The CloudPlatform Doctor (CCPDoctor) is a utility designed to help Accelerite customers throughout the deployment of Accelerite CloudPlatform.
It is maintained and regularly updated by the Accelerite Cloud Engineering, Services and Support teams.
The goal of the utility is to arm admins with the latest information, detect known issues that already occurred or are about to occur and provide the ability to act immediately to resolve these problems.

CCPDoctor allows you to:

Check prerequisites

Prior to installing CloudPlatform, use the utility to check all required packages and configuration. The utility will identify potential issues and provide suggestions based on our experience with other installations.

Troubleshoot your environment

Diagnose your current deployment and search for known issues. If you have an issue with your installation, try running the CCPDoctor to determine if this is a known issue that Accelerite has already experienced elsewhere. It might save you the time and effort required to open a support case and may even suggest a workaround, if one is already available.

Tune the performance

Suggest tuning parameters for best performance based on your current sizing and the latest available information from Accelerite.

Collect and upload logs

Collect all relevant log files and automatically upload those to Accelerite Support.

The utility has an internal knowledge base that is constantly updated by the Accelerite Cloud Engineering group, as well as the Accelerite Support and Services teams, based on our experience and the feedback we receive from our 250+ customers.