I never expected this fine hotel to be found in such a place.

They're good people.

I felt something crawling up my arm.

It wasn't very discreet of you to forget the appointment.

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My husband is watering the flowers.

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Thank you for coming on such short notice.

Glen has a hot hand.

I get drunk at least once a month.

The nature of the All moved to make the universe.

I assume both of you brought flashlights.


I sure hope it works out.

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We sell metal, paper, and wooden plates.


I promise I'll never tell them.

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They lost the war on the eastern front.

You can use this computer any time.

I am fascinated by Spinoza's pantheism, but I admire even more his contribution to modern thought because he is the first philosopher to deal with the soul and body as one, and not two separate things.


The evidence is clear.


He wasn't destined to see her again.

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In my house it's my mother who's the boss.

I used to go to school with Ken.

In that village only one family remains.

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Lead us, since you know the road.

Simply put, a human being is an aggregate of many cells.

Max couldn't sneak out of the dorm without being seen.

In order to relax, I need to listen to soothing music.

I'll assist you.

I think we should quit.

You're like him in many ways.

Drop it!

I talked to Ernst on the phone.


Juan was almost hit by a truck.

My parents made me apologize to Marcia.

He was put out.

I've never been back to Boston.

It is dark outside.

How are you going to help her?

I gave Carter my phone number.


I am not busy now.

She is a bit indignant about being kept waiting.

If you don't like it, don't eat it.

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We didn't stay home yesterday.

We have her!

She has a blog.

His story made us laugh.

My home phone number is, area code two-oh-one, one-two-three, four-five-six-seven.

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Cary seems much happier than Connie.

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We have more important things that need to be taken care of.

My father's brother's wife is my aunt.

Romain went back home.

I couldn't help with anything.

The weather of Japan is hotter than England's.

Avery adjusted the scarf around his neck.

I don't get paid to do this.

You can count on Vijay.

I was challenged by a gatekeeper.

I was on my way to school.

Don't be quiet and say everything.

The policeman didn't believe the thief.

Did Vick really come back?

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There was a scornful note in his voice.


What's Dorian waiting for?

The results of the study are indeterminate.

You can't marry Vijay.

I am taking French next year.

Luc is never here.

Charlie taught his dog some tricks.

I got a thorn in my finger.

Who complained?

Pitawas spoke highly of Cary.

That sounds a little complicated.

What's going on with you and Hazel?

His request was as follows.

Despite everything, Mechael started to relax.

Ammonia is a colorless liquid or gas with a very strong smell.

Nazi comparisons are inappropriate in every situation.

I'm going to make some calls.

These are turbulent times.


I played with a computer.

He said, "I felt ill, but I am all right."

You're the only person I know who doesn't eat meat.

Since the Creator had made the facts of the after-life inaccessible to man, He must not have required that man understand death in order to live fruitfully.

He loved her very much.


The soldiers guarded the bridge.

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I'm sure we all feel that way.

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Let me talk to him alone.

Did you break that?

I was told to go home and wait.

Huey doesn't know when Moses is supposed to come.

We are on the way home.


The ship ran aground on a sandbar.

I told her that.

He immediately got angry.


She had her hat blown off by the wind.

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They went skiing during their date.

Siegurd convinced Yvonne to start studying French.

Playtime is over, Dan.

It's too quiet.

That's fine by me.

Tell them what you want to do.

His friend knows an ex-Senator.


Everyone but Christophe listened carefully.


They never seem to get together on anything.


It's cold in my city, Varsovia.


Can you talk a little bit about that?

Knute has to fill out these forms.

I'll go get Lynn.

I'm watching you.

The struggle between father and son lasted a long time.

Miriam has been to Boston many times.

I've heard that there are many Japanese restaurants in Boston.


I already talked to the cops.

They're so stupid.

I'd rather not do that anymore.

The joke was at my expense.

I thought you'd want to try some Japanese food.

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The pencil cases are old.

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The price is none too high.

Who cheated?

The functions sine and cosine have a range of values between -1 and 1, inclusive.

Mom alone can make this cake.

Compassion is alien to her.

I'm not from Boston.

Please try one.

I just came by to say I'm sorry.

Your name is next on the list.

Our plane was moving in the direction of the Air France airliner.

How about going out for lunch?


Millions of people understand Interlingua within a single glance.

"What do his parents do?" "I have no idea."

The crew is large.

A dog's nose is very sensitive.

I gave him a blanket.

It often takes more courage to change one's opinion than to stay true to it.

I hope we're not too late.

The rumor must be true.

Wolf seems to be having trouble talking.

I can't stand this kind of movie.

He broke the vase on purpose to bother me.

I booked one.

Adrian was secretly pleased.

Do you like listening to music or singing songs?

I wanted something to eat.

I was an honest man until 1985.

I can try to talk to Tarmi about the matter.


I understand what you say, but I have trouble internalizing the message.


This is my last review.

It may save your marriage.

Raif looked a little annoyed.


Home prices are surging.

The girl walked slowly.

She frankly admitted her guilt.

I'd prefer a sandwich.

I've still got a lot to learn.


Out of twenty students, only one had read the book.

Latex is a natural ingredient that comes from rubber trees.

You're my friends, both of you.

It is forbidden to throw things out of the window.

Cover the potatoes with cold water and bring to the boil.

It happened that the train was delayed on account of snow.

It made him sad.

We haven't got all day.

Why don't you come to Boston?


A person like Marguerite has probably never kissed anyone other than his mother.