When a president or a governor acts wisely and lawfully, Americans express their approval by reelecting him and by supporting his political party.

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His hair is so long it reaches the floor.


I think that Graeme hasn't left yet.

I'm just going to sit here.

Does Sofoklis still owe you money?

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How do you know Tal isn't lying?

Dalton knew why Lawrence wanted to go to Boston.

It's right next door.

This shirt doesn't fit me anymore.

This has finally convinced me of the seriousness of the situation.

If "every rule has at least one exception" is a rule, then at least one rule has no exception.

That young man is our teacher.

If my parents discover that you came over, they are capable of doing something crazy.

I go where I want to go.

I asked him to make four copies of the letter.

Do you believe it?

He's curious about everything.

This is too easy for Lorraine.


My efforts produced no results.

We should tell him the truth.

I didn't mean to stare.

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He had his car stolen yesterday.

Something like that wouldn't happen in Australia.

You were very kind to us.

Is the magnetic card made of plastic which stores your bank account called a cash card?

I can't draw, but my sister is a great artist.

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His father has never scolded him.

You're not a millionaire yet.

Micky never knew Jim.

The girl talking with Pilar is Geoff.

He is fond of gossip.

We're all out of booze.

Tracey has no choice but to accept.

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You should throw it out.


Ross can do that.

He is jealous of her talent.

I've been hired to find them.

Hello my beautiful!

They don't want her there.


You have a good point.


Have you heard from him?

I came home empty handed.

Would you like bacon or sausage?

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Mark's car is called "Thunder Giant".

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Shall we go sightseeing around town?

We should've stayed home with Carlos.

I can take it from here.

That's crazy.

We have an understanding.

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I will never go shopping with Jason again.


You leave because of me.


I didn't say a word.

Didn't I give you some money?

The law is equal for all.

His horse jumped over the fence.

Galen has caused me many problems.


He likes soccer a lot.

It's a scorcher out there.

Don't try to trick me.

I decided not to do it.

It was me who took out the garbage.

The crowd gathered at the airport to see the President off.

I am forever in your debt.

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I do make mistakes.

Ira lied to you about that.

We can change if we want to.

Even my mom knows it.

We've all been laid off.

There are no hats in that store that fit me.

Lois didn't put you up to this, did he?

How many of you are there at the base?

I don't know how to handle this.

I haven't heard that song in a long time.

Throw the ball to Chip.


That has nothing to do with it.


Don't ever wear that tie again.

You should know by now that I can't speak French very well.

Josip won't get scared.

I'm afraid I have neuralgia.

I am not afraid of death, I just don't want to be there when it happens.

The trips to the islands are not cheap.

I'm anxious to see you.

I always say goodbye, and I stay.

Ingo loves her.


According to the news report, the ruling coalition has secured 72 seats as of 5 p.m.


I'd love to get rid of this old car.

He has the habit of standing up when he is angry.

You don't need to go tomorrow.

Would you like to eat lunch with me?

Women can be scary when insulted.


He is certain to succeed.

I minimized the window.

Be sure to get a receipt.


Your girlfriend is going to be so mad at you when she finds out.

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What happened the next day?

I've seen several accidents in front of my house.

The baby lies sleeping.

You don't need language to understand the beggar.

I want a new smartphone!

I like learning old languages.

I've made him wait long enough.


Please don't ask me to choose between you and my family.

Srinivasan is an early bird.

She came alone.

Over time, wave action undercuts sea cliffs and thereby causes them to fall into the ocean.

They constructed a new government.


We discovered a few problems today that we'd never noticed before.

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I really do hate you.

I'm still having the same dream about drowning.

The road parallels the river.

Chris will come here.

I guess you didn't talk to him.


Will you lend a hand?


The ground seems wet.

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Night coming on, we went home.

Antonio didn't quite know how to answer.

What happened to make you laugh so much?

I have to work overtime tonight.

Nadeem and Mike became acquainted through their mutual friends.


Do you have any money?

What do you read?

The fare you pay depends on the number of zones in which you travel.

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What good would come of it?

My house isn't so far from here.

I left my credit card at home.

This saves time correcting everything later.

The teapot is whistling.

Kanthan cleaned the floor with a mop.

That almost happened to me, too.


Everything is theoretically impossible until it's done.

She wanted to tease Ray.

What was that noise?

You've still got a place to live.

When are you going to ask her?

The story left him unmoved.

It's your turn to read.


You don't seem too happy to see me.

I am very uncomfortable with how this television show portrays women.

I'm getting ready to leave tomorrow.

Things seem to be spiralling out of control for Phil. His friends agree that he has hit rock bottom.

Why are you still not sleeping?


Who wants to take this home?

Hui has to fill out these forms.

Dave never received the money Sheila sent him.

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Tuna said you needed a job.


Get me my food.

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

It wasn't my idea.


That's more than I can handle alone.

I didn't prepare a presentation. So I just blagged it.

They clearly have something different in mind.

I don't think Liyuan would do this.

Jarmo will be waiting for Pablo.

Bonnie is a gang member. You should stay away from him.

Whenever I travel, I prefer to fly.

I need to drop these useless perceptions to take full throttle over my life.

Go ahead! Don't be shy!

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Pinocchio had a long nose.

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We were successful!