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Olight SR90 Intimidator Rechargeable LED Flashlight (K90) with Luminus SST-90 Ph

Olight SR90 Intimidator Rechargeable LED Flashlight (K90) with Luminus SST-90 Ph
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The Olight SR90 Intimidator lives up to it's name.

Welcome to a new era in LED technology. Leading the way is the Olight SR90 - a solid state LED flashlight that's considerably brighter than a car headlight - and which throws it's beam further.

This is the first LED light we've ever seen which plays in the same league as an HID for output but the SR90 has an advantage: it offers instant, 100% output, which also allows it to strobe, and the optical superiority offers a much cleaner, smoother beam profile.

Primary applications include; Military, Tactical, Police, Security Guard & Patrol, Search & Rescue, Camping, Fishing, Land and Marine Navigation, Customs & Border Patrol, Crime Scene Lighting, Aircraft Maintenance & Marine Interdiction

  • Utilizes Luminus SST-90 LED, 30W, lifetime 60,000 hours.
  • Output & Runtime: Two brightness levels and strobe mode
  • (1). High Mode: 2200 Lumens / 70Minutes
  • (2). Low Mode: 700 Lumens / 6 Hours
  • (3). Strobe: 2200 Lumens / 10 Hz / 150 Minutes
  • Max throw: 1000 meters.
  • Anti-shattering ultra clear lens, anti-scratching, anti-reflective coated lens with 99% effective transmission
  • Excellent tridimensional heat dissipation ability
  • Advanced digital power management system
  • Weatherproof: IPX-68 Water/Dust rating
  • Battery pack: 6 x18650 (7.2v, 6.6A)
  • Dimensions: Length:336mm (13.23”)
  • Bezel Diameter: 100mm(3.94”);
  • Weight: 1580g (With battery pack)
  • Accessories: Includes one strap, one charger, one operator’s manual, one O-ring.
  • Color: Black, Hard Anodized finish.
  • Mil-spec: MIL-STD-810F

Integrated power input socket on the tailcap.
*Four indicators on the tail for indicating the batteries condition:
(1). 1 indicator on: 20% -40% power remains
(2). 2 indicators on: 40% -60% power remains
(3). 3 indicators on: 60% -80% power remains
(4). 4 indicators on: 85%+ power remains
(5). No indicators on means batteries with less than 20% power remains and need charging

Two charging options:
(1). Completed Flashlight
(2). Battery tube section only.

About the Luminus Phlatlight SST-90 LED:
The name PhlatLight is derived from Photonic Lattice. Photonic lattice technology creates true surface emission from the source, which enables large area LED chips with uniform brightness over the entire LED chip surface.
Thermal management is critical in high power LED applications. With a thermal resistance from junction to case of 0.64°C/W, PhlatLight SST-90 devices have the lowest thermal resistance of any LED on the market. This allows the LED to be driven at higher current densities while maintaining a low junction temperature, thereby resulting in brighter and longer lifetimes.
Designed from the ground up, PhlatLight LEDs are one of the most reliable light sources in the world today. PhlatLight LEDs have passed a rigorous suite of environmental and mechanical stress tests, including mechanical shock, vibration, temperature cycling and humidity, and have been fully qualified for use in extreme high power and high current applications. With very low failure rates and median lifetimes that are well above 60,000 hours

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Olight SR90 Intimidator Rechargeable LED Flashlight (K90) with Luminus SST-90 Ph Olight SR90 Intimidator Rechargeable LED Flashlight (K90) with Luminus SST-90 Ph Olight SR90 Intimidator Rechargeable LED Flashlight (K90) with Luminus SST-90 Ph

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