I'm named after my father.

Yoga can help you fight stress and stay fit and healthy.

Gill made cookies.

This salad tastes of lemon.

I wish Oleg were still alive.

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I'd like to speak with my lawyer.

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A dog controls its temperature by panting with its tongue out.

Piotr started a bar fight.

I plan to telephone Spyros tomorrow and ask him to help.

I never wear suits.

He spoke of sex in a rather businesslike manner, which was how he tried to avoid talking about his problems with intimacy.

I had a great time.

Are they real or fake?

I got out my knife and peeled the apple.

Dannie gave up on his dream of becoming a pilot.

That's fine with me.

I cut one into slices.

The party was a lot of fun.

Why is Lonhyn still here?

Wayne runs 10 kilometers every day.

Don't be long.


I figured you wouldn't want the teacher to know you hadn't done your homework yet.

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At what time will the race finish?


Kale chips are addictive.

I don't know when he decided to leave Rome.

I'd better get going. My father is really strict.

Everyone else has gone home for the night.

That was funny.

Michael carries a briefcase to work.

You love your work, don't you?

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We've got to go and help her.

Was that supposed to be a joke?

You don't understand me.

I know I'm going to die.

We are a peace-loving nation.

No one could sleep that night.

I like your attitude.

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We have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Can you produce medicines from the laboratory?

Would you come to the cinema with me?


He was a difficult man to contradict.


Drake earns his living by working for the lawyer.

It looks like Charleen can't solve that problem.

Why are we wasting time with this?

I think that it is impossible to master a foreign language by self-learning.

Finely chop an onion, some garlic and a chilli, and saute on a little oil until the onion is brown.

He's a classic case that the more ignorant people are the more sure they are that they are correct.

When does your summer vacation start?


We are slaves of what does not make us happy.

His father answered, 'God will provide, my son, the offering for himself.'

It doesn't have to be that complicated.

A drunken man was sleeping on the bench.

I wouldn't change places with him for the world.


You can't just not say anything.

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He is famous as a good doctor.

Do you have any more?

Syd knows what you did.

Prices ought to come down soon.

I've never tried it.


It was the best day of my life.


I'm aware that there's only a slim chance that you'll want to see me.

I trust you, don't worry.

The future of humanity remains undetermined, as it depends on it.

She laid her head down on the pillow.

I didn't even know Meeks was here.

Did you say anything to her?

Tomorrow I'm going to throw a watermelon off the roof of a five-story building just for the hell of it.

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We walked round the pond.

I'll wait at the bus stop.

Now listen, sir. You won't find a better price. This I promise you!

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I not only borrowed money from Audrey, but also from his wife.

Parents must answer for their children's conduct.

Do you want to take that?


Hey, where are you?

Suu is doing it wrong.

We're not leaving until we see William.

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The doctor she visited is famous.

I met an old woman.

Miriamne doesn't know how long the meeting will last.

He's a real friend.

Mitch just wanted to be neighborly.

Open your present now.

They cut down many trees to build the boats.

I asked for grape juice.

Sumitro is a lecherous old man.

She's ashamed of her body.

I know it means a lot to them.


Did you visit the Tokyo Tower?

Who cares what I think?

Didn't you take one?

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The sun sank slowly below the horizon.

Shaw appears to be a bit worried.

The dog was burnt to death.


We've been here for a long time.

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These three extraterrestrials have come to earth to see if Ukraine can be saved.

I rode the elevator to the third level.

It already costs a lot.

I wonder if maybe I should go.

That student is very fast at running isn't he?

Stevan told me what he thought of my plan.

He has many books.

The man pleaded self-defence.

Let's talk about what happened yesterday.

You'll never know the truth.

The small duckling can swim.

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Can you give that to me?

She returned quickly.

Hartmann said nothing about Jonathan.

Meehan was kidnapped by pirates.

Ability to operate a computer is critical for this job.


Their quarrel sprung from misunderstanding.

They sell sporting goods.

Caroline wants three of them.

David helped cook lunch.

Everyone is smiling in the picture.

We will miss you terribly if you leave Japan.

Will you stop answering my questions with a question?


There's no escape.

It's more fun to play baseball than to watch it.

I think Ninja is lonely.


There were demonstrations against the government by Japanese university students in the 1960's.

My hand is in warm water.

Is that your new friend?


No spoilers, please!


They are likely to get seasick.


We could use a tow.


Now why would you go and do a stupid thing like that?

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Could you clarify the meaning of your sentence for me?

I should've stayed at home.

Darin was hard to please.


You have something in your pockets, don't you?

Rajeev is waiting upstairs.

Brad is extremely wealthy.

A new oil tanker was launched.

I forgot to tell Matti when to come.

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Nichael is too young to take over yet.

I watched for the last chance.

I smoke cigarettes.

Many scientists have the reputation of being eccentric.

Bring an umbrella because it is expected to rain this afternoon.

That film's really interesting.

Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn't do it.

You knew them, didn't you?

We have to face the fact that the company is losing money.

Send it to me now.

You have a fine beard.


What does an airship look like?

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It is time you left off your childish ways.

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I thought you didn't want to come.

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I can see much better with these glasses.

Who ever said anything about stopping Barbara?

Am I a boy or a girl? Who cares?

The violin, the piano, and the harp are musical instruments.

Dan carried the bag on his shoulder.

That's exactly what she wanted.

The lavishness of the party amazed everybody.


The sky was completely dark.


Having finished lunch, we went skating.


I've forgotten my pin number.