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  • Kaghan Chemicals is the nation's leading importer and distributor of quality refrigerant gases and industrial chemicals. We also distribute and provide transportation for Hydrochloric Acid. Last but not least we provide logistical services for Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant market.

    Trusting in the name of Kaghan Chemicals is natural; our well-established name has been satisfying our clients and customers since 1982. Furthermore we currently enjoy 60% share of the entire Pakistan market for refrigeration gases

    Having our head office located in Korangi Industrial Area, the heart of the industrial area in Karachi, we are capable of covering the nation's wide sales with our strategic teams, whose offices are located in Lahore and Islamabad.

    As we truly understand the significance and vitality of our customers critical operations with pinpoint accuracy, we know that they cannot settle for the second best, which is why at Kaghan Chemicals we find ourselves fully committed to serve our clients with precision and timeliness. Hence; it has become our calling to stock top of the line genuine products that will meet the satisfaction of our clients' business requirements, in addition to supplying our products on time, to guarantee that our customers' production lines never cease to serve the nation.

    Kaghan Chemicals is proud to be a dynamic part of this nation, and as part of this company's vision, the betterment of our environment is a priority at Kaghan Chemicals. Therefore, we have embraced provisions of the Montreal Protocol; which emphasizes on switching to greener gases. Kaghan Chemicals is proudly undergoing so, in order to protect and improve our environment. Not only so, but, we have taken the initiative to educate our customers about O.D.S (Ozone Depleting Substances) in addition to that, we have also invested heavily within our company by deploying several layers of protective human elements to prevent any hazardous incidents.
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