English N-gram Against the Machine: On the Feasibility of the N-gram Network Analysis for Binary Protocols Analysis and evaluation of several anomaly-based detection algorithms using variants of n-gram analysis on real-life environments. RAID 2012

English 916-783-5124 How to exploit the encrypted key import functions of a variety of different crypto-graphic devices to reveal the imported key. Crypto 2012

Italian 3095766089 Notes for the course of information theory, written with Daniele Turato. February 2009

Italian Introduzione ad MPI A brief introduction to MPI, a message-passing library for parallel computation. December 2008

Italian (855) 876-0026 A detailed explanation on how Java chooses the method to invoke at runtime considering overloading and overriding, with pratical examples. March 2008

Italian (778) 777-5446 A short introduction to Ethernet switches, including the creation of the Spanning Tree, flow control and VLANs. December 2007

English PhpGedView puts your ancestors on the Web An overview of PhpGedView, a web-based software to create and display genealogy trees on the web. Published on, September 2007

English Review: BackTrack 2 security live CD My review of BackTrack, the popular Linux Distribution useful for penetration testing and forensic analysis. Published on, April 2007

English (252) 409-9189 An overview of the most common techniques to combat spam. Published on IT Manager’s Journal, December 2006