I was unwilling for my wife to accept the invitation.

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Is that what you really believe?


She poured me all of it without stopping.

You should call your mother more often.

You look like a policeman.

Rogue used to work for Ricardo.

Stu left this for you.

He is accustomed to braving the cold.

We're not expecting any help from you.


I had Pieter do it instead.

He went to bed after supper.

It was unjust.

What stopped him?

I bought a pair of scissors.

They help us.

The cook used a chinois.

In an oddly brotherly drunken gesture, Cole tried to give his roommate a noogie.

The people there made way for the fire engine.

Why is this so important to you?

I would have logged in to Skype if my computer had not gotten unresponsive.

I plan to live to be a hundred.

How many hours a day do you sleep?

Natasha is a Russian name.

We arrived here safely yesterday.

I'm not sure I can do it.

This song contains degrading lyrics about women.

You didn't have to leave.

Edith says he'll be more careful from now on.

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Does he like Japan?

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Three workers died.

No one knows when the Earth came into being.

Are Scots really stingy?

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When I heard the news on the radio, a chill ran down my spine.

It's great to win.

Cut the talking and listen.

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Erwin didn't utter a single word.


I think I'm going to throw up.

I can deliver that to her.

The Bible is clearly a complex piece of writing, that impossibly could have been written by a single author.


What happens next time?

The leader ordered the troops to retreat.

The lady, whom you talked to, is my sister.

"What did the professor say?" "The professor said that man first set foot on the moon in 1969."

I'm getting stronger every day.


Are you currently taking any medication?

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I go to bed at eleven.


Tennis began in France in the thirteenth century.

Where's the toothpaste?

Ruth told me he used to be married.

What the newspapers say is true.

Water gurgles while fire crackles.

I still don't understand you.

Does he know what you're here for?


Cristina splashed his face with water.

Sofoklis joined us.

Mwa destroyed his marriage by lying to his wife.

I didn't feel very well, but I went to work anyway.

Gale should have said yes.

I'm looking forward to that.

Dan left his violin at school.


They finally consented to our suggestion.

If the large maroon turtleneck is too big, do you have it in medium?

My son is a better student than I ever was.


What a beauty!

I'm kind of hoping Bruno doesn't come to the party.

My eldest son is studying right now.

She displayed excellent behavior.

I obey only reason.

i don't want to miss you

You're not going to tell anyone about this, right?

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Let me go and tell Marnix the good news.

Why would Lin worry?

How's everyone at the Hong Kong office?

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There was a very simple reason for this: their planet was cooling down internally and would become uninhabitable within 500 years.

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Vadim knew there had to be a better way.


Diane's handwriting is very hard to read.

We've decided to hire Danny.

She held her head up bravely.

I had my mother mend this sweater.

April Fool's!

Now just lie still.

Irving has a small cabin on the lakefront.

I squeezed one.

Can I trust you to do that?


They wanted Piotr dead even more than you did.

As the train was crowded, I kept standing all the way to Kyoto.

I can't afford to buy the new bicycle.

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What's your favorite ice cream flavor?


He was kindness itself to them.

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I'd like to see them.


It is strictly prohibited for Negroes to visit those hospitals, libraries, theatres, cinemas, hotels, and restaurants, which are destined for the Whites.


I do not know exactly.

Where did the accident happen?

I didn't show it to anyone.

When exactly did this happen?

I needed to know where Barney lived.

"Tell me what you want and I will give it to you," said Alexander the Great to Diogenes. "I don't need anything," the sage responded, "but if you want to make me happy, stop blocking my sunlight."

I looked around for a mailbox.

Some burglars broke into my house last night.

There was no one that did not admire the boy.


The lid is closed.


You should savour this moment.

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I think you know Patricia.

I was red as a tomato.

I've been sentenced to death.


The boy fell off the bed.

Whoo! I'm feeling that sake. I'm getting blurred vision and it's hard to walk.

There are many endangered species.

Can you please tell me where the first class room is?

In the act of offering up his last prayer ere he made up his mind to float and be eaten, he saw a man look over the quarter of the brig : he raised both his hands ; he jumped himself up in the water, and, by the singularity of his motions fortunately attracted notice.

She had not been employed two months when her ability was recognized.

Do you want me to teach Ray karate?

Do what I tell you to do.

This is potentially your problem.


She was advised by him to listen to her doctor.

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Jay wanted to talk to you about something.

I thought Vladislav was planning on staying for a month.

We have different views on life.

He needs assistants.

The higher you climb, the lower the temperature gets.


I don't think anyone really thought Rayan was busy.


When are you going to see Manjeri again?

She is terrified of the dark.

Don't let them get you down.

Tomorrow I'll start building a garden tool shed.

Whose grammar book is this?

The apprentice is lazy.

Barrio is still a bartender, isn't he?

It's important for them to go out.

This is a pain.

I've been in Boston for three years.

I don't like to see you shouting at her face.

She told about the accident with tears in her eyes.

I count on him.

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She always speaks to him in a loud voice.

Who are you trying to convince?

Sheila seemed nice.

The actor became speechless when he was questioned about his private affairs.

Amarth changed that.

Do I need a lawyer?

A storm prevented the plane from taking off.

A few words may betray a man's true character.

How many tiles do you have?

I'm a friend of Roberto's.

Don't listen to her.


This cap belongs to him.

I'm having some cheese.

Claudio told Dominick she shouldn't do what she was doing.

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You didn't drink that water, did you?

She surprised him when she arrived early.

Jinny wasn't a perfect stranger.


We are only separated by the Pacific Ocean.


The rain is coming down in earnest.

Collin isn't sure he wants to get involved.

I have to go help him.

They have to work by night.

This must've belonged to him.

She achieved great success in her business.

No other man could do my work.

He knows no English.

Judith said he'd like to spend his next holiday hiking and camping.