point it is necessary to add that my wife and companion in life for 61 years and four months died the evening of October 29 2007, at 7 p.m.

   As Mr. Armstrong said about his wife, I can say the same about mine, she was 50 percent of my ministry and a true and faithful member of God’s Church – always there to support and encourage me (Proverbs 31:10-12). She is now at rest and will remain so until Jesus Christ returns and wakes her up (Isaiah 57:1-2; I Thessalonians 4:13-18).

   I extend my sincere thanks to all of you who prayed for my wife while she lived and are now praying for me. It is my prayer that our good and wonderful God will bless each one of you for your prayers and encouragement for me. This is much appreciated by me.

Appendix -- My New Partner and Companion in Life —

After having walked alone for almost a year after my wife’s death Jesus Christ provided me with another wife. I really had no intention of remarrying but from circumstances that developed later led us both to believe Christ was bringing us together.  He knew I needed her.

   Her name is Peggy and she is 72 years of age.  She has been a member of God’s Church for slightly better than 40 years. I have known her as a member in the Church that I came to pastor for approximately 17 years.

   Peggy has had two previous marriages: The first one was with a man who was the father of her three living children. Their marriage lasted for 42 years. She found him dead from a heart attack in the driveway of their home.  Her second marriage was to a member in the local congregation. It lasted 10 years. He died as the result of a motorcycle accident some months before we married.

   God graced me once again with a very lovely and gracious woman. Peggy is a converted and dedicated woman to the calling and selection God gave her from her beginning conversion. She has come to be a real help-meet to me in the work Christ has given me; and I praise and thank God for her. We are heirs together of the grace of life (I Peter 3:7).