Tercoo® is a rotating disc for the removal of paint, rust, mill scale, welding slag, tar, epoxy and adhesives from materials such as steel, iron, fiberglass, concrete or stone.

We can provide less expensive services, and do the job faster and safer. Tercoo's been the single biggest improvement for our company in years!"

Dale Miller
COO, Acme Surfacing
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Better surface prep... and no heat!

Tercoo® provides the correct surface preparation for the proper adhesion of new protective coatings. Tercoo® is a natural rubber disc with 12 tungsten carbide tips. Centrifugal force causes the flexible rubber disc to react so that it creates a "hammer effect" similar to sandblasting. The flexibility ensures that the tips clean the surface perfectly.

Tercoo® rotating discs do not create any heat, so tough materials such as tar, adhesives and sealants will be easily removed. No matter what the coating, Tercoo always cleans and the airborne particulates are tremendously reduced compared to other methods. Tercoo® removes rust. Since no heat is created, Tercoo® rotating blaster discs open the metal pores to pull out rust. Wire brushes, wire fingers and flap wheels remove some surface rust, but the heat generated closes the metal pores and imbeds unremoved rust that will eventually rise through the surface coating.