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Welcome to Asian Art Mall

We offer one of the Internet's largest selections of Asian Arts, Crafts, and Collectibles with over 8,000 different items in stock in our Maryland warehouse. Our products are handcrafted and imported from Japan, China, Korea, Bali, India, Vietnam, Russia, Ceylon, Nepal, Thailand, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua, and Argentina. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your visit. Be sure to check out our Reference Section to learn more about the products we sell and the countries and people that make them for us.

View our Bento Boxes - Just as you can order take-out in the United States, in Japan, you can take out food for lunch or dinner called Bento.  The bento is stored and sold in boxes, thus the name, Bento Box.  This take away style is very popular and can be found just about anywhere – in train stations, convenience stores, theaters, shopping areas, vending machines, and so on.  For instance, if you were to buy a ticket to take a bullet train, you can either buy Bento boxes to take with you on the train or relax and wait for a vendor to come to you.

Shop for Mexican Blankets - Whether for yoga class or to add a little Mexican flare to your home decor, our fine Mexican blankets are the solution. We select only the finest hand crafted Molina Indian blankets. These thick blankets are truly quality.

The The Tetsubin teapot is a Japanese teapot made of cast iron. A typical Tetsubin teapot has a geometric, organic or animal pattern decoration on the side where its spout faces your right.

Shop our Tagua Carvings - Imported directly from the Native Indian Artists that created these little masterpieces. Choose from Animals, Fish, Birds, and Reptiles - all native to the country of Panama that the carvings come from. The tagua nut has a strong resemblance to animal ivory, making it a wonderful resource for creating all types of beautiful things.  For many years, the tagua nut was used primarily for making buttons but with new technology and more affordable materials such as plastics, a decline began.  Even so, the tagua nut still has value in the making of other things to include chess set pieces, jewelry, handles for canes, dice, figurines, etc.

See our Scroll Paintings - The art of the Chinese scroll painting dates back at least 4,000 years.  This art form is considered by many people as the highpoint aesthetically speaking during the cultural history of China civilization.  The Chinese use special brushes and inks to create calligraphy, which are the same tools used for the scrolls.

wrytail - Located in the northwest portion of Ecuador, a unique venture began called the Tagua Initiative was formed.  This began in 1990 by Conservation International as a means of creating economic incentives associated with the tagua palm nut, trying to find a way for the harvests to be sustained.  Because of this initiative, today we see almost 2,000 people belonging to the Comuna Rio Santiago-Cayapas, holding down jobs.  However, these jobs depend on the rainforest being left unharmed, allowing the tagua nut to continue growing.

Shop our Wall Hangings from Peru and Mexico - You will also find tapestries depicting things such as flowers, birds, butterflies, and many other Andean cultural aspects.  All of the sheep wool is handspun, and then naturally dyed with native vegetable, mineral, and animal dye. 

View our Yarn Art from Mexico - Nestled in the Sierra de Nayarit, just north of Guadalajara, Mexico, you will find approximately 12,000 Huichol (Wee-Chol) Indians, a tribe believed to descend from the Aztec Indians.  This area of Mexico is remote and rugged, and home to one of the last tribes to exist under the Spanish rule.  The Huichol Indians still follow pagan beliefs, consider deer a sacred animal, grow corn, which is thought to be the source of all life, and use a form of communication called peyote.  Because of this, the core of the Huichol Indians consist of deer, corn, and peyote.

Gift Ideas & Suggestions

Looking for a gift for that special someone? Visit our 312-643-3951 section for a quick ideas. We have selected our most popular items and listed them by recipient or event to make it easier to find the perfect gift. There's even suggestions based on Asian Symbolism and Feng Shui for selecting a gift with a special message or wish.

We even have special pages with charts for Chinese and Traditional Zodiac Signs, and Birthstones to help zero in on just the right gift.

Click here to Browse our Gift Ideas

Featured Products

Golden Pond Collection - Adorable reptile figures from the Golden Pond Collection by Green Tree. These products originated in Dehua ... one of the finest ceramic capitals of Asia with over 3000 years of ceramic history and culture. A process of 8 working procedures all fired at different temperatures is how the hand painted finish is achieved on these wonderful collectible pieces. Our assortment includes Frogs, Lizards, and Alligators. (747) 225-6150

We just expanded our selection of Golden Pond sculptures with lots of great new designs, including our new line of Ocean Creatures. Penguins, Dolphins, and Whales.


In the town of Hakone Japan craftsmen practice an art form that has been passed down through the generations. This famous art is called Himitsu-Bako, or Puzzle Box also know as Secret Boxes. Each amazing secret box only open if you move the various panels in a very specific order. They range from boxes that open with only 4 moves, to boxes that can take up to 72 moves. These make great gifts.

> Japanese Puzzle Boxes

Shop our New Jewelry Collections


Buy her something she won't be expecting. Choose from our selection of unique and unusual handcrafted arts and crafts from the Far East. We have Silk Scarves and Shawls from Thailand. Exotic Jewelry from Bali, Thailand, and Russia; and a great assortment of Home Decor items.

Click here for gift ideas for the women on your list

Men are always difficult to shop for. Choose from our selection of unique and unusual handcrafted arts and crafts from the Far East. We have Dragons and Foo Lions in Brass and Jade, Tribal Masks from Bali, Chinese Snuff Bottles, and many other unusual items.


Visit our 6622589321 to shop by Creature. Choose from:

Carp & Koi, Dragons, Elephants, 4175743986, (415) 416-0188, (478) 954-2872, and noumeite

Shop our Kuna Molas - Mola Art, also called Kuna Mola, is an amazing creation by the women of the Kuna or Cuna tribe from Central America.  Living directly on the San Blas Islands of Panama, these women create some of the most gorgeous pieces of art imaginable.  Using a special appliqué process called “reverse appliqué” the women take numerous layers of cloth, each of varying color.  These layers are then stitched together loosely while the top layers are fine-tipped cut with special scissors.  The cut edges are then folded back at which time they are stitched to the bottom layer

Shop our Brass & Bronze Section - We stock an amazing selection of Brass and Bronze sculptures from the artists of China and India. Choose from detailed Dragons, Foo Dogs, and more.

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