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A small country is a perfect combination of glamor and luxury, comfort and carelessness The second smallest country in the world is only marginally significant, but people, events and stories that link with Monaco make this place a world capital of luxury lifestyle. His position in Monaco took place back in 1297, when Francois Grimaldi, the leader of the Italian Gvelf, transferred the fort to the rival political fray. Only a few centuries later, in 1861, when the Grimaldi were forced to leave a part of their land to the French, in exchange for their previously secured independence, Monaco entered its “golden” period and began to take on the contours of the state we know today. By losing that country, the state has lost both the majority of natural resources and, consequently, the potential for future economic development. Fortunately, the then ruler, the wise Prince Charles III, quickly came to use the rest of the country’s wealth, natural beauty and a pleasant climate, and managed to turn it in his favor. Only two years later he founded the Societe des Bains de Mer, a publicly owned majority-owned royal family, a monk bishop and several entrepreneurs, and later, by establishing parliamentary monarchy and the government; owned by a number of hotels, the theater and the first casino – the foundation for the prosperity of the future municipality of Monte Carlo.
Monte Carlo, a kind of synonym for Monaco, is by far the most famous of the four monastic municipalities, primarily the same luxury casino where three films from the legendary franchise were filmed on the agent with permission to kill James Bond. Built in the mid-19th century, according to the design of the Parisian architect Gobineau de la Bretonnerie, he originally served as a stray rescue from the threatening bankruptcy of Grimaldi. Only a few years later, when the leadership agreed to take over François Blanc, the successful leader of Bad Humboldt Casino, a glorious place began to take on a magnificent form that, until recently, this casino was the primary source of earnings for the state and Grimaldi. Another successful move in favor of the popularity of Monaco and the royal family, this time on a world level, has certainly been one of the most popular and most celebrated weddings of the media to date – Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III. The Hollywood Bill came up with what Hitchcock commented on as “an excellent role”, replacing a big canvas with philanthropic work. Her newly-acclaimed title lurked with acting engagement (one princess did not fit in the role of kleptomanka) and, despite the calls of Alfred Hitchcock and Herbert Ross and, unfortunately, the audience around the world, Grace Kelly no longer appeared on the film.
Thousands of cities in one, a place where energy, emotions, tradition and pride mix, Milan is exactly what he describes as his Latin name Mediolanum: a metropolis located in the heart of the Padua Valley, in the heart of Europe, surrounded by three rivers, dynamic in the eternal movement. Since May 1, Milan hosts a world exhibition that will gather 148 countries and international organizations from around the world under the title Feed the planet, energy for life. At least 20 million visitors from all over the world are expected, and for them, known for their hospitality, Milan is beautiful. Seen from the air, he got new outlines thanks to the skyscrapers of the most famous architects. Thus, Pirellone, a spectacular building projected by Gio Ponti in 1950, which until recently dominated the Milan skyline, together with the golden statue of Madonna, which rises above the towers, bifurcators and the watercolor cathedral, gets society. If we visit the city on foot, surprises will greet us at every corner, behind every courtyard fence, in the silence of their private parks, in the streets of Montenapoleone, where you can only come for shopping afternoon.
I chose Milano as a place to live and work because it is a concrete, dynamic city, a city in constant change that lives and encourages its inhabitants. I appreciate it because without false rhetoric is the only place in Italy that takes off in Europe, I appreciate it because in the world it is Italy that is serious, active and productive. This is a city open to new possibilities. Of course, in relation to the past, it has become more stringent, but although it is so cold, in reality it is generous and is still ready for acceptance. It is a city of many nuances, a city to be discovered: a strict, like its elegant palaces that hide true masterpieces and beautiful parks. Milan radiates a sense of order, respect, and fairness, which can all be associated with my style. Milano and colors: I love his vague, soft shades with a patina of history (full of life). Libreria del mare (via Broletto 28) A bookstore where you can find hundreds of publications, illustrations, seafarers, everything related to the sea, which I love so much. Cinema Anteo (via Milazzo 9) It is a famous cinema that kept the atmosphere of the former cinemas. I like it because it often presents new directors from all over the world.

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Once you discover all the magic of a vacation on a boat that drives you from one magic to another, while changing wild beaches and enjoying luxury and seafood specialties on the deck, the holiday will never again be the same I’ve never been on a cruise, so I called to spend five days on a luxury boat floating around the Athenian Islands to greet happily as a little kid. My joy has not been a long time. This was taken care of by friends who asked so many questions that I did not know the answer that at one point I got a serious panic attack! What if you get a marine illness, what if you get caught claustrophobia? Worst of all the questions – where’s your cabin? Is it below the deck level, at what level below the sea? I was immediately remembered by the unhappy Leonardo Di Caprio, who half the film is trying to get on the top deck, while his poor companions in the lower part of the Titanic do not have any chance of surviving, which is, well, everything is well known. I said to myself, do not be crazy, so in the middle of Belgrade your piano may fall on your head, and after all, if I’m going to be a Titanic figure, then surely I will be Kate Winslet, not the poor DiCaprio. I flew to Athens, convinced that everything would be in perfect order and that there was no reason to worry.
Twenty cabins, which are, to be understood, more and more comfortable than the size of a smaller hotel room and equipped with all that awaits you in the hotel. Besides, none are below the sea level, so there are fears that they will catch me claustrophobia, or that I will, anyway, have problems like the aforementioned film hero, and in the unlikely event he was drowned by a warm Greek wind. The only remaining thing is just to determine if I suffer from marine illness, but that question also turned out to be completely irrelevant. Swinging was so mild, almost imperceptible, that it actually only contributed to general enjoyment. He’s asleep on the ship as in Morpheus’s embrace … The boat led us to Egin, Hidra and Poros, and, as all the lucky ones who had the opportunity to visit Greece and its islands, everyone was magically in their own way. And everybody totally different. Athens’ holiday resort Egina welcomed us alongside taverns and boats, horse-drawn carriages that drive to the monastery in the hills and pistachio specialties. Egina’s island is covered with food, among whose peaks the remains of the famous temple of the goddess Athena spring.
Regardless of what brought you to New York, which is day, it’s always the right time for a good cocktail in New York. Although just recently opened, Nomad’s cocktail bar was voted one of the best bars in the world (it is in eighth place). The entrenched entrance from the 28th street leads into a darkened room with a dark wooden bar and high bar stools. Drinks and cocktails are a combination of an old school with a modern style, and the work of the stars of the cocktail industry, Lea Robiček. Try the neurons or montouk, zombies for two, but also the non-alcoholic tomato sauce. Supplementary advice, at least the bar is full, so if there’s no place, dash into a hidden lobby behind a black curly curtain. A small library with furniture from the fifties, dimmed lights … Excellent ambience for conversation and snacks.