The Collective Global Accelerator 2018 is here. Ready?

A four-week experience based at The Collective Old Oak in London, for social entrepreneurs who tackle the toughest challenges in cities worldwide.

It's about measurable impact

50,000 lives positively impacted by focusing on meaningful causes

Human Connection

How can we create communities that are inclusive, tackling loneliness and helping people to create deep and meaningful connections?

Health & Wellbeing

How can we create healthy communities and ensure that people experience a high level of wellbeing?

Education and opportunity

How can we create communities in which opportunities are available to everyone equally?

Circular economy

How can we ensure that communities contribute to a circular economy and ensure environmental sustainability through smart circular innovation?

Speakers and Workshops

Learn Engage Grow

“I have gained clarity and every workshop allowed me to add to a long-term strategy for my business.”

Italo Alves

Founder, TODXS


Guide Inspire Educate

“Connecting with my mentor helped me to truly understand the analytic offerings of my business, so now I can better explain data aspect of my business.”

Berat Kjamili

Founder, Q-Zenobia

Meet the Cohort of 2018

We believe in the power of people banding together for good
Andrei Toma Homepod, Romania

Empowers people to mitigate climate change more easily, more affordably and with less cost.

Gwen Yi Tribeless, Malaysia

Creates a culture of empathy in every organisation and community in the world.

Katy Renwick Imperfectly Good, United Kingdom

Generates funds to help support feeding those most in need by turning perfectly good surplus food into delicious food.

Berat Kjamili Q-Zenobia, Turkey

Refugee e-card that provides opportunities such as registrations, bank debit card, news and job opportunities to refugees and brings about big data analytics.

Tram Anh Nguyen Thi Sumi, Vietnam

A combination of chatbot, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Sumi can automatically answer any questions from teenagers in their own language.

Shaney Vijendranath You, Baby and I, South Africa

Helping new mothers through the journey of motherhood.

Sarah Tuck Coliberate, New Zealand

Improves the mental health of New Zealanders at as large a scale as possible.

René Espinoza Lazarillo, Chile

Creates accessible and intelligent spaces through technologies helping people with visual disabilities connect with their environment, improving their autonomy and quality of life.

Arthur Gopak Alpha Gamma, Latvia

Helps young professionals discover and take advantage of life-changing career opportunities.

Charles Lipenge Maestros Leadership Team, Malawi

Engaging the youth in schools and out of schools in working towards achieving the sustainable development goals set by the UN.

Juliana Gutierrez Low Carbon City, Colombia

A citizen-led global movement working to tackle climate change in cities.

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