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Microsoft Edge can’t emulate old IE – now what?

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I may be a Microsoft fan but I’m not an Edge fan. During a recent ceremonious “let’s audit the functionality in old IE”, I was disappointed to see that I was unable to emulate older versions of Internet Explorer (in addition to being disappointed you can no-longer dock the developer tools). We all thought Internet Explorer was bad but I’m …

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jQuery 3.0 breaking changes to hide() and show()

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Show() and hide() were simplified (well, their internal implementation) and existing code that you wrote that uses them might not work anymore. Why break something so simple?! It wasn’t until I read their post that I understood that their job wasn’t so easy. There’s a few edge cases that don’t have simple answers. Problem #1: They’re not responsive When you call …

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@JoniTrythall is responsible for creating my favorite flexbox cheat sheet. I think the mix between a decision flowchart and illustrations to demonstrate the different declartions make it really simple to look for what you’re trying to accomplish. Check it out: /jonibologna.com/flexbox-cheatsheet


I don’t care if they get my encrypted passwords

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Everyone has heard by now that LastPass was hacked. EVERYONE PANIC Wait- why? A lot high-traffic tech blogs eat this stuff up. Security is a big deal right now. The majority of people don’t fully understand security (they know they want it, but not how it works). So that’s an easy recipe to take some key words that fire people up, throw …


How to disable SSLv3 and RC4 ciphers in IIS

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There’s a great tool from Qualys SSL Labs that will test your server’s configuration for the HTTPS protocol. Somewhat-unfortunately, servers default configuration tends to favor compatibility over security. If you want to get your grade up to an A- or better you will have to make some configuration changes. Here’s what I did while using Windows Server 2008 R2 and IIS. …

Sitefinity: How to use an HTML editor in a custom widget designer

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It constantly shocks me that Telerik makes all of these fancy widgets and form controls but they’re somehow not painfully-easy to implement when creating custom widget designers. Even when using Telerik’s Visual Studio plugin Sitefinity Thunder, it’s not a simple point-and-click to use an HTML editor for a widget property. Well I need these widgets I create to be as …

1 Reasons You Won’t Believe Breaks Your Visual Studio Extension’s Options Page

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Yesterday I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to figure out why my Visual Studio extension’s Options Page no-longer updated or could be read. It was tested and working and after I made a few changes and tested again, I couldn’t read any of my extension’s properties in the Visual Studio options dialog. I even removed my options page entirely …

Vacation Week!

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I’m on vacation this week but that doesn’t mean I’m too cool to do a quick blog post. Below are some interest blog posts I’ve read recently. Zanshin: Learning the Art of Attention and Focus From a Legendary Samurai Archer Contributing to Chromium: an illustrated guide On how to do everything Say No to the Repository Pattern in your DAL …