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Hello prospects, VOI here!

We're bringing shared electric scooters to the streets of Europe. Jump on a scooter at anytime and ride wherever in the city - all free from emissions.

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VOI Club Rules

Be street smart sweetheart. Follow the VOI Club rules so everyone can have a pleasant and safe day.

Show respect.

Care for pedestrians and other fellow people.

Obey the law.

Follow traffic rules and use caution at all times.

No sidewalks.

Ride in bike lanes or close to the right-side curb.

Use a brain bucket.

Always protect your head when riding.

No passengers.

Only one rider per scooter is allowed

Love your scooter.

Treat your scooter with love and care.

VOIs Available

This data is live but may not an accurate depiction of where the VOIs are located. Get the app to see where our scooters are located.

Say hi to the kindest scooter club around. We're always happy to hear from you.

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