Ernie and Leads decided to break up.

"What skills do you have?" - "Well hm.., I know how to play the digeridoo on a unicycle."

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I'd like to have meat for supper this evening.


You can ask Mats.

The money got stained after the cash dispenser was forced.

I think Jack should eat more.

Let's not ever make that mistake.

He couldn't understand much of what they said to each other.


Did you enter your PIN into your computer?

The soldiers stopped at every farm and village.

You should not have done that. It was wrong.


Steve just would not speak to anyone but you.

This is not so fun.

The computer repair took all day.

I'm not very hungry.

We have a very famous jew as a guest.

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Don't worry. Everything's OK.

I have already started.

I do not cut their hair.

The cinema was filled with people.

Magnus loves his children.

Is Miss Smith an English teacher?

My shoes need polishing.

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I would like to start.

I saw a cat running after a dog.

Well, Al, you were right.


I'm just finishing off some notes quickly.


We bought a pool table but have yet to play a single game.

Come on, follow me.

I visited Paris a long time ago.

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Don't believe everything you hear about the special forces.

It wasn't an easy decision.

This book is mine.

History is nothing like what you read in history books.

These boots have seen plenty of service.

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That remains a mystery.

We'll all be here for you.

Carlo Jackson is one of the world's highest-priced tax consultants.

He is something of a magician.

Jonathan and Heather began to argue.

This is the book I was telling you about last night.

It's been raining all the time recently.


We have three trees in our backyard.

I really need to see Jitendra today.

Your method is better.

You look pleased.

I can only stay with you for just a few days.


Earth is like a big magnet.

I'm just trying to be friendly.

That sounds like a plan to me.

I'm afraid I can't finish them in time.

I cut down a cherry tree.


Please ask someone else.

The executive director is a real pushover for looks.

Have you ever been to Paris?

Jurevis doesn't understand what you're talking about.

All moms should breastfeed their kids.

Winston used Konstantinos's credit cards.

She laid her baby on the bed.

We have to talk to Santa.

The thief ran away and the policeman ran after him.


Simina spends a lot of money on cigarettes.

Winter is just beginning.

Were you disobedient?

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I studied mathematics under Dr. Brown.

The father washes his face.

Oh, what a pity.

I love her daughter.

They welcomed me warmly, so I felt at home.

You don't have to pay me anything.

Claudia was held down.

Jack and Bill were very good friends.

This book is sold at a highly competitive price!

No matter how hard he may study, he cannot master English in a year or two.

Stanly must be wrong.

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I'm going to Boston on Monday.

Grandma Moses started painting when she was in her seventies. A late bloomer indeed!

Kamiya had to stay in the hospital.

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Antonio walked toward the far wall.

Do you think you can help?

Teacher Wang is drinking the Longjing tea (he) brought from China.


How much money do I owe you?


With this ticket, two people can enter for free.

Leung saw a black van driving toward the petrol station.

I know how busy Bea is.

I have a few ideas for you.

Are anal fissures curable?

Barton became good friends with the elevator operator in their hotel.

Gold golems are guardians used to guard treasure.

She baked some chocolate brownies.

Just come with me, please.


He has a very interesting book.

The dogs barked all night.

My mother doesn't concern herself with politics.

Something was wrong with him.

On Monday, I'm going to visit my sister in Boston.

Why do physicists converge? Because they're monotonous and narrow.

I doubt if Julian would let me do that.

Stop imagining things.

They said they would accept the committee's decision as final.

It sounds very good.

She went with him to the zoo.

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How cold is it here?

There's a person named Mr. Ito who wants to see you.

He read a lot.

I bought a pair of leather gloves.

The kids catch butterflies.

You're going too fast.

Today our artificial satellites are revolving around the earth.


I told Holly to wait for my instructions.

I was reading.

Do you wash your dog every day?

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During the last Ice Age, so much water was trapped in icy glaciers that the sea level dropped by as much as 120 meters.


I think Christie has done a great job.

I must speak to you.

Do you feel old?

I'm looking forward to his present.

Well, I'm here for you.

Their daughter Chelsea was born in 1980.

I asked for this thirty minutes ago.

It is important to immunize children against polio.

Hillary isn't wearing a shirt.

I can read your thoughts.

I guess I'm not that hungry.


Kissing her was a magical, unforgettable moment.

Nigel could've been offended.

Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.


I own this man.

We're working on that right now.

Hsi will show you how to do it.

My mouth dried up.

The oracle was fulfilled.

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Lawrence asked Antonio why she was so scared.

She won many competitions.

We might never see each other again.

Such a disaster won't come again in my time.

I want three sugars in my coffee.


I haven't seen her recently.


Ralf has helped me countless times.

I only hear you complain! Perhaps you can't do anything else?

Woody and Harold are the only ones still alive.

While I was reading, I fell asleep.

Follow the old river bed for two kilometers.

The expansion of the universe is speeding up.

You were the one who insisted we come here today.

The immobiliser light is on.

Seymour has finally had enough.

I play basketball with her.

What is happening to me? Am I losing my personality?

They had poor crops year after year.

I think you should ask Frederick.

The translation of the French novel took him more than three months.

He's started writing a novel.

They are too busy fighting against each other to care for common ideals.

Clarissa poured some cough medicine into a tablespoon.

Let's take a breather.

I talked to them last night.


Jean shared a room with his younger sister Dylan.

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Mr. Joel is now on duty.

"I'm all alone." "But that's not true at all! You have friends!"

I'll be seeing you.


Emily is an Australian citizen.

My children had eaten all the cookies by the time I got home.

His story rings true.

The welfare of the farmer is vital to that of the whole country.

We need to stop at the Hilton Hotel and pick Russell up.

Tyler has never been sick before.

Are you finished?