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Dog's urine is the most common factor in the lawn damage. High concentration of nitrogen in dog's urine causes grass to deteriorate and die leaving brown patches and bald spots on a lawn. Some people believe that food supplements can help to reduce a concentration of salts and nitrogen in the dog's urine. But the only one way to keep your lawn green if you have a dog, is to train them avoid the lawn. The most comfortable way is to consider installing synthetic grass in your backyard. But not all artificial grass is intended for pet areas. There are several things to remember when purchasing fake grass for dogs. 

Color, resilience, and durability of artificial grass is important. But drainage is the key when it comes to fake grass for dogs. Insufficient drainage leads to buildup and smelly backyard from frequent pet use.

Liquids, including a dog's urine, must flow right through the backing of synthetic grass as quickly as possible. The special porous backing material allows urine to drain fast without leaving unwanted residue.

The second important aspect to look for is the durability of synthetic grass. The technology used to produce long-lasting, evergreen grass must be more sophisticated than just flat blades. Most common blades technology includes U-Blades, V-Blades, W-Blades, M-Blades, Double W-blades, S-Blades, Double S-Blades, etc. They serve slightly different purposes, and some of them, for example, U-Blade supports high durability and excellent resilience, the grass needs to survive dogs foot traffic. The blades must bounce back and regain its texture. It saves you time and effort to fluff up blades with a turf rake or a power rake.

There is one more element to look for if you want to see super realistic grass in your backyard. It is thatching. Some fake grass has no thatching. Some have green or brown thatching. The best choice is DUAL thatching, and it usually comes in two colors - brown and green, which creates the most natural look and texture.

The latest fake grass for dogs is produced by Global Syn-Turf in August 2015 and combines the best characteristic you can dream of for your dog.

3X drainage capacity, dual color, and dual thatching, superior durability and resilience makes Pet Turf the choice number one for dog's owners. Under ten years, manufacturer's warranty, and twenty years life expectancy, you can keep a peace of mind and share happy times outside with your feline companions. Intended for intense use in commercial settings, such as vet clinics, dog parks, dog hotels, pet's facilities, you can rely on high quality and zero maintenance lawn for the next twenty years.


Considerations When Purchasing Dog Turf

Are you on the market for a dog turf? Do you need some help with all of the different options for dog turf? You're in luck! It depends on what you want to get out of your dog turf installation. Whether you're serving your dogs needs or your needs will tell you how to customize your artificial grass for your dog.

As regards dog turf fiber thickness, it's probably best to go with the thicker fibered dog turf. The thick fibers will last longer under your dog's activity and will be more resistant to your dog. Thinner-fibered grasses, on the other hand, will feel softer to human touch, but won't last as long under your dog's activity.

As regards pile height, it depends on your aesthetic sensibility. The solid dog wastes are easier to clean up out of shorter pile heights, but your dog might enjoy lying in the taller pile height more.

ZeoFill is probably the best infill for your dog turf. If you choose not to go with ZeoFill, be aware that different infills affect the look of your dog turf installation. Dark infills will make your dog turf look darker, and lighter infills will make your infill appear lighter.

Where to buy Zeofill - ZeoFill

Install Artificial Grass in Your New Dog Run


Install a dog run at your home, and give your dog his very own personal space. By installing a dog run, your dog can run around, sleep, do their unmentionables, and just be themselves, without worrying about messing up an off-limits area. And if you really want to treat yourself and your dog, install artificial grass in the dog run. Your dog can do whatever comes naturally to them to the artificial grass, and the artificial grass will always remain the same, undamaged and unblemished.

First find the perfect space in the back yard for the dog run. It can be anywhere, really, but you might want to pick a shaded area if there is one in case it gets hot during the summer, or one right next to the house that's easily accessible via a dog door.

If you really want the dog run to be installed properly, I recommend hiring a professional installer. A professional installer will install the artificial grass in the dog run in a way that excludes poisonous plants and weeds.

Like I said above, installing artificial grass in the dog run is preferable to real grass because dogs like to dig. If real grass is installed, the dog can potentially dig under the fence and escape. Artificial grass cannot be uprooted if installed properly; further, many dogs won't even attempt to dig into artificial grass.

Improve Your Relationship With Your Dog By Installing Artificial Grass

When most people think of artificial grass they think of the stadium of the Houston Astros or the sports field at their teenager's high school football stadium. Most however don't know that artificial grass has a special appeal for dog owners. Dog owners who install artificial grass for their hirsute canine buddies no longer have to contend with off-colored spots and patches in their yards, and also have don't have to worry about drainage problems. Companies like Global Syn-Turf offer technologies which increase drainage, like their Flo-Rite-Thru technologies.

If you have a dog, whether it be a coonhound, a dachshund, or a cocker spaniel, artificial grass will be a suitable surface for your dog. Most dogs love to play outside with a Frisbee or a ball, but most yards aren't properly equipped for such activities, and the dogs end up blowing dust all over the residence or creating mud holes all over the place.

Installing artificial grass in your yard will change all that. Afterwards you'll be telling yourself that it was the best decision you ever made both for yourself and for your dog. Your dogs will enjoy playing on it and won't feel bad about tracking dirt, mud and debris into your house. This will improve your relationship with your dog and you and your dog will be happier overall.

Besides, you never have to waste time, energy and water again on lawn maintenance.

Dogs Love Artificial Grass!

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More than 80 percent of those who want to know more about artificial grass are dog owners! Why? Most dogs could have a place in the lawn that dog owners decide when they relieve themselves, that may destroy the nature grass to use, and creating nasty appearing brown spots there's virtually no actual alternatives because of this issue. Artificial turf in general, empties well and pet wrecks can be cleaned up readily. Such premium products are becoming the surfacing choice that was perfect for vet practices, and kennels, dog boarding and pet facilities, dog parks, both inside and outside. Most of the petgrass installers that are professional will propose to use safe Zeofill and organic on to the artificial grass as the pet's waste neutralizer that will minimize the dog smell naturally. Such products can be found through such artificial grass businesses as Global Syn-Turf, Inc..

To keep your pet's place clean and scent-free, a properly installed under-drain system is really critical.

Such foundation surface should be as level as possible with a minimal grade for drainage that is optimal. "We all adore our dogs, supply them with the greatest: low care and long lasting artificial grass!"

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Your dog is eating grass behind your back and the next thing you know, it's vomiting all over you. Most dog owners have been in this situation and don't know why it occurs. Your dog may be eating grass due to boredom, lack of fiber, or even cleaning itself. Grazing is natural and not harmful to your dog unless the pesticide in your grass is toxic. There are two common ways to stop your dog from digesting grass, including exercise and dog food containing high amounts of fiber.

Does your dog exercise on a daily basis? If not, this could be the reason why your dog is digesting grass. Studies show that boredom can lead to grazing especially if the dog doesn't exercise regularly. One way to keep your dog busy is to take it on a walk. Another option would be to buy a chew toy to keep it busy. If grazing continues, you might want to look into the next option.
If boredom isn't triggering your dog to digest grass, then what is? Studies show that some dogs eat grass because of low fiber intake. Make sure that the food your dog is eating contains a lot of fiber. Dogs with low fiber intake are more likely to digest grass because of nutritional deficiency. Switching to a dog food that contains high fiber qualities may solve your problem. If all the above hasn't solved the problem, look into the next step.

It seems that you're all out of options. Don't worry! Remember that it is completely natural for a dog to eat grass. It is in no way harmful UNLESS there are toxic pesticides and herbicides within the grass. These pesticides are extremely toxic and may sicken your dog after ingestion.

If you are serious your dog eating grass, you should look into Pet-Grass. Pet-Grass is artificial turf that is designed specifically for pets such as dogs and cats. It contains Flo-Rite-Thru technology, which allows dog urine to pass straight through without leaving an odorous scents or blotchy marks.
Whether or not your problem was solved, you've learned something important! If your dog receives good exercise and high fiber intake, it's most likely that your is dog healthy regardless.

Beautiful Lawn with Zero Maintenance


We all enjoy a smell of a freshly mowed lawn. We pay monthly water bills, buy lawn-mowers, hire gardeners, fertilize our lawn with chemicals, deal with allergies, wet grass, pets brown spots. Not many homeowners realize that today we have alternatives designed to make very attractive, always green and perfect, naturally looking lawn for many year to come avoiding water bills, maintenance fees and month-to-month responsibilities.

If you think, you life will be much easier, or at least somewhat less burdened without dealing with your lawn and expenses associated with it for the next twenty years, take a look at the Global Syn-Turf catalog of artificial grass. A synthetic grass has never look so real! If you are planning to stay in your house for a while, it makes a lot of sense money-wise to invest into a new upgraded lawn.

Today, artificial grass, or synthetic turf is primarily used by commercial entities, sports associations, schools, kindergartens, animal shelters, parks, etc. There are various types of grass to serve different needs. There is a special type of artificial grass made for areas used mostly by pets. There are special kinds of grass for sport fields, football fields, soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts. Putting greens and an artificial grass for playgrounds make into a different category. But the bottom line, today we have a whole spectrum of synthetic turf that opens up doors to new possibilities of landscaping.

Nevertheless, you can redecorate your outdoor or indoor with an artificial grass. In many ways, the synthetic turf is like a carpet. All it needs is a proper installation. You can make your living room or your roof top look like a green island if you want. But of course, the idea of saving money in a long-term is the most attractive to people who want to feel more financially secure.

When you are ready to step ahead and change your landscape for the best, take a look at Global Syn-Turf catalog of an artificial grass. The most important in the synthetic turf industry is the technologies used in the process of manufacturing. We can't underestimate the effect of technological advancements on the life expediency, wear and tear capacity, the capacity to hold heavy traffic, overheating, light reflection and so on when it comes to the artificial grass. Most companies who sell and manufacture the artificial grass use a couple, maximum four different technologies. Global Syn-Turf's list contains about fourteen technologies. Depend upon your climate, your neighborhood, your special needs and requests, professionals can easily find you a right fit, the best match for the best price.

New Generation of Artificial Turf

In the prior decade, the use of "new generation" artificial turf has gotten quite common through the United States. Synthetic grass applications are becoming really popular in western states for example Nevada, Arizona and California. Such states are places where outside water use is low or restricted care is wanted. Common applications include residential lawns, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, golf practice ranges, school yards, and low water use landscapes.

The marketplace of residential lawns has been growing at an average annual rate of thirty five percent even during the economy downturns. Prices are coming down dramatically which in turn to fuel additional market increase, as marketplace grows! Alvin Balahadia used to work for an artificial grass installation firm in San Jose, California, he recalls how the selling of synthetic grass for residential lawn uses fifteen years ago: You walked in a house as a salesman, the first question to the homeowners was: "Do you know the artificial grass is a luxurious thing, only the top ten percent of the household can afford it?" This might seem authentic although humiliating. Such price range remains much higher . "The ordinary life expectancy of artificial grass is about 15 years. If you're able to get your investment back by spending less on water and care, then you definitely appreciate the lovely yard for the next 10 years with no water statements and the hassles of mowing and trimming, will you get it done? I know I'll." Said Alvin Balahadia :"It is an excellent investment on your house as houses with synthetic grass yards are considered with upgraded premium options within San Francisco Bay Area and other dry states like Arizona and Nevada."

On average, a household in San Francisco Bay Area can save between $600.00 and $1,200.00 yearly on water invoice along if they get rid of the natural grass lawns. 

The landscaping turf may have thick blades, blades that are thin, blades that are tall, blades that are short; brownish thatching (to mimic extinct firing) to thatch that is recent, you name it, the choice is up to you. Let us suppose we pick among the very popular which happens to be a mediocre grade turf.

The medium level artificial grass may not be the most economical. Nevertheless, it's not the absolute most high-priced by significantly. We have been gestation this one signifies due. Looking in the weed killer, should you be worn an exalted quality concentrate, usually 7fl oz /2 gallons of water will likely be adequate for 1,000sqft.

The waste variable will change with respect to the order of your job. On average, there's typically 10-20% waste on sod jobs. For the occasion, for those who have a "pie modulate" yard, you're going to be a glimpse at much more naked than the usual rectangular yard. The sod is rolled out resembling the carpeting and comes in 15feet widths, thus if you're able to try and picture the grass being rolled out in your mind, it is possible to visualize just how much unproductive there's going to be with an entomb-shaped (or any twisted conceive yard) vs. Please challenge us have in case you save of any.

An excellent crying grass guillotine with carry on (including tax).

You'll have to determine the number of mild-scape borders you've got that'll complete many rolls you may have to purchase.

The products come in a different phantom interweave, and mimic distinct types of land that is illicit. So we will extremity to get six rolls to conceal 105ft. Keep in mind that this is standard the rib of the stuff, this doesn't adopt installing the poly board.

Next up is the seaming, nailing and infill. The final step is infill, and there is a variety of infills to select from. With this example, we can lay the sod two other ways where one installment will have another, as well as 2 line, will have 1. Therefore, I meditate we will all ease the one seam course is the strategy to use. 

Your choices are pluck, flex sand, rubber or an acrylic coated sand. The infill can be departed radically for by the anguish, and this can be a point where lots of businesses pierce affordable infill through quarter. Make certain you will get the very best disposition infill, it makes a significant difference, also as you won't have to keep reapplying the infill and you'll save in the future as well.

After all, making a profit is probably among the primary driving component to being in the company prep the sedulous will be to grow an NPO. We're not cautious of any NPO so businesses out there. Receptibility, form of sward you decide on, drainage egress, excessive eradicate, how many square feet you've got, whether you need so deodorizer, a putting green, mow-strips, reserve labour prices, etc.).

We only pick up the count to work with for the preceding and will go. Let us go with the overhead amount of 10%, which is erring on the side. Remember that we've been errant in the fireside in this whole use. The stick men.

There are several variables that will arrive into act that may increase the cost of your shoot (i.e.

The artificial yards of today are made to delay indifferent drain rain dilute, and survive for 10-15 years.

The original cost is not cheap, but it is already paid for itself. 

Water Conservation - Eco-friendly Synthetic Turf

Water Conservation - Eco-friendly Synthetic Turf


In terms of artificial grass development, Midwest and East Coast is at least behind west shore, and the remaining nation is even farther behind. Why? The western states are in a desert zone, like California, or like Nevada and Arizona. Desert and drought climate have been the primary driving force in western states. On the east shore to lots of artificial yard installment businesses, as well as the remaining state, it's about advising and preparing people and the people of what's accessible. Most simply don't understand, mind sets on the east shore goes back to grandma's front porch merchandises, unless you're in the business simply have no idea. Businesses need enlighten the sale with be the byproduct, prepare and to advise their staff, rather than sales. 

Water conservation may be a concern in elsewhere and many east coast states. The firms consider the artificial grass sector will continue its increase at an instant rate nationally for several reasons, the time component regarding care, the flexibility of the merchandise variety especially where there are accessibility or climate-related problems and the fact that after it is down you've 'immediate green' - really a variable for lots of people in these busy times. 

With water districts are clamping down on watering residents' yards, water conscientious community are looking for an affordable option to real grass; if you are alike me then, you do not you don't say appreciate the rocks and the intimate desert panorama. So how about a disjunction that makes out cities green and captivate weak or no strain to support? Synthetic grass pros have an answer to the woes of watering, mowing and defend a lawn. Fake cereal is a strange disjunctive to rocks, turf or obscenity; it gives your front or backyard a beautiful lush seem. There is more than one remuneration for construction the exchange too: your water bill will go down, and if you plant the right kind of plants you will water them much less as well. SNWA also has a listen of sampling that are "water poignant" and will live in Las Vegas' arid conditions. Be a water conservation wedge by replacing your real grass with artificial. Why you implore would I want artificial grass? Besides a possession a rich lawn year spherical without mowing and watering, there is the behold of having some green in a place that is brown and dull. Moreover, with the rock treescape there are bugs that secrete in them, or liking my grandson throwing refuge is fun until you break someone's window. It will take your time and effort, but it can help you pay to diversify the landscape. We have a pledge to conserve water for the future of our country and the future of "Mother Earth". It lowers water and maintenance pain and deduce fertilizers, herbicides and mowers. 

The predictions for water in most area are harsh; we may never recover from the drought limitations we currently undergo. Reducing our landscapes and using products that do not indigence to be irrigated is a commendable empty, and every diminutive bit helps. Artificial turf whether it be modern or manner is our specialty. So, pay heed to the guarantee and become permanent to learn what the company's policy is should you need service after the setting up. We have turf for every plan or pedantic. Maintenance is a decision with a uncommon brush to make the blades standup fitly and keeps your outshoot looking lush and beautiful. Be a water conservation hero by turn your landscape to synthetic grass and serve keep our country Green!! 

If a professional company installs the artificial grass with the highest quality product, it increases home values. When you negotiate to have work done at your home or establishment, make sure the company or an installer is licensed and the product is warranted. Businesses that are members of the Better Business Bureau have agreed to defend the membership standards, which includes a warranty to performance in agreement with ethical vocation artifice and to respond to any filed complaints in a timely method. 

Put simply - artificial turf spares your funds and time as a homeowner or trade proprietress. 

The artificial grass become more and more preferable by many municipal local facilities, train stations, etc. They are installing artificial turf because it provides monetary savings from decreased labor, equipment sumptuary, water savings, ignition, and many more substitute and maintenance expenses acquire over time, so you should peculiarly in today's economy and environment. 

Reputable companies have proven to increase characteristic worth as well as curb accusation. Finding the most aesthetically pleasing and realistic looking synthetic lawn seems to be easy, but it is not so. It is the necessity by architects and developers in model homes across the country to embellish the models and cut costs at the same time while the properties are being displayed to view buyers. With all of these benefits and increased possession worth, how can a homeowner go wrong with this delightful and lasting produce? 

Click here for program guidepost attend of approved devices, rebate applications, and rebate plant info. The program specifically targets the implementation of thorough landscape enhancements for publicly owned and other commercial landscape investments. 

How does synthetic turf brunt the environment? Just the an apophysis of converting to synthetic turf is environmentally-friendly. Water conservation, preventing chemical runoff, utilizing recycled equipment whetstone for infill, and curtailment in CO2 all evince to be sustainable practices. The USGBC (United States Green Building Council) acknowledges synthetic turf implementation as the component of its green building criteria. Also, the thousandfolds of pounds of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides unneeded. Artificial turf preserves thousands of gallons of water per week. It is estimated that a grass extent will need up to 50,000 gallons or more of water per week during pre-season. When there is a drought, natural land surfaces sustain. 

What obliging of maintenance is involved with Synthetic Turf? Though it's much less laborious that natural grass, there is still a subtle prospect of keeping. Types of maintenance would intercept: clearing of leaves and debris, leveling infill, government brushing the blades of fibre. 

Depending on the sector of the country, one full-bulk plastic turf amusement field saves 500,000 to 1,000,000 gallons of water each year. As in 2011, throughout six billion gallons of water were preserved through synthetic grass application. According to the EPA, the mediocre American family of four people uses 400 gallons of water a year. Consequently, the preservation of six billion gallons of water compares to the annual water usage of nearly 40,000 traditional American families of four.



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The principal advantages of synthetic lawn are it doesn't need cutting, or water, or fertilizing. It stands up to wear and tear not far worse than normal lawn. Synthetic lawns are gophers safe and highly durable for areas used by dogs and other pets. It's not dangerous for children and animals to not twisting legs in gopher openings. It's easy to clean using a hose and does not attract bugs and insects. You can not get grass stains also it won't have brownish spots or naked. Artificial turf lawn isn't necessarily but low-maintenance to be much more accurate. Almost 3 years ago, Phil Fitzgibbons, a homeowner lives in Dallas, TX, learned all about artificial lawn at a nearby house and redecorating present. They decided to have Synthetic Grass Expert lay more than 1,200 square-feet of synthetic lawn down outside their home. Nowadays, the yard "looks as good as the day it was installed," said Phil. "In the autumn Phil use a carpet rake and a leaf-blower to tidy up and remove willow leaves. We pick dog pee and animal waste daily has not stained it up. Once every fourteen days or so Phil hose it down improve it up and just a little to remove any deposit. But my real priority was to get off the high-water use landscaping that we formerly had." Most householders with synthetic garden installed are on mowing grass lawns that are natural basic joyful as a result of the fact of reduced upkeep, as an alternative of spending time and money, home-owners today have more time and budget for other family actions.

There is surely a dependence on artificial grass sports fields when it comes to the functionality and care. This is at all degrees. In the north-east, there is so several cancellations in baseball due to the rain. A-game can be performed on artificial and actually when it is not pouring, the games have to be cancelled. Areas that are synthetic would help to avoid cancellations. Many sport fields installment pros, who can be all for natural grass, agree that there is a tremendous risk factor if the normal turf areas aren't kept accurately which takes an excellent deal of period, money, and a lot of experience to realize. Synthetic turf fields on the other fingers remove or may decrease aggravations and such costs.

Safety of Synthetic Grass for Kids

Safety of Synthetic Grass for Kids

Is synthetic grass safe for kids? A queries asked by lots of people who are contemplating artificial grass for their properties. The answer is definitely yes! For 40 years, under EPA oversight and OSHA- controlled production process, not one man has ever reported ill results related to any unsafe materials related to artificial turf.

In July 2010, the Connecticut Division of public-health announced that a new study of the threats to kids and grown-ups playing on synthetic turf fields including crumb rubber infill demonstrates "no elevated health dangers."

A Dec 2009 U.S. Environment Protection Agency scoping research of the health hazards from inhalation, ingestion, and dermal contact with artificial grass and crumb rubber discovered every test cause be "below levels of concern."

A written report dated July 2009 which suggested there's a minimal human health risk from inhaling the atmosphere above artificial lawn was released by the California EPA.

Impartial tests conducted by the New York State Dept of Environmental Conservation and New York State Dept of Health, released in-May 2009, demonstrated there were no essential health issues at artificial turf fields.

How to Choose Infill for Artificial Grass Installation

Infills which are most of the times infilled onto the grass to help grass stand up and to hold the turf down are required by most artificial grass products. The grass backing is also protected by it from ultraviolet beams that could eventually cause damage and void guarantees. Some artificial grass infill choices are ZeoFill, Green sand, Silica Sand or Rubber. Among all, ZeoFill is the option for synthetic turf infill especially for pet areas and playgrounds. Dog owners with artificial grass yards have been struggled with urine smells for years.. A lot of people are trying to water down their turf once a week to remove the odor but never operated properly because water does not have enough force to push bacteria deep into the earth. ZeoFill is made from a natural resource in the earth which will be a negatively charged molecular structure that prevents the ammonia from forming a gas and consumes the urine like a magnet. Yet, ZeoFill will not remove poor bacteria. To remove bad bacteria, Global Syn-Turf, Inc. advocates special Synthetic Grass Pet Odor Neutralizer. This enzyme products will not just neutralize the pet odor, but also remove poor bacteria and clean the turf,  and used along with Zeofill will reach the best possible results on pet's smell control! 

The ZeoFill granule will hold the ammonia water until it's cleaned with the enzyme solution or substantial rainwater flushes out the ZeoFill. The ZeoFill granules will be trapped inside the turf system and has a 5 year warranty on deterioration.