How dumb is it to start a content website in 2017?

To be clear, I’m a content guy. When coming up with new ideas, I usually start with content. When I link off of my social feeds, I love clicking through and getting a great story, blog post or well executed video.

I’ve spent a lot of my career making and distributing content for the internet. One of our big pushes was in the sports content space with our website, Next Impulse Sports.

Next Impulse was originally called Cosby Sweaters. In 2012, we were recognized by Time Magazine as one of the 50 best websites on the Internet. Here’s what Time Magazine said about us:

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Lion and the elegance of simple storytelling

lion movie saroo

For a person that works in advertising and considers himself pretty up on arts and culture, there are a handful of Oscar nominated movies each year that I’m just completely out of the loop on. I think a part of it is that at some point in my life I started to assume most of the Oscar nominated films were ones that would put me to sleep – I probably need to rethink that. On a recent Saturday evening, my wife asked me if I wanted to watch one of those movies. Not likely, as I wasn’t very familiar with the film, plus I had a few more episodes of Last Chance U to watch on Netflix.

Figuring she was on her own for the night, my wife started the movie while I sat on the couch next to her, finishing up some things on my laptop. About three minutes into the movie, I was glued to the film. Locked in. My laptop closed. Tasks unfinished. The movie proved to be a prime example of a great story told simply. The simplicity of it giving it its elegance and overall impact.

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For many Americans, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters has been a much appreciated voice amongst the Animal House brigade that is currently burning through Washington. The Congresswoman says the things we’d want to say if we were in those same powerful rooms.

Maxine Waters has been in politics for most of her adult life. Before serving California’s 43rd district, she served both the 35th and 29th as well as the 48th district as a member of the California State Assembly. Waters has quickly elevated to a new level of prominence since Donald Trump moved into the White House. She supplies quotable moments that are perfect feed for the social-content hungry generation. She’s a wonderfully powerful and entertaining voice for people who feel somewhat voiceless since November 9, 2016.

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