You have the necessary skills.


I like sushi.

Do you think this is a good place to pitch the tent?

Life is a long and winding road.


Rusty is allergic to mold.

Green is the color of money.

Tracy's wondering if any of his kids will remember that today is Father's Day.

They have to study hard for the math test.

Why do bad things happen?

The attacker ran away.

I'm sure I saw something moving.

I think Tomas and I agree.

He started crying right after hearing the news.

These colours are beautiful.

I caught a bad cold last week.

Jianyun finally did something right.

History develops through the replacement of the old by the new.

Jane could've won if he'd wanted to.

I studied in Beijing for three months.


I stole your bag because I ran out of money.

Don't command me to not command you!

The tumor was benign.

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Philippe wanted his mother to leave him alone.


There's so much I need to tell you.

Micky has fallen overboard.

We have plenty of food.


Wash your legs.

She came an hour beyond the appointed time.

I'm afraid that won't be enough.

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Again? Not again!


The mouse was running around under the bed.

Let's wait for another 5 minutes.

What do nurses spend most of their time doing?

You said that half an hour ago.

It's nearly impossible.

Having heard it so many times, I can recite the poem by heart now.

How afraid I was!

They both smiled.

Sally works very hard, but not as hard as Saify.

There's a rumor Johnson is going to be traded.

Let's toast the guest of honor!


You're going to need a push.

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I'm taking good care of them.

Many methods have been proposed for treating fractures of the atrophic mandible

Why do you like Kirsten so much?

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Tim looked down at his glass and saw that it was empty.

Her classmates do not appreciate her.

They liked their jobs.


Be careful. The soup's very hot.

Do you want me to open the box?

She didn't arrive at the party, but nobody knows why.


That's the person I told you about yesterday.

As I've just explained, Dory won't be going to Boston.

It's wrong to steal.


I thought you'd like to know what happened.

What we need now is action, not discussion.

My vocabulary is limited.

I suggest you not talk so loud.

A new law has come into existence.

The foundation of a college was her great ambition.

Conrad can hardly walk.

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You're old.

Jack has no goals for his life.

We're a little busy here.

What if I am poor?

The Prussians should be on their guard against the southern Germans.


It's rush hour at Tokyo station.

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Kory laughed at Sergio's idea.


Can you remember your kindergarten teacher's name?

Are dragons real?

Just then, the workers in the park brought over some small playing cards.


Nhan and Werner were the only ones that were left.

I feel better than I did.

It's important to debrief subjects after an experiment.

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"How does Jim go to school?" "He goes by bus."


Julius didn't want Spudboy to leave the room.

The president was nice, and replied to my letter.

All the stores were closed.

She's insecure.

Tahsin certainly made sure we all had a good time.


I thought about Shirley.

If you use a computer, you can retain information.

Thank you for letting me know.


Call the cops.


Why do you want to know about Shirley?

Ian is very worried now.

We have a contract.

Why are your ears so big?

I began to write a book.

Real, I think you should eat more.

I asked Alex for advice because I wasn't sure what I should do.

My aunt showed me how to make good coffee.

He lay down on the grass.


It looks like it is going to rain.

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What can I do about it?

This book deals with psychology.

He has a fair income.

Sangho shared his mother's oatmeal cookie recipe with Eli.

The stock has gone down over night.

There is also a tendency to call "L'Auberge Espagnole" a pornographic film.

I've waited for it.

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They have nothing left.


Roast lamb is eaten for Easter.

Stacy asked Ann and her friends if they wanted to play strip poker, but they refused.

He might have written many of his plays.

There's no doubt about it.

It's not as easy as people think.


I could show you how this works.

The outdoor spa at this hot-spring is wonderful.

Clyde lives in the house he was born in.

You did that already.

Many factors must be considered.

I think Tommy is still in love with Tracey.

James will help us, won't he?

No matter what you say, I just won't believe you.

I consider him my enemy.

This road is closed to traffic for construction work.

Aerodynamic surfaces are used to control the aircraft in roll, pitch, and yaw.

Rodger is a trucker.

He always turns to drink to get away from his troubles.

Irene Pepperberg, a researcher at Northwestern University, is discovering that a parrot can not only mimic people but also learn the meaning of words.

All I want is a chance to help.

Philippe left the water on.

I was in Tokyo yesterday.


That's all I need for now.

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Grease the waffle maker.

I love the food here.

Now isn't the time.

What were your impressions of it?

He interrupted his work to answer the phone.

Why don't you tell me what you want?

You can cook here.

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Moore jumped into the freezing water.

Why don't you come over tonight?

My work is finished.

My camera can shoot high-definition video.

"If they're mantises," Al-Sayib conjectured. "Then, yes."

We're leaving here soon.

Is Roman still living in the same apartment?

Over 100 meteorites hit the Earth each year. Fortunately, most of them are very small.

Darin wouldn't return my calls.

It sounded like you had a problem here yesterday.

I want you to remember this moment.

I wonder how long we'll have to wait.

We're losing a lot of time.

I wrote a book two years ago.

That's the guy I saw steal Graeme's handbag.


Jean might be a little upset.

I congratulate you on the day of the programmer.

They are extremely popular among teenagers.

Kathy came to my office yesterday.

What to do?

I'm afraid I'm not much of a cook.

Her demands are excessive.

Tell me then what you've decided.

We're listening to music, and you?

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They're going to try.

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Soohong is an old boyfriend of Nick's.

The Tasmanian devil is a true animal.

I hope that you will return.

Just leave him alone.

Hy says he doesn't want to talk to you.

Stanly is likely to be put on probation.

I must tell him the truth tomorrow.