Microblading Buffalo, NY

When you have tried every stencil, powder, gel, pigment, and pencil at the makeup counter and your brows are still thin, there's microblading, a more semi-permanent solution for thin eyebrows that promises to change your eyebrow life. Microblading in Buffalo and Western New York has steadily increased in popularity recently and now everyone's mother knows about the once secret service. And with good reason: Not much out there is as long-lasting nor natural-looking.

Kelsey began her interest in Microblading from observing this new trend all over social media. The first part of the process is a consultation. This is normally done as part of your initial treatment. Kelsey will talk with you in great detail about the look you are trying to achieve and what she might recommend to you. This is very much a two-way conversation. I will listen, I will respond, I will also advise. Once we have an idea of the look you are aiming for, I will draw the eyebrows on with a makeup pencil. Kelsey will never begin the tattoo process until you are completely happy with what they are going to look like.

The 6 Steps of Microblading Treatment:

Microblading is a manual method of filling in the eyebrow and is considered to be semi permanent. It is done using a very fine blade to deposit 100% plant based pigment into the epidermis, which takes approximately two hours.

This method is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows. The results are natural looking hair-like strokes reguardless of the actual amount of hair present.

For full results it is a 2 step process: requiring a second appointment, which is included in the initial fee and takes place 4-6 weeks after the initial appointment. Anything booked after 6 weeks will not be honored in the initial fee.

Step 1: Consultation
Eyebrows are personalized for each individual and preference. Between artist and client we discuss what the individual is looking for in reguards to what they wish to obtain from the procedure along with filling out a consent form.

Step 2: Drawing on your best brow
This step involves a formulated process to retrieve the best symmetry and shape before the actual Microblading procedure begins. This step is the most important!

Step 3: Numbing the brows
An effort to make the procedure as painless as possible

Step 4: Microblading begins
Each stroke is hand-drawn on the eyebrow area

Step 5: Revealing of your beautiful new brows

Step 6: Saying goodbye to drawing on your eyebrows everyday and booking your touchup!


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