He said the South had good reason to protest.

Lunch wasn't that great.

You can't hide from me forever.

That's a question that I can answer.

When PC problems slow you down, what can you do?

All the soldiers stood side by side.


Don't delete this file.

Hurry up, or you'll miss the bus.

I wasn't going to give up.


He is slow to decide, but he is quick to act.

Vickie was obsessed with Luc.

The Prime Minister will hold a press conference tomorrow.

Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.

Remain seated!


Would you like to know who did that?

Please let me pass.

Let's find out what Brandi did.

He translated the verse into English.

I like that man all the better for his faults.

I wouldn't miss this for all the tea in China.

You like fruit.


My father will urge you to love your books and quills.

Yvonne wondered if Claudio would understand that.

It was as if they considered me one of them.

They're just talking shit.

Thank you for taking such good care of Clayton.

It is not to be denied but that the news was a great shock to her.

Go sleep in your own room.

Is today his birthday?

The red lines on the map represent a railway.

He told me to meet him there.

I have absolutely no memory of what happened.

I'm having a really good time.

Penance is one of the seven sacraments.

He lives in the ghetto.

Tonight we are going to hear an address by our chairman.

Could you tell me what's going on?

Ann and I were meant for each other.

Did you really think that was what Naren wanted to do?

I'll find him for you.


I prefer the blue one over the red one.

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I think that it is impossible to master a foreign language by self-learning.

I wish I could think of a good answer.

Victims of the hurricane received financial aid from the government.


How long does it take to get to the station?


You could try.

A burglar broke into the convenience store last month, but I heard the police caught him yesterday.

She doesn't know her place.


Let's sing a happy song.

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The party's candidate began to sag in the polls.


I quite agree.

I got him to help me when I moved the furniture.

I promised to obey him.

Raymond says he can pluck a chicken in less than ten minutes.

I know Claudia has a house in Boston.

There's no reason for you to do that.

Let's wait for our turn.

The Smiths are our neighbors.

No, thank you. I already ate.


The women in this film are dressed in a very conventional way.

Which one is your sock drawer?

We often eat raw fish.

It's too easy that way.

When she was reading the letter, she looked sad.

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Don't you have to work?

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She's a pedicurist.


There's nothing in the bucket.


There's so much I want to say to all of you.

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Julius got a part-time job to help pay for his tuition.

I tried to warn her about him, but she won't listen to me.

He knows how to break the law without being caught.

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I'd rather walk.

Do you think this plan is unrealistic?

I want to dye my hair red.

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If you go, I'll go, too.

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Franklin tried to start the car.

Hume said I might be wrong.

The king exchanged his baby, a beautiful boy, for the daughter of a peasant, and the prince lived roughly as the son of poor people, while the little girl slept in a golden cradle, under silken sheets.

The day is sure to come when your dream will come true.

You got here in time.

In the Babylon 5 space station, Delenn is a Minbari ambassador.

Let's not talk about it anymore.


It is the only one there is in the shop.

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You can avoid this kind of problem if you bear these tips in mind.

Given her interest in children, I am sure teaching is the right career for her.

Pierre has information that we need.

Barry has been doing a lot of stuff.

Elliot tried to disguise his handwriting.

The farm is built at the bottom of the hill.

Kurt abstains from alcohol.


I ironed my handkerchiefs.


He did both at the same time.

Hamilton often argues with Santa.

I'm trying to reach him.


How did you get those bruises on your legs?

Come close, young heroes!

Hsuan felt he had no chance to win the race.


Is Harv asking too much of us?

Thanks for being my guide.

He should get to your house in an hour.

Is this big enough for you?

Who am I to complain?

The stamp fell off the envelope.

These cars are ours.

It made me furious.

Theo looks very pleased with himself.

Should we send back the wrong merchandise?

There should be a celebration.

This is the first time I've ever received a letter from Marika.

"What time will you be finished?" "I'm not sure yet."

The number of the living was smaller than that of the dead.

Is this your husband?


That's what I always say.

He feels that his life has gone to the dogs because he doesn't have any money.

Mitch wondered if he should tell Suzanne the truth.

Raj took a yoga class.

My birthday is October 20th.

A little girl with a kitten sat near me.

I really owe you an apology.

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I asked for this thirty minutes ago.


Stanly partied until the sun came up.

The lawyer determined his course of action.

When you start to swim, go like this.

Your remark is irrelevant to our argument.

The boy is buying a dog.

The three batters were struck out quickly.

I'll help you as much as I can.


Nobody's going to try anything.


That seems reasonable to me.

I really didn't expect Melinda to succeed.

The sky is as blue as blue can be.


I'm going to Paris this month.

"Lyndon, what are you saying?" "I think you know exactly what I'm saying."

You forgot about me?

Elric has a very stressful job.

Carter told Ram he'd visit her in Boston every weekend.


Please tell Rajesh that I called.


I think that was very funny.

He lives in Osaka.

Thanks for the good conversation.

Can I still return this?

Is that the biggest complaint you have?

Hm, that's a good idea. Let's go there.

I'll pay for the tickets.

Which theater is that?

Don't think I'm made of money.

She avoids me.

Though Pablo went to the salon, it would have been better if he'd hurried back.

There is a certain pleasure in pointing out other people's errors.

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Most shops near the school are closed on Saturdays now.


I have enough money to buy everything I want.


Why didn't you just ask him?

Where do you want to go tomorrow?

What colour was Henri IV's white horse?


I made a deal with him.

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I'm happy with it.

He looked around, but he saw no one.

That is the same umbrella as I found on the bus.


The teacher admonished us that we should be silent.