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It makes sense to filter your tap water, not only because of the 
chlorine or chloride that's added at your local municipal water plant, 
but also because of the ever increasing amounts of dangerous heavy 
metals, synthetic chemicals and microbiological organisms that have made 
their way into all of our reservoirs, lakes and rivers, as well as deep 
underground wells.

Most Bottled Water is simply filtered tap water in a bottle with a fancy 
label on it, regardless of where and how you buy it. No health claims 
are ever made that are credible or scientifically verifiable, and 
Bottled Water causes an incredible amount of plastic bottle waste. In 
fact, the plastic from Bottled Water has been shown to migrate into the 
water itself. In the very near future, Bottled Water will be thought of 
as one of the worst ideas in history. Besides, it's very expensive and a 
pain in the you-know-what to lug from the store! If you view these clips 
from the upcoming movie "Tapped the Movie" I seriously doubt if you'll 
ever feel comfortable about drinking bottled water again. 

So, why not filter your own water at home and get "better than bottled 
water quality and taste" without the hassle and plastic bottle waste? 
You'll have an unlimited supply for drinking, cooking and washing fruits 
and veggies and save money, too.


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Posted by Chris on April 22, 2009