Do we have an extra one that Jason can borrow?

We're expecting to have this new rule applied from tomorrow.

I unconsciously removed my shirt.

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Let's just try it. Who cares what happens afterward? There's no sense thinking too much about that.

A bad habit is easily acquired.

Would you like me to speak Finnish or English?

Pandora says he still needs help.

Just when I was getting the hang of things, I was in a traffic accident and had to stay two months in the hospital.

Hal isn't a bad person.

I eat my breakfast at seven o'clock.

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Shugo is a colloquial way of referring to someone who can drink large quantities of alcohol and additionally not feel the effects of intoxication.

You must not behave like this.

Christina is anxious, isn't he?


We love coffee.


What shirt is pink?

We've seen all-round improvements lately.

Ji takes piano lessons.

We didn't complain at all.

Many people visit the beautiful towns of Italy.

My father didn't eat much fruit.

Whenever Juergen gets drunk, she ends up doing crystal meth for the next three days.

I just want to look at what Price wrote.

He had served as a congressman and senator.

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The diplomats are in a precarious position.

Is Ben still in school?

Sridhar was unfriendly.

Shadow wore this.

Turkish war of independence against Eurpean imperialist powers had lasted from 1919 to 1923.


In ancient times, plagues killed many people.

Huey Jackson was convicted, sentenced to death, and executed.

Rudolph picked something up off the floor.

Spiders always weave their webs in three dimensions.

That woman who picked a fight with me was being very disrespectful.

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My answer corresponds with yours.


Ariel doesn't want to look foolish.

Laundry is a chore.

Takuya told me to take off right away.

Have you ever got angry with Marika?

There was no one in the room besides Antony and John.

Every statement is false, so is this one!

The individual is the fundamental element of a community.


He refused to accept such an absurd proposal.


The police weren't able to determine which one of the twins had committed the crime.

He asked the general to recall his order.

John represented his class in the swimming match.

The boy got his hands dirty.

I believe that the debate should be carried on.

She did not return till six.

That's your signature, isn't it?

She gave her guests a hearty reception.

This will have to do.


Are you clear about what you have to do?

Whatever you may say, I don't believe you.

Talks between the warring parties have broken down and security in the region is very uncertain.

It's not what you say that counts, but how you say it.

The waiting-maid commanded her harshly to take off her royal robes, and to put on her common ones.

I was wrong to do that.

I'll steal your mobile phone!


Shahid's apartment is very tidy.

Does Daren know we're here?

I want to hide under a rock.

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There is no greater insult to life than premature ejaculation.

I know two too many ways to weigh that way.

Toss the gun onto the table.

Look at that short pretty girl.

I can see you're frightened.

It will never happen again.

Is it safe for dogs to eat fish?

Rodger was a successful handsome businessman.

The singer's voice melts your heart.

It constantly appalls me how stupid he can be.

The gate opened all by itself.

You don't have to go in if you don't want to.

I'm not finished with him.

It hasn't been easy for Annie to earn enough money to support his large family.

Teresa wiped the sweat from his forehead.


I'll miss you so much when you leave in June.

I was overwhelmed.

You close your eyes.


Pablo arrived on time in spite of the storm.

It'd be better if you didn't associate with men like that.

There was nothing left to be done.

Don probably thought I wouldn't like that movie.

The big, yellow bus came hurtling down the street.

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I attended his classes and learned how to draw.

Nothing in Chinese cuisine has impressed me like Pu-Erh tea.

An egg is a cell.

You need help, Pascal.

They have two cats.


It's a detail.

I think Coleen is a good swimmer.

Did Kamiya find them?

They're twins.

The patient will soon recover from his illness.

He studied day and night in aspiration to possibly become a lawyer.

It snows outside.

I was able to knit.

Let's see what we can do to help.

I have a fear of the dark.

I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend.

Since when do you care about ethics?

It lasted more than two years.

Merril doesn't want us to come.

I miss you badly.

She's scared to try new things.

I think the public is fast becoming aware of this flip-flop.


They forced him to sign the letter.


I don't like people standing behind me.

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I can't remember how much I paid for it.

My parents aren't home right now.

There are huge snakes on this island.

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Sriram never lies.


I just want to look at it, that's all.

Pat hadn't gone to the market.

Now my daughter is afraid of me.

The girl sat beside me.

Can you tell me how you get to the American Embassy?

I don't want Barrett to know this.

The vote will be close.

I could never replace him.

Leave my camera alone.

I encouraged Real to study harder.

It's green.

Did you say that Tait is your friend?

Rajiv earned a merit badge.

Our basic problem is the lack of know-how.

Cristi wasn't interested in learning how to cook Chinese food. He just wanted to eat it.

I'm tired of your comments.

You can open the window.

You said you hated that, didn't you?

Who told you Rodney and Nick were getting married?

Fatal errors arise from carelessness.

Are you proposing, knowing that this won't be my first marriage?

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I tried to convince her.

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Near the end of his life, he started to worry a lot about what his legacy would be.

He turned on the speakerphone.

There is indisputable proof that Gabriel is the thief.

The men entered the warehouse with their guns drawn.

This is all the money that I have now.


What Andrea said was beside the point.

Marguerite recovered.

Jeffery collapsed in tears.

This product comes with a five-year warranty.

Cathrin got out of the bath.

One school in the U.K. has abandoned textbooks in favour of iPads in the classroom.

I don't want to hurt my son's feelings.

Briggs told me that he wasn't used to speaking in public.

I'm sure of the fact.

Come home before 10 pm.

The horses are nervous that there might be a thunderstorm tonight.


Duane says his left leg hurts.

She tends to talk too much.

I really wanted to go back to Boston.

You should try to enjoy yourself.

I wasn't strong enough.


He went above and beyond the call of duty.

I want to see this.

Raj speaks more slowly than Bill.

This one's really funny.

I was away for a few years.


I'm watching them.

What Myrick said is absolutely true.

Elizabeth bought a hat for Kristi.

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He explained the reason at length.

My grandfather on my mother's side passed away ten years ago.

Anyone can do it.

He's Tony.

I'll tell you when you get back.


I wish I could swim.