Miami daygame pua

Do you want to become good with women?

What I can do for you

Hi, my name is Jeff!

And I’m specialized in talking and seducing women during the day (better known as daygame). I live in Miami, but I’ve given bootcamps in other US cities as well (such as San Francisco).

What separates an advanced PUA from a master? The consistency. I can show you consistently the process of turning a complete stranger to a woman you are having a relationship with. I’ve been doing day game for 7 years and I’ve been coaching for 3 years.

How it works: Schedule a free 20 minute call/Skype session and I will answer your questions and go over what you need to be doing to take your game to the next level.

My Service

Skype coaching

Usually after a few intense daygame sessions, you go out on your own and new situations will occur. Experience has taught me that giving feedback on these situations via Skype is very helpful. Of course you can always take more Infield coaching sessions!

Infield coaching

I go out with you in the streets of Miami and show you how it’s done. Then it’s time for you to approach some females and I’ll give you live feedback. I push you to go beyond your limits. Stuff that I teach:
• Voice intonation
• Posture
• Mindset & attitude
• Hilarious ways to get the conversation going


Send me an E-mail or text message regarding all your questions:

 (657) 333-2835

 Miami, Florida