Why is anyone here?

Dwayne and I were very busy last week.

I just wanted to help them.

What can bound feet, essay-writing and opium have in common?

I am a blackcap.

Clark was on the run.

Sabrina doesn't need me.

Time is the most precious thing in the world.

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The airplane flies at a speed of five hundred kilometers per hour.

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He killed himself.

Cris hasn't been in Boston long.

Knudsen unzipped his jacket.

The trains were jammed with commuters.

Both the parents are still living.

The answers must be written in ink.

Three guesses where I was yesterday!

We've all been there before.

Meeks went to Boston for a family reunion.

Riding a unicycle is one thing I'm not very good at.

I'm calling from my cell phone.

They got it wrong.

I won't bother you.


She had her hair cut because she liked shorter hair, not because she had lost her love.

The milk has gone bad.

The express train went by so fast that we hardly saw it.


Last night I chundered.

The residents of Mumbai are called Mumbaikars.

I can't believe that you kissed Ricky.

Let's go bowling together sometime soon.

She blushed slightly.

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I don't often drive a van.


Hsuan has been arrested at least three times.


You have to tighten those screws.


Are you allergic to anything?


Such employments as warfare, politics, public worship, and public merrymaking, are felt, in the popular apprehension, to differ intrinsically from the labour that has to do with elaborating the material means of life.

I just want you to listen.

A clever student can answer such a question easily.

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I'm not that tense.

Andrea didn't frighten me.

Everyone loves to hear praise, but over-praise has the opposite effect of sounding insincere.


She tried hard, but she failed.

In Japan there are four seasons a year.

I disapprove of what you say.

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I ought to have told her the truth.

Tobias believes in paranormal phenomena.

Do we have to keep this a secret?

He's gone senile.

The tigers escaped from the zoo.

She is a treasure to my office.

I knew that he was trying to use that money to become governor.

His request is as follows.

I used to have a job as a security guard at a bank.

Do you like working here?

Mitchell stumbled out the door.


You'll understand it later on.

That's my most secret ambition!

Do you know how to contact them?


Kikki did come, but he didn't stay long.


That's very romantic!


It was a rumor.

The subcontractors say that after they completed all required work according to construction specifications, Hubert would either outright refuse to pay their invoices or would only pay them one-third of the amount they had billed.

I count them every day.

Rex said he'd rather not go with us.

The best ear training is tuning a piano or harpsichord.

I tried to get good marks.

Maybe I need a new assistant.

I'd like to give this to Fletcher in person.

I'm not saying that your answers are always wrong.


They think you killed Tiefenthal and took his money.


He is kicking me!

What are you going to do with them?

We'll what?

It is a toss-up whether to drink sake or whiskey; too much of either results equally in drunken revelry.

I didn't tell her to come.

We're fixing it.

They crossed the waters on foot.

I never thought I would have to support such a large family.

She sang a song, smiling at me.

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This is my mother's restaurant.

Who's responsible for this problem?

Who said you could come in here?

The photo doesn't do us justice.

Considerable care is advised when driving in winter weather.

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The universe is a gigantic atom and everything is affected by it.

We stopped it.

Our team lost.

He nodded in response to my question.

Let's go meet Cory.

Allen feels very strongly about this.

I know a very good shampoo that takes seborrhea away.

When your husband finds out, he won't be happy.

Would 9 o'clock be all right?


I'm still living with my parents.

I felt I didn't need the money.

The statement imported that changes were necessary.

That's my decision to make.

Isidore couldn't talk.

Do you like pears?

He will not fail in the examination.

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Maybe we should start.

You lied to her.

Art has been studying hard, hasn't he?

Murray denied those rumors.

That seems fair to me.

He's waiting for you at home.

It would be great to sleep a while first.

We're not going to starve to death.

Ginger is very useful in the winter period.


Go back to your work.

Whether I'm sleeping or awake, this subject is always in my mind.

She dumped me.

I'll go tell her the good news.

Nobody wants a war.

If you had stayed here, you would have had a very good time.

Happy Walpurgis Night!

Would you know if anything is missing?

Why were you with Roy?

That won't make Those happy.

He made sure nobody could see him.

Let's have a glass of champagne.

Alejandro knew Tai wasn't busy.

Could you explain it more simply?

Let's see what else we can find out about that matter.

It looks like Markus was right.

I received a message from the past today.

He's addicted to heroin.

He thinks that I don't know what he said.

I don't believe he could do that.

Ned started to back up.


People take things too personally and the good behaviour of some rewards the bad behaviour of others.

A new dress was bought for her.

Interpreting is the most important part in translation.

I can't see the end.

How many Spanish words did you learn yesterday?

Do you know who killed Heidi?

Martyn is always bananas.

How's everything else?

That's exactly what Tolerant thinks.


What was the weather report?

Plastic is such a loser.

I'll never tell this to anyone.


Briggs died in bed.


This Sunday is Mother's Day in Spain.

The king labelled the books as godless and ordered that they be burnt.

Your hands are so cold.

They are likely to agree to our plan.

I'll be with you.


I knew at a glance that he was an honest man.

I have no objection.

You're not looking at the big picture here.

We deserve this opportunity, Ricky.

Churchill was very anti-communist.


I didn't recognize him at first on the train.

All good things come to he who waits.

I have the whole day free.

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Let's eat somewhere else.

Jane was at home by himself all day.

They're foreigners.


Are you having problems with anyone here?

I want you to leave us alone.

I'll be there at half seven.

He didn't look pleased.

I wish you all the very best for the future.

Stephan doesn't want to hurt us.

Throw the egg shells in the organic rubbish bin.

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I'd never seen anything like that before.


She set out on a trip last week.