It gives you convenience

A Digital Passport lets you sign up to new services and verify your real identity without having to go offline, send in forms or scan in documents.

It takes just minutes to set-up the first time and then seconds to reuse. Best of all there is only one password to remember.

Having a single trusted identity and your personal data in one place lets you quickly sign up to services, login to your sites or share your verified miiCard with others online.

It gives you control

A Digital Passport gives you one place to verify, store and update your personal information, as well as prove your favorite accounts like Twitter, Facebook and eBay belong to you.

It's your online identity and you are always in control of when and where your information is shared.

It gives you security

Having a trusted identity, one single login and all of a Digital Passport's security features helps to protect you online.

We balance security with ease by letting you set many of these features to suit you.