Go home now.

Major didn't have the courage to face us.

Everyone turned to look at us.

Rotate your screen to see other images.


I'm about tired of this quiet life.

We have to move very carefully.

We must work hard for what we want in life.

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Carry on with your business.

She went on working.

Revenge is the best revenge.

I've got some money saved up.

Get me some paper.

Will you tell him I called?

I feel safe and secure.


She had the courage to say it.

Do you think June is unbiased?

There's something about him that just doesn't sit right with me.

Tandy checked his notes.

Now I'm really tired.

How did you end up living in Teriann's basement?

I've actually never played golf.

What really happened to you?

You're old enough now.

I made him talk to his aunt on the phone.

I asked if she were rich.

Patricio ate a Greek salad.

It isn't right.


Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.

Jim, don't run about in the room.

What is the altitude of the plateau?

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Remove your hat when you go inside.

A door must be either shut or open.

He ran so fast that they couldn't catch up with him.

How many times a week do you do fun things with you children?

What a sad story this is!


I have an account outside the country.


Huey has trouble concentrating on one thing.


Cooking is interesting.

I live in Tahiti.

Whether we will go on the trip depends on the weather.

He accused me of my mistake.

Ninja was genuinely happy to see Malaclypse.

I need to know by tomorrow.

Why can't we go visit him?


That's more recent than you think it is.

She has a robust constitution.

Her love of money is without bounds.

Will you give Lord this envelope?

We haven't found them yet.

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Learning calligraphy is fun.

She is very sad.

Daniel seemed to enjoy watching Cary and John fighting.

You look good with those glasses on.

The train arrival is to the second!

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I hear you'll set up a new company.

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I found it difficult to solve the problem.

Women are easily moved to tears.

You worked more than I did.

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I see a boy.

I never regretted having kissed you, and I'd do it again if I had the chance.

Dory couldn't stop the tears.

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Deborah is helping her mother.

I saw Hans earlier.

The doctor gave me a shot.


Paper, glass and plastic are recyclable materials.

Srinivas glanced toward the elevators.

The water has just been brought from the well.


Saad left step-by-step instructions for the person who would be filling in for him while he was on leave.


I speak English, Russian and Globish.

I'm sure you have other skills.

Mr Smith is drinking coffee.

Lynne wants revenge.

Nobody does it better.

Dan was a seasoned investigator.

I think we're too young.

What do you suppose Rob is doing?

His house is very far from the station.


I have no idea what's happening.

There's nothing that cannot be done with money in this world.

I'm earning money.


I'm sure that Knapper would want you to go.

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Elsa could see that Victoria was crying.

He rented a room on the top floor in order to enjoy a good view.

Glynn is a grown man.

Hebrew is not at all old-fashioned, but rather modern, effervescent, and fresh.

Are you happy with your new sports car?

I grabbed a book off the shelf.

I don't have an opinion either way.

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All you have to do is to clean your room.

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Mac was feeling peckish, so he rang room service and ordered a hamburger.

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He was the strongest candidate for the position.

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Who is that?

I didn't find any feeling in his speech.

You can always change it.

Everything at that store is 10 percent off the regular price.

I know we have some work to do.

How well does Eddie speak French?

Tell me what this says.

I must go at once.

"Would you like a piece of cake?" "What kind of cake?"


He set fire to his own house.


They teased each other.

We were eating lunch together.

Let the devil take him!

She took the jewel to her manager.

Armand the vampire's religion is henotheistic.

You're the only mirror for me.

I have a bad temper.

Whatever you may say, I won't give it up.

The ATM swallowed the credit card.


Cezanne is famous for his landscapes.

I'll send a message to her.

Hurry up, or you will be late for the last train.

Is the kid still up?

What a lot of books he has!

It is all I want to do.

You may have to do this yourself.

He left the window open.

The cops are searching for clues to the brutal murder.


I can't wait to leave.

Suresh had to leave the movie theater before the movie was over.

The fence is part wood and part stone.

I'm going to have to tell her.

Can you meet tonight?

Why should he feel drowsy whenever he begins to study?

Theodore is concentrating, isn't he?

I had to tell him myself.

Do you know for sure that Wolfgang is behind that?

Roy went on a camping trip with a friend.

How long do you think the concert will last?


She has large blue eyes.

My family is my life.

I talked to your doctor. He told me that you needed to stay in bed for at least a week.


Father is proud of his car.

That's what I want to understand.

I've got to say goodbye.


The truth of the matter is dawning on him.

You have no idea how important you are to me.

I don't think Oscar would do that.

Can you tell me where you're going?

We should go together.


Christie and Ric played chess all afternoon.


Somehow I cannot settle down to work.

Nope, I'm not buying it.

What do you want me to see?

That's what you deserve.

Another thing to avoid is to use too much praise.

Islam emerged in the Arabian Peninsula in the seventh century.

Can you drive me to the airport tomorrow morning?

I've got 30 dollars in my wallet.

Kory has a job as a taxi driver.

I told you you had to go home. Why are you still here?

I find it much easier to speak French than English.


I'd like to see Mr Kosugi.


You're being very immature.

Well, it was different.

Everybody seems to like her.

I want you to know the truth.

What were you two arguing about?


Don't you see what Mike's doing?

"Do you, Suyog, take Heidi to be your wife?" "I do."

I'm in love and I'm confused.


The monkey, trained properly, will be able to do a lot of tricks.