When did you start studying languages?

There's no set policy.

Don't bother with that now!

The extraordinary session of the Diet will last four weeks.


Don't ever give up hope.


What a wonderful machine!

New stamps will be issued next month.

I consulted her.


The train was so crowded that I was kept standing all the way.


Flesh does not emit light... or does it?

He measures the time with a radio-controlled clock.

What a wonderful father Anne was.

He moved to Canada.

I go to cabarets two times a week, but I have no interest in after-hours.

Robert held the gun to Knut's head.

You should give Honzo a harmonica for his birthday.


I've got a hunch something might be happening tonight.


Give me the watch.

We saw that the plan would end in failure.

Is Lojban ambiguous? Depends what you mean by ambiguous.

Are you fair?

Ping took one last look around the room before he left.

His description approximated to the truth.

I only have one blanket.

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We hope you are having a great night.

I wanted to tell you the truth.

Asia is the largest and most populated of the world's continents.

I don't see a temple.

They won't eat meat.


To be always logical may be sometimes hated by others.

We called off the wedding.

Don't ever compare your wife to another woman.

I'm sorry if I startled you.

I prefer the former plan to the latter.

Wait'll you see this.

I didn't translate this text myself.

Were any of you here last night?

I've made some progress.

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I saw a car through the window.

If it were up to me, you would all be exiled.

In the same period, the number of urban netizens in China reached one hundred and twenty five million, making up 21.6% of the total urban population.

Why are you in your pajamas?

You're after Tran.

She went down the stairs.

The weather was delightful.

He once possessed much land.

Stephen looks a bit like Denise Richards when she was young.

Hotta wasn't seriously injured.

We're doing phenomenally well.

Ping didn't tell the stranger who he really was.

Lorien has a lot to answer for.

He shook hands with the mayor.

He could have done it, but he didn't.

Try to look at some recent interviews.

That's why I wanted to talk to Izzy.

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We can't just sit here and do nothing.


Many municipalities have reduced chlorination and now also use ultraviolet light to sanitize the public supply of drinking water.

Hirofumi is a professor of Chinese literature.

She got good grades in English.


You know we don't need to go there today, right?

Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.

Keep them safe.

I looked for my cup, but didn't find it.

It looks like a deer.


From personal experience, I know that any encounter with him will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Where do they live?

I arrived here a few minutes before you.


Please help me pick out a sweater which matches my new dress.

I don't have to explain myself to you!

What do you learn at school?

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The pain hasn't gone away.

Are you Everett?

That rumor spread quickly.

I don't need a psychologist.

Dan claimed that he acted in self-defence.


He left for Europe a week ago, that is, on the tenth of May.


I still don't understand women.


Those students really can't read.

Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.

"Well he looks odd on the surface ... but he's even odder on the inside." "You're really not helping me there."

Could you please re-schedule the meeting at your convenience?

Prices will increase after October 20th.

You miss him a lot, don't you?

You didn't see him.

How long will it take me to get there by bus?

The police looked into that incident.

Tolerant is serious.

Tell your men to drop their weapons.

Do not fear the unexpected, but be prepared for it.

We're going to be here for three days.

The fire department has to be called out.

Your essay was not bad but I have a few minor niggles.

There was no one home.

Let us speak.

The Peepal tree does not die just because a crow cawed.

I didn't need your help.


I don't want to go and I know you don't want to go either.

What languages are spoken in Canada?

The recommended tyre pressure of the average car is around 32 psi.

The picture was beautiful. You should have seen it.

Gold is more expensive than lead.


No one suspected.


The guards are watching you.

Jeffie doesn't like cats.

Get out of here before I call the cops.

A celebrity is a person who is known for his well-knownness.

When I die, I want to be cremated.

If you don't want to do it, you don't need to.

Sandy was glad to be alone.

It might get ugly.

Kaj told me he couldn't wait to get out of there.

Is that a compliment?

How many magazines are on the desk?

I think you need to figure this out on your own.

I wasn't persuasive enough.

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Ned heard someone whistling outside.


The geopolitical situation is very volatile.


There's no choice.

Spain is the host country for the Olympics in 1992.

His composition is free from mistakes.

He will accept your offer.

Time for a snack.

I wish more people understood that.

I'd like to spend less time at work and more time at home.

This handbag is made of paper.

I am a lapsed vegetarian.

Masanobu is in the kitchen with Stanislaw cooking dinner.

I don't think Mario will put up much of a fight.


The glitter of the sun hurts my eyes.

"I mean... my life," Dima said. "Anyway, there's 3,000,000 BYR in this briefcase."

I'm going to Boston this summer.


Brandy is very angry with Matthew.


He works fast and is very articulate but his insincerity is his biggest defect.


Can you hold on a sec?

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How long can we go without food?


You don't have to give yourself such airs.


I have to wake her up.

For the elderly, wounds take more time to heal.

Ms. Yamada translated the fascinating fairy tale into plain Japanese.


He said grace before eating.


I don't think Vivek is involved.

Puerto Ricans are American citizens.

I knew it was real.

I don't accept that.

What is it you want to know?

Anne lived in Australia for quite a few years.

I was a member of the soccer club when I was in junior high.


My mother made me study for three hours last night.

How are you doing? It's been a long time since we last met, hasn't it?

Sam must not be permitted to resign.

It is said that his new novel is based on his own experiences.

You have no idea how uncomfortable these shoes are.

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Vilhelm is quite an interesting woman.


Naresh isn't witty.

Conceive. That is the word that means both the beginning in imagination and the end in creation.

Did you pick up on that strange tone in his voice?


We're done waiting.

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Should we call them?

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I was convicted.

I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!

I've got the feeling I already met her somewhere.