Bringing Temp Control
To The 21st Century

Easy To Install in existing
or new construction

Inexpensive & Pays for itself
in a short time

Save up to 40%
on electric consumption

Compatible with all AC Systems!

Control Individual Room Temperature
to your Personal Comfort Zone

Our system is the only one in the market place that opens in increments to maintain a steady comfort level thus eliminating the highs and lows inherent with forced air systems.

Room Temprature Control

The Room Control system functions automatically. The thermostat is connected to the damper electronically and when the temperature in the room changes, the controller will open or close the damper, increasing or decreasing the air flow volume to the room.

This does not control the heating or cooling for the entire house but does maintain a single space at a comfortable temperature by varying the amount of air to the space.

As a result of this control the entire house is not overheated or over cooled and the result is lower energy costs and increased comfort. Since Room Control systems do not control the air conditioner it is recommended to install this units in 40% of the houses aces.