Glamorous and practical

Glamorous, comfortable, practical – suits are back in fashion. The first took them by Coco Chanel in 1929, wearing a suit of tweed, and after the war, women began to carry them to work. They changed over time – from those with broad shoulders of the eighties, to the narrow at the beginning of the 21st century. Today they are more diverse than ever. One is a classic, flat cut that stands for everyone, the others are inspired by the seventies, and the high waistcoats and wide socks are returned in the fashion, the third are pushing narrow socks up to half the articles.

Choose this fall suit for your special occasions or evening outings.

Pants can be any cuts – Palazzo, short or narrow, with wide socks or tall waist … the main thing is that they shine with a special shine and that they are made of incredibly rich material with plenty of decor. When we think of a suit with pants, we immediately think of Miranda from the series “Sex and the City” which was in ’98. She wears a suit in an unusual way. But luckily, now no one is walking in a square with shoulders. This summer suit with trousers is modern, trousers have become rope, and the sleeves follow the body line or are too big and look casual. Pantaloon suits are a great choice for business during the summer. But, in order not to look strictly business, there is one trick that will give you a degree of leisureiness to your appearance. The year is coming soon, and we have some fresh ideas about office trends. Connect two modern things – choose a shirt or a top instead of a shirt. This trick makes the look more modern. You can choose sports crop cans that you will wear with pants and sneakers, or lace corsets in pairs with a suit and high heels.