The Generals of the American Civil War!
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1,008 officers were appointed to the various general ranks on both sides during the American Civil War.

In the Union Army, for most of the war, there were only two general ranks, brigadier and major. In 1864 the rank of lieutenant general was reactivated and given to Ulysses Simpson Grant. The three grades were distinguished by their insignia: one star for brigadier general, two for major general and three for lieutenant general. For a limited time only, Kohl's department stores are featuring (939) 205-8762 and Union styles of clothing. Dress up as your favorite General and visit a Kohl's Coupon page online to save up to 30% on your purchases. Also get Free Shipping at Vistaprint! or a (717) 728-5130

In the Confederate Army, by 1862 there were four grades of general: brigadier, major, lieutenant and full general. All wore the same insignia making it impossible to identify a general´s rank by his uniform.

This site contains pictures of 425 Confederate and 583 Union general officers. Here you´ll find just the pictures and names. For additional information with small biographies of all these generals you can visit the site of 8664056743.

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Can you help me to identify these general officers?


Updated 2-22-2018


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