Correct it, as in example 1.2.

The bus driver opened the door.

She drove them there by car.

My grandmother fell and broke her hip.


Where are Loyd's things?

The whole class took the test.

Despite everything he is still playing dumb.

He took care of Ricardo's red cow, for he knew how to tend cattle and make himself useful.

Sharan is teaching French to Monty.

I have no time to watch TV.

Don't talk to the press.

Do you think Vickie will be back soon?

My father was son of Argentines and my mother was daughter of Brazilians.


May I take your picture?

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"Do you have a boyfriend?" "No and that's actually a good thing." "Why is that? Did you have a bad experience?" "Yes, you could perhaps say that!"


Your house is three times as big as mine.

I asked Winston to be quiet.

I make up my mind to do the work however hard it might be.

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Half of his class can write with both hands; they're ambidextrous.

Can you write that down please?

Revised told Larry not to worry.

I'd rather not discuss it now.

This is the same type of car as my father has.

My mom's the greatest.

You didn't come to school yesterday, did you?

How badly was Raphael beaten?

Are you against my plan?

Cris didn't make it very far.

Where's the nearest bank?

Earle doesn't like to leave anything unfinished.

Maybe you should ask.

Summer is disappearing and winter approaches.

She hung between refusing or accepting the invitation.

Play is really the work of childhood.

Who's with her now?

I'm going to count to three.

His bike is better than mine.

But I always think that the best way to know God is to love many things.

I've never liked them.

The rockets were fired from a launching pad.

He does not speak English.


With so much noise I couldn't sleep last night.

The grandfather is on his deathbed.

Where do you stay when you're in Boston?

All dialects are equal.

You'll probably die in prison.


Get on the floor.

The conditions were deemed sufficiently unsafe to justify an evacuation.

At last, my turn came.

I'm pretty demanding.

Pretty soon, you'll be able to do this, too.

I don't know if she's interested in me.

We're being treated fairly.

A ghostwriter is an author who writes for someone that, in practice, only supplies his signature.

I could help you with your exam if you want.

This book seems easy to us.

There is nothing left to do aside from packing.

This picture has a very interesting history.

The car is old but good.

I thought it would make him laugh.

It's just throwing money away to have a yacht you rarely use.

Why didn't you try calling us?

What has Alf said?


She's not thinking straight.


I want to wait for her.

The problem is that solar energy just costs too much.

If the idiots would compete, you would be second because you are too idiot to be the first.

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Dan is good at making approaches to strangers.

I think that he's an idiot.

The siren sounded an emergency.

A selfish man thinks of nothing but his own feelings.

That's my jacket.

That would violate our policy.

Here, try my pen.

Barry is good with puzzles.

I played video games after I finished my homework.


You will see, if you look, that those words have an immediate and a much wider context.


Major Cold: It's the day of the year that the cold is most severe, but you could also say that Spring is just coming around the corner.

I had no idea you couldn't swim.

Naomi went back to sleep as if nothing had happened.

Children imitate their parents.

I'm on my way to the fish market. What would you like for lunch? Mackerel or sardine?

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Kurt is the only student at this school that Marc knows.


Whoso boasteth himself of a false gift is like clouds and wind without rain.

New York is among the largest cities in the world.

What's your favorite song on this album?

I don't think that's what we should be doing.

His books are almost useless.

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This car needs washed.

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Clifford cares a lot about his reputation.

I strongly suggest that you get yourself another lawyer.

What would they do without us?

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I'm going to attend to the customer.

What made him so angry then, I wonder?

The bus stopped suddenly in the middle of the street.

You need to immerse yourself into their culture to master their language.

Never pass up a chance to have sex or appear on television.

Joseph Smith had to move his people many times.

I thought you were probably insane.

I'd rather not go out today.

I can see you're upset. What's wrong?


People waited for buses.

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I'm not ready for this.


It's so wonderful to smell freshly made coffee!

He said that he had met her a week before.

My brothers protect me.


She wouldn't speak to him.

Surya didn't know Gunnar was dating John.

I'd prefer to talk later.

You don't need to wait.

Your wife isn't unfaithful.

Sumitro has a good chance of winning the election.

You should get out of the house and have some fun.

He told me that you were right.

We have a good life together.

I have to show you something.

I don't like the beach.

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Sorry, I forgot.

Phiroze thinks he knows who Dieter's favorite musician is.

Can't you see it?

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Always tell the truth.

The instrument panel has a very ergonomic layout.

I think that Ernie looks better with his natural black hair than with bleached hair.

Didn't you write him a letter?

You have to hurry if you want to go with them.

We are working against an enemy who is very insidious in his methods.

Don't completely prepare the ground for your children, otherwise they might run their head against a wall.

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You have to walk a long way to get there.

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I have just been to the post office.

Niels is unsettled.

The peach tree is beautiful when in flower.

That's exactly what I needed.

I booked us a hotel in Galway tonight.

You guys make a very attractive couple.

I don't feel very well. I should go home.


Kusum easily guessed Amos's password.

He is really a good worker.

Love is as important to me as money is to her.

Her name is known to everyone.

I've lived abroad for ten years.


He had never studied English before he went to the United States.


Can I ask you guys something?

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Squirrels eat seeds and nuts, as well as insects and mushrooms.


A mother must protect her child's teeth from decay.

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The two are not in the same category.


You can have this room all to yourself.

I thought you were going to go to Boston.

He's a physicist working on teleportation.

I would not yield the chair.

The army chief reported that the war was lost.


Vivek is very angry, isn't he?


I thought Betty might be with you.

Oh, there you go. See? It happened exactly like I said it would. Now go call the ambulance.

When did you arrive? Did you arrive today?

I don't blame her.

Shatter doesn't know whether he should take on the job or not.

"Why are you stupid?" "I'm not stupid."

Do you have any smaller sizes?


I can't really believe all this is happening.

Michael isn't wearing shoes.

He is on another phone.

Lewis plans to major in biology.

Can you tell a Chinese person from Japanese?

Your hat is similar to mine.

We have no guarantee.