{ _id: 5937d334cc0e7c63d94cbbde, slug: 'hero', __v: 0, body: '<p>By&nbsp;designing and building&nbsp;<br />the world\'s best visitor:</p>\r\n<p><a title="Attractions" href="../../work#attractions">attractions</a>&nbsp;+&nbsp;<a title="events" href="../../work#events">events</a></p>', tagline: 'Our mission is to:', title: 'create awe + wonder', name: 'Hero', published: true, sortOrder: 0, button: { buttonText: 'Our work', buttonUrl: '/work' }, state: 'published' } { _id: 5937d482f95dcc0fdadbd9c0, slug: 'services', sortOrder: 1, name: 'Services', __v: 0, body: '', tagline: 'We deliver from', title: 'concept through production', button: { buttonText: 'Our services', buttonUrl: '/services' }, state: 'published' } { _id: 5937d4caf95dcc0fdadbd9c1, slug: 'about', sortOrder: 2, name: 'About ', __v: 0, body: '<p>with many amazing organisations</p>', tagline: 'We travel the globe to', title: 'Collaborate', published: true, button: { buttonText: 'About us', buttonUrl: '/about' }, state: 'published' } { _id: 5937d530f95dcc0fdadbd9c2, slug: 'lab', sortOrder: 3, name: 'Lab', __v: 0, body: '', tagline: 'We experiment', title: 'research and development fuels us', button: { buttonText: 'Our lab', buttonUrl: '/labs' }, state: 'published' } { _id: 59494509a9ba8de3991f4b9f, slug: 'contact', sortOrder: 4, name: 'Contact', __v: 0, body: '<p><a href="mailto:hello@seeper.com">hello@seeper.com</a></p>\r\n<p><a href="tel:+44(0)207 099 6835">+44(0)207 099 6835</a><br /><a href="tel:+44(0)207 923 2483">+44(0)207 923 2483</a></p>\r\n<p><strong>Studio:<br /></strong>Unit 7,&nbsp;1 Baltic Place<br />London, N1 5AQ<br />United Kingdom</p>\r\n<p><strong>Demo Lab:<br /></strong>Screenworks, G13<br />22 Highbury grove<br />London, N5 2EF<br />United Kingdom</p>\r\n<p><a class="social social--twitter" title="Twitter" href="/www.twitter.com/seeperarts">Twitter</a> <a class="social social--youtube" title="Visit YouTube" href="/www.youtube.com/user/seeperman/videos">YouTube</a> <a class="social social--vimeo" title="Vimeo" href="/www.vimeo.com/seeper">Vimeo</a> <a class="social social--facebook" title="Facebook" href="/www.facebook.com/seeper">Facebook</a></p>', tagline: 'Challenge us?', title: 'Get in touch', button: { buttonText: 'More about us', buttonUrl: '/about' }, state: 'published' }
Our mission is to:

create awe + wonder

By designing and building 
the world's best visitor:

attractions + events

(317) 321-2076
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We deliver from

concept through production

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We travel the globe to


with many amazing organisations

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We experiment

research and development fuels us

Our lab
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Unit 7, 1 Baltic Place
London, N1 5AQ
United Kingdom

Demo Lab:
Screenworks, G13
22 Highbury grove
London, N5 2EF
United Kingdom

(860) 961-3930
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336-999-0682 ×