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Christopher Walken's wife in 1983's Brainstorm



Hides & hay were used to replicate the super-comfy shoes of Ötzi the 5000-year-old mummy known by this nickname

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It's less than 500 feet but the Old Man of Hoy in these Scottish O islands wasn't scaled until 1966

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An image like the one seen here accompanies the entry under the letter T for this type of infrared imaging based on heat

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MapQuest really helped Lewis & Clark when they set out from this Midwest city on the Mississippi on May 14 1804

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Jett Rink in Giant

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In medieval England eating fruit this way was considered dangerous; a 1500 cookbook says to beware of it


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In Canada's these territories sits Mt. Proboscis summited in 1960 despite being one of the Circle of the Unclimbables

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In one dictionary under acupressure it says see the entry for this type of massage with a Japanese name

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This president is on Twitter again--People are saying I'm ill. Tippecanoe is fine--no cold! Best month ever that I can tell you

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