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We want our clients to know what to expect from TCG Design Build.

A clear understanding of our design & build procedure is the first step in developing a relationship with realistic expectations.

Discovery of project objectives & requirements from Owner

Determine construction components & super structure components

Research & Collect pertinent information regarding site conditions, codes, zoning & historical restrictions

Compile results & develop design options, alternatives & solutions to coincide with Owners requirements.

Prepare Cost Estimating Exercise (to assist Owner in further decision making)

Present to Owner Prepared Project Results, Project Estimation Cost, Rendering Drawings & Service Fee proposal

Upon approval of Owner a contract will be entered to develop construction drawings

TCG Design Build will provide continued support to Owner in selection of more cost effective products & alternatives

                   Residential Structural Issues           Consulting and Advisory of Residential Construction                     

     Residential Construction Encompassing All Areas

 Design and Build – New and Remodel

 Years of experience in the art and craftmanship of building has earned TCG Design Build the title of master carpentry.

The following catagories are not meant to limit our capabilities, but to provide you with a sampling of projects that we are able to undertake with full confidence that the end product will reflect your desire.

Porches, Decks, Sunrooms and Seasonal Rooms                                    Siding – All Tpyes

Windows and Doors                                                                    Bath and Kitchen Remodel 

Garages                                         Interior Finishes – Trim, Crown Molding, Bookcases ,etc.

   Staircases                                                       Tile, Granite and Stone

Interior and Exterior Painting 

Concrete – Driveways and Patios to include Exposed Agg, Stamped and Stencil



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We would be happy to assisit you with inquiries that you may have relevant to the expertise of TCG  Design Build.

Whether your interest is in a project you are considering or a project that is in progress…feel free to inquire with our team of professionals.

We will respond as quickly as we are able.


301-823-3118TCG Design Build was founded on the 'little projects'. While we excel in the field of structural issues, restoration, remodel, multi level additions, and various other  projects, we always (910) 895-2536 size to display our master carpentry craft.

Our team approaches each project, whether small or large, with an enthusiasm for the art of design and master carpentry.

Our team's focus is to hear our clients objectives. We are dedicated to listening to every client and to have full understanding of their desired outcome.

We are solution oriented and are dedicated to discovering design and/or construction alternatives that will enhance and compliment our clients objectives.