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Hey everyone!

We have a short list this week in terms of updates for the network, There will be a bigger more informative one in the upcoming weeks so prepare for a huge content update.

Monthly Crate [Factions & Skyblock]

Here’s the second monthly crate we’ll be releasing this time for August! We’ve introduced a few different rewards for this crate and hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as the first one.

Skyblock August Crate

Factions August Crate


  • Fixed not being able to do /xp
  • Fixed duplication exploit(s)
  • Fixed Spawners not dropping when mined
  • Fixed truces been able to hit one another
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orpiment red

Factions Map #3 Patch Notes
Friday 20th July 3PM EDT / 12PM PDT / 8PM BST

Hey everyone!

Today we’re announcing our factions reset and the start of Factions Map #3 on Mythcraft. I’m happy to confirm that the current map will be ending and the new map starting on Friday 20th July at 3 PM EDT / 12PM PDT / 8PM BST. I have listed in detail what we will be changing below.


We will once again be offering rewards to anyone who reuploads our trailer on to their YouTube channel. The rewards vary based on the amount of subscribers your channel has and you must use the provided video title, description and tags we have provided below. Link your reupload in the comments below and you will receive your rewards once the server releases on Friday. You can download the trailer at 612-605-2118

0-50 subscribers: 1 Divine Key ($2.50)
50-150 subscribers: 1 Mystical Key ($3.79)
150-300 subscribers: 2 Mystical Keys + 1 Divine Key ($10.08)
300-350 subscribers: 3 Mystical Keys + 2 Divine Keys ($16.37)
500+ subscribers: 4 Mystical Keys + 3 Divine Keys ($22.66)

Mythcraft Factions Map #3 - Friday 20th July!

Releases Friday 20th July at 3PM EDT / 12PM PDT / 8PM BST!
Website: 6612075984
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Factions Map 2 - Season Ending

Hey everyone!

We’ve decided to announce the end of the map this time around. We haven’t previously done this but in the next week you should be able to see spreadsheets and forum posts on the following:
  • New Economy - One that isn't overpowered and will be tested.
  • New Mob Drops - Certain drops (Mainly Witches) will be getting nerfed / removed.
  • Enchantment Balances - Will be posted after this post as a suggestion thread
This will be a few things announced over the next few days building up to the next maps release. The current map will continue for now however due to the season ending that means payouts are halted until map three.

The payouts from last week will be be paid out this week. Skyblock payouts will continue as normal.
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Hey everyone!

We have another exciting new update to share with you all today that is live on the network as of now.

Cannon Patches [Factions]
After countless hours working on optimizing cannons, we have finally released a new set of patches on the server. While they should largely improve upon the lag previously caused by cannons, we are still working on more patches that should improve the situation even further in the coming weeks. Groaning has made a quick video outlining the effects of the changes which I will link below.

Island Banks [Skyblock]
The issue causing island banks to give away large amounts of money for free has finally been fixed. I’m sure many of you noticed that the issue briefly made a return earlier this week which caused us to temporarily disable the /is withdraw command, however I’m pleased to say that the issue has now been finally fixed for good.

Auto Sell Chests [Skyblock]
Auto Sell Chests will now sell items at 2x the speed as before and hoppers will now transfer items at 2x the speed on Skyblock.


Hopper Upgrades [Skyblock]
We have increased the...
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Skyblock Map #2
Friday 15th June 3PM EDT / 12PM PDT / 8PM BST

Hey everyone!

We’re announcing our Skyblock reset today and the start of Skyblock Map #2. The current map will be ending and the new map starting on Friday 15th June at 3 PM EDT / 12PM PDT / 8PM BST.

Much like we have done with our recent Factions reset, we will be transitioning the Skyblock ISTOP rewards from one large payout at the end of the map to weekly payouts throughout the duration of the map. The top 3 islands will receive the following rewards weekly every Saturday, starting on the second Saturday after the server has been released.
  • #1: $100
  • #2: $50
  • #3: $25
The island leader must use the command /setpaypal to set an paypal email address in order to prevent the payouts from being delayed. It is important that you do not attempt to hide your island level, as we will be silently calculating the winners.

ISTOP Rewards
Unfortunately as I’m sure many of you will be aware, we encountered a major exploit during this Skyblock map where the Island Bank system we added to accompany the Auto Sell Chests would give out very large amounts of money at random times to any one player. Sadly, some players took advantage of this in order to boost their island level. Due to the nature of the exploit, we...