I need coloured pencils.

Juha didn't know whether he should stay a bit longer or leave right away.


I asked him to go to my room for my glasses.

Toby is focused.

This book costs 3,000 yen.

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You must be the temporary we asked for.


I should think we will need some more money.


The foreign executives visited the manufacturing plant.


Who did Rajarshi sell his car to?

Translator, traitor.

I've told you about it before.

I availed myself of the chance to go there.

Would you lend your dictionary to me?


I'm not worried about anything.

Pat had to pawn his guitar so he could pay his bills.

Why did Angus lie to me?

Kimmo had something else in mind.

With a physique like his it's hard to believe he doesn't work out.


You look terrible. What happened?

In my opinion, Esperanto is very difficult.

He wondered how many times the sun would rise before his salary would.

I'm not too sure about this.

I don't believe it at all.

I had an argument with my sister about whom to invite.

Leading a fulfilling life really comes down to a simple question: When you turn off the lights at night and your head is on the pillow, what do you hear? Your soul singing or Satan laughing?


Thomas lives on the other side of town.

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Carter is crafty, isn't he?


Kirk hopes to inherit a lot of money when his mother passes away.

We'll be back before you know it.

Don't stroke the cat the wrong way.

My common sense is so messed up, that it's not common anymore.

It's a little bit funny.

I have known him ever since he was a child.

I don't remember when I first met Thad.

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They ordered Spyros to kill Charlene.


Hello, I'm Raphael. What's your name?

I'm glad you stayed in Boston for an extra three days.

Maybe you're seeing what you want to see.

How soon can you get to my house?

That's what they want you to believe.

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I never get to see you anymore.

As we have opportunity, let us do good.

This is extremely hard for me.

That puppy barks very loudly.

I've been in trouble before.

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I must go and find him.

Wayne won't even look at me.

Claire must've been suspicious.

We heard the door open.

Jeffery didn't know what I knew.

I knew we'd find him.

Arlene lied about what he'd been doing.

Do I need to change my diet?

The player contributed to the victory.

The final score was two to nothing.

Jarmo called the neighbors.

Who are you, how did you come here, and why?

Redheads drive me crazy!

Something looking like a UFO made a sudden turn then disappeared into the distant sky.

Conrad wrote down Robbin's telephone number.

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This bus is going to Minsk.

On Sunday, I go to church.

Do you think Patrick will be fired?


What on earth are you trying to say?

If he doesn't accept the job, someone else will.

When and how did the incident come about?

Why don't you go meet them?

How would you define faithfulness?

Owlets are cute.

She wrote a letter.

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Turkey is nice, as long as you keep your mouth shut.


They get along like a cat and a dog.


I'm not softening them.

Kimmo's office is on Park Street.

How can I get rid of him?

I was a teacher.

Things may get even worse.


Let me buy you a drink sometime.

The whole world knows that.

Let her do this.

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I know the story from beginning to end.

I guess I've gotten lazy.

They were cut off from food supplies.

Despite being of different quality, this orange is as good as that one.

Right now I want for nothing.

Does Oleg have a dictionary?

I want that job.

He grows rice.

The man buys beautiful roses for his wife.

Please eat it while it's still hot.

Didn't you wear that same shirt yesterday?

The cat listened to its steps.

We don't want to do that.

We want what's best for them.

Whatever you do, don't let Calvin help you.

I can't find the right woman for me.

Do you plan to continue working until 10:00?

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You are under arrest.

Marcos won't ask you to go out with him.

What brought you here?

Jesus is the only man that Byron has ever loved.

Everyone knows that luck and wealth elicit envy.

Manuel is being foolish, isn't he?

I've heard good things about you.

You're a mischief, Nate.

I can no longer trust them.


See what Carlo has to say about all this.

He looked through the microscope.

Joachim sneaked up behind Bradley.

He seems to have something to do with it.

It appears that she had a nice time at the party.


There's not enough light in this room for sewing.

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We can't get Hsuan on the phone.

Stay on your toes, Jan.

An actress fainted right in the middle of the play.

Who possesses his heart?

Do you want coffee?


He hindered me in my work.

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Her face suddenly turned red.

Winnie dropped his books on the floor.

He is discouraged over his wife's death.

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We're not rich.

Len claims he was drunk at the time.

The inspector didn't believe Dan's story.

I bet Surya could help you with that.

Things won't go as planned.

I know nothing about her.

All Sho ever drinks is water.

Can you help me install this software?

What part of town do you live in?

What would Brodie want that for?

I'd be happy here, I think.


Are you cooking tonight?


She was named as chairman.


Halloween's celebrated in October.

The human soul longs for something noble.

They got into the grip of ignorance and poverty.

They sent Lucy to prison for ten years.

He psyched himself up for the race.


I think we've had enough to eat.

Kosovo is now an independent country.

Cyrus hasn't heard anything from Kerry for more than three years.

Do you know how to solve this riddle?

One hair of a woman draws more than a team of oxen.

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When did you get back from Boston?

Jeffery knows how to cook spaghetti.

I answered one.

I didn't send for her.

The accident was due to the negligence of the caretaker.

It's time to wake up.

Beth lost it.

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Pilar was leaning up against the wall.

I think it was useful.

What difference does that make now?


I realized then that this awful cellar was the only place that could save our lives.

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Mr. Ikeda wants to buy a new car.

We had so much fun.

Did you ever date her?

That sounds like a really creepy question.

Just look at those good-looking men!

I didn't intend to see Rolfe again.

I met him while he was in Japan.


Oscar thinks Ned is cute.