A loving home for children

A home for abandoned babies taking us beyond our own dreams and giving children the chance to reach for theirs.

Our Mission

Zaidi Ya Drems is a home to 25 Children aged between a few months to seven years old.

The Children have all been abandoned or abused, sexually physically or emotionally. 

Zaidi provided the children with excellent nutrition, medical care, developmental help, education, fun and a high staff to child ration to help the kids feel loved safe. 

Every child that comes into Zaidi is carefully assessed and a thorough investigation is done searching for any relative that can provide care and protection for the child. The family reintegration program has placed 19 children back in their communities where they can receive family love. Some of these are receiving financial help. 

We believe in Kenyan children and believe that abandoned abused neglected and orphaned children have as great potential as any child on the earth. 

Because most of the children who are with us have not other option but to grow up in care, we aim to bring the children up as a family unit so they may always rely on each other for love and support through out their lives. 

Having Fun

We emphasize having a fun home filled with love.

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Education is a very high priority to us. We emphasis the importance of books, creativity and discovery.

Our school


Health starts with nutrition. The children eat three meals and two snacks a day.