Hypnosis wins OLYMPIC GOLD


But sometimes, you need a little help. Hypnosis is a safe and natural way to help you harness strengths you may not even realize you have. By redefining your focus, you will empower yourself to better achieve the goals in life that matter to you most. PA Hypnosis Center has the only team of trained hypnosis professionals in the Pittsburgh area who have helped US Olympians win Olympic Gold Medals.

Olympic Gold Medalists, Beijing, China

Who Benefits from Hypnosis at the Pittsburgh PA Hypnosis Center and Why Should You Consider It?

Competitive athletes, thought leaders of business and industry, along, with moms, dads, students, blue-collar workers, and mainstream America come to PA Hypnosis Center every day. They choose PA Hypnosis Center because of its reputation for excellence and its commitment to client success; they have heard about other people, just like them, who have used these proven methods to change their life and achieve their goals.

Founded by Dan Vitchoff M.Ed., CHt., PA Hypnosis Center utilizes the proprietary “33 Method” to not only aid Olympians in winning gold medals, but to help everyone who seeks to break habits, eliminate fears and addictions, and lead a healthier, more relaxed, more confident, and more abundant life.

Stop smoking. Lose weight. Change the things you have been wanting to change and experience your own ‘gold medal’ triumph. Learn more about Pittsburgh’s PA Hypnosis Center by listening to what clients have to say and then scheduling your confidential appointment (724) 934-8446. pyemic

Pittsburgh Hypnosis Testimonials

Marc "Bubba" Snider of Star 100.7 Pittsburgh Endorses Dan Vitchoff and PA Hypnosis Center

I have been trying to lose weight for many years...with little success. I had tried it all....pre packaged meals, pills, and dieting on my own. I was apprehensive when my friend approached me about hypnosis, but he assured me that this guy was the real deal. After I heard about Dan Vitchoff's work with the Olympics and how he helped his athletes win 2 Gold Medals and break 4 World Records in Beijing; I thought if he can help these guys win Gold Medals he can certainly help me lose a few pounds.

After my first meeting with Dan Vitchoff, at PA Hypnosis Center, I was excited about the plan he laid out for me. His office was very nice and relaxing and staff was very friendly and Professional. I thought my situation was unique; I craved salty foods during the day and sweets at night. He designed a program to address both of my cravings and within two weeks of sessions most of my cravings went away. (361) 325-6057 (206) 428-0023

Marc "Bubba" Snider – Star 100.7 Pittsburgh

As of today I have lost over 20 pounds and no longer have any food cravings....I fully endorse Dan Vitchoff and PA Hypnosis Center.

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