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You know me, I can never sit still so I’ve gone and created something brand new!

Actually, this has been a long time coming and just the start of a new platform for Ohhh Lulu Lingerie.

I’ve been working behind the scenes on a standalone (non-Etsy) shop for my Lingerie for months now, but wasn’t sure in what direction I wanted to take it.

For a few years now, I’ve had the goal of having a ready made line of lingerie that was at a slightly lower price point. I originally had the goal of creating a factory produced line that I could sell to retailers, but I still am struggling to find a Canada-based producer that will work with my relatively low quantities… not to mention I still haven’t actually wrapped my head around how I’d do it.

So, I’m still not there yet…

But, over the last several weeks I’ve worked on creating a selection of pieces that are ready to ship, but in limited sizes. The bralettes I’ve created are light support and great for lounging, but they aren’t the made to measure bras you’ll currently find in my Etsy shop. The bras in my Etsy shop are customized for your cup size and shape, whereas the ones in my ready made collection are a few sizes fit most.  This, and my fabric choices (which are mostly solids), are how I am creating my lower price points. That being said, they are still super cute and comfortable pieces. They are all styles that I love wearing myself!

Currently, I’ve got my Etsy shop and Ready Made collection separated, but I think I will eventually work on migrating the items from my Etsy shop over to this new storefront. The truth is, I’m having a hard time standing behind Etsy ever since they broadened their definition of “handmade” to include factory made items (yes, even items in factories are made “by hand”, but I don’t think when customers buy something that is marketed on a “handmade platform” as “handmade”, that they will assume it comes from a factory. It’s just sketchy marketing if you ask me).  Recently, they’ve changed search ranks to favour sellers with free shipping and short turn around times… which for me is hard since shipping (with tracking) in Canada is expensive! Seriously, I spend an arm and a leg on shipping Free shipping on every order is not something I can’t afford to do… Secondly, because I customize the fit on all of my bras and panties, offer custom designed items, and because of the amount of orders in queue, I can’t ship made to order items out in a day or two. Not to mention they’ve just upped their fees. I just can’t compete on that platform anymore, and I have some moral objections to the way the company is running now… So I’ve been looking for my escape for a while.

I’ve dabbled with ready-made items in the past but have never stuck with it. So, I’m going to see how these items do and if they do well, I’ll keep it up…! I still have more pieces to add but was excited to get these few things off the ground… especially my limited Halloween items!

I’ll be working on migrating over scrunchies and sleep masks this weekend and into next week, and maybe a few made to order items as well.  I really like the navigation of my new shop, as well as the the order processing and fulfilment methods.

You can shop my Ready Made items HERE!