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✔ Hear word pronunciation and check your own pronunciation
✔ Repeating words which are most important to you
✔ Different words difficulty levels

Why 'without effort'?

Most people buy various books, courses and apps to learn French, but as time goes by, all this good stuff usually is not being used, because it requires much effort and time to learn regularly.

Spend less than a minute

Learn briefly: just several seconds, each time you open the app.

No need to allocate time

App will always remind, when you should learn new word.


You will learn for very short time periods, but often. Just look briefly at smartphone and try to remember 1 word.

Adapt to your needs

Change settings: how many words per day and between which hours you'd like to learn.

How to use it?

It is very easy to use this app.

Download this app

Click link above and install this app on your smartphone or tablet.

Adapt to your needs

You can set how much words per day you'd like to learn.

App will send you 1 word

Open this app when you receive notification with new word. Try to remember this word, e.g. repeat for several seconds. Job done :)

Do what you usually do

You have learnt something! You can close app now and do what you usually do. After some time app will send you another notification. Then you can learn other word.

Why not some other app?

If you have strong will and never forget to learn regularly, then you should install even more apps - this way you will learn quicker. But this app will make you learn French, even if you do not have time or will to study regularly by yourself.

You will learn, even if you forget to study

This app will always remind you about new word.

You will learn, even if you do not have time to study

Even most busiest person can find just several seconds for learning.

Don't loose your unused time

Often here are some pauses between various activities during the day, which you could make use of: learn 1 word takes just several seconds.


Look at the app before downloading