We have been designing, manufacturing and supplying professional, commercial grade Solar Street Lights and car park lighting for over a decade, worldwide.

Site Evaluation

We offer remote site evaluations and surveys, followed with a written proposal and quotation to include a colour rendering and photometric data.

Bespoke Solutions

Many of our systems are designed and built to order. This enables us to offer bespoke solutions for unique or more demanding applications.

Professional solar street lights specifically engineered for the UK environment.

Solar Illuminations is the company you can trust to supply innovative, commercial grade Solar Street Lights systems (LED lighting) for streets, car parks, footpaths, arenas, parks and general outdoor areas and public places.

With over 25 years of experience in Solar Street Lights, electrical and security industry we are not only Britain’s leader in solar lighting technology, we are recognized around the world. We have designed, engineered and manufacturedSolar Street Lights systems and other systems for projects on every continent. We have completed thousands of prestigious contracts for UK, US and overseas government departments, all military departments, town and city councils, schools and universities. We have supplied systems for blue chip companies including Google, Reebok, BASF, Siemens, NASA, Coca-Cola, Rolls Royce, UPS, Balfour Beatty, Walt Disney World, 3M, Virgin Group, Hitachi, Taylor Wimpey, Airbus, National Trust, Michelin and hundreds more.

We are truly a one-stop-shop for all your solar lighting needs. Our Solar Street Lights systems are built to meet your requirements. Consideration is given to the geographic location of the site, solar irradiation and insolation data, the require illumination time, Lux level and/or autonomy criteria and any other requirements you may have. We offer remote site surveys and evaluations, planning and spacing advice, photometric data and 3D renderings.

There are many reasons why our customers choose Solar Street Lights over conventional main powered lighting. The first thing that comes to mind is that it’s a green, eco-friendly renewable energy source. Because it requires no connection to the grid it can be easily installed and used almost anywhere without the need of trenching or the requirements of a qualified electrician. It can often be more cost effective to install than mains powered lighting and naturally there are no utility costs associated with operating the lighting.

We offer every possible option and choice on Solar Street Lights, to include…

Complete system or retro-fit system e.g. supplied with column or without
Choice of column height e.g. 3M, 4M, 5M, 6M etc.
Choice of column type e.g. root mounts, flange mount, hinged etc.
Choice of luminaire type for application e.g. street lighting, car park lighting, general area lighting.
Choice of luminaire power e.g. 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W, 30W, 35W etc.
Choice of lumen output e.g. 1000lm, 1500lm, 2000lm, 2500lm etc.
Choice of distribution patterns e.g. Type I, II, III, IV or V
Choice of solar panel power e.g. 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 250W etc.
Choice of solar panel mount e.g. top mount, column mount etc.
Choice of battery capacity e.g. 34A-Hr, 55A-Hr, 86A-Hr etc.
Choice of battery type e.g. AGM, GEL etc.
Choice of battery box enclosure e.g. ground mounted, column mounted etc.
Option to add a wind turbine
Choice of lighting programs e.g. dusk to dawn, dusk for x hours etc.
Option to dim lighting by any percentage
Option to add one or more PIR/motion detectors
Option to combine any lighting program with any dimming program and/or any motion sensing ability
Choice of bespoke colours (for volume orders)
Option to add bespoke components to meet specific design or application criteria