Independent Cardano Staking Pool

Engineered for stability & high availability

The Cardano ecosystem is developing out into the most complete and most useful cryptocurrency ever constructed. Charles Hoskinson, IOHK Cardano

Who We Are

We're a collection of software developers with a passion for blockchain technologies. While we don't develop blockchain software ourselves, we see this as an excellent opportunity to use some of our systems engineering skills to provide a high quality, high uptime service while contributing to the Cardano project. In the future we can certainly see ourselves contributing in other ways, but for now we're excited to be part of the Shelley release and eager to see how staking pools have a positive effect on the Cardano ecosystem.

Founder & Engineer

Several years experience as an independent Software Professional, acting as often sole designer, architect, developer, tester and operations team. Primarily experienced in building high quality web services systems to delighted customers.


Experienced Software Professional, comfortable across the whole software lifecycle. Able to build high quality web services, with a passion for front end development.


Several years experience as a Software Professional and comfortable in managerial roles as an ex-CTO and serial entrepreneur. An expert in satisfying customer requirements.


Online 24/7

Always online to ensure maximum rewards for your ADA stakes with our secure, scalable and highly available global cloud infrastructure.

Building a Cardano Future

Actively participate in Cardano's vision and help secure the integrity of the network via our decentralized nodes.


Delegated Proof of Stake ensures your wallet always maintains control of your Cardano stake. We never hold your private keys

With Planet ADA, you earn rewards by staking your ADA.

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