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That is not how you talk to your superiors!

Jean sought help for problem gambling.

I love her, but she loves someone else.

That king ruled wisely.

Whoever is born in Austria, is an Austrian.


It cost him five pounds to buy it back.

He was knee deep in mud.

Nou was three years old when this picture was taken.

Deborah abandoned his family and moved to Boston.

Let's put an end to this discussion.


I've already seen this movie.

How did you get roped into doing this?

It's a dream come true.

Don't waste your breathe.

Did you forget to flush the toilet?

Let's call the dog Skipper.

How did that whole thing happen?

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I am through with his long speech.

Pratap hasn't paid his part of the rent.

It's hard to complain against such good people.


Honzo helped Joel with her homework.

Turn down the television.

Jim Waller is a strong candidate for the post of sales manager.

Leif scratched his head.

You should've seen what Casey did.

Tell me how it works.

"Who broke the window?" "She did."


You don't understand. He'll kill you.

It's evidently necessary.

Here, see for yourself.

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Darci didn't get up early this morning.


Whoa, if we keep chatting, despite actually arriving early, we'll end up late!


I didn't see Joe today.


I don't do drugs.

Not to brag, but I'm a really smart guy. Really. I took an IQ test once, and the results were off the charts.

The desire to fly in the sky like a bird inspired the invention of the airplane.

Keep your door locked and don't let anyone in.

I hate Halloween.

I am a child in a man's body.

I've lost my ticket.


Let's try to be rational.


This is Clarence speaking. I'd like to speak to Ann.

I have a keen interest in politics.

I thanked Dory for his help.

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Don't obey him.

The normal fetal heart rate usually varies between 120 and 160 beats per minute.

You must swear to keep your promise.

With all your money, you should be able to buy just about anything you want.

It is easy to understand what he is trying to say.


Something flew by in front of my eyes.

Was the bank closed?

Please remember to put out the fire before you go home.

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Grief has silvered her hair.

He was asking for it.

She abetted him in escaping from prison.

What would you like Deirdre to do?

I want to talk to you outside.


That is to say, their behavior seems to be against the rules made by adults.

They are all my personal belongings.

It may be expensive.

I cannot meet him out. It's raining.

Keep your cool.

The clerk refused to give me a refund at which point I demanded to see the manager.

Blayne dyed his hair gray so he'd look older.


Welcome to Boston, everybody.

You used to like me.

We met by chance the other day.

I don't think it gets any better than that!

The French are said to love art.


He left high school at seventeen.


During the US presidential election of 2004, the candidate John Kerry had to hide that he spoke French.


This motel has a swimming pool.

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The affair ran more smoothly than we expected.


You look really pale. Are you all right?

The town is badly signposted.

I saw how Sofoklis was doing that.

Terrace farming is widely practiced in the mountainous regions of China.

Sharada told us all why he couldn't attend the meeting.

Making a living as a manga artist is almost impossible.

Juliane glared at Gale.

Thanks a lot for your tips!

I was on the air for two hours yesterday.


Skip can't get the lid off.

I let him down.

Weren't you tired?

Spy used to go fishing with his father.

I will count to three, and then I will fire!

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I hope everything is going well with you.

There were a fair number of people in the hall.

This is my home.

There are abilities that improve rapidly and those that improve slowly, aren't there?

He measures the time with a radio-controlled clock.

He acknowledged his fault.

Eating ice cream always puts me in a happy mood.

Everett doesn't have a clue, does he?

These houses were burnt down to the ground by the enemy.


She likes composers of the classical era, such as Mozart or Beethoven.

They clearly have something different in mind.

"How old are you?" - "Forty ten."


The kids are scared.

Give me a definite answer.

I'm sorry, I can't talk about this right now.

The pain she suffered while being tortured was unimaginable.

Why did Rome fall?

She's daring, that girl!

Please change the flag.


I draw for a hobby.

She explained to me how to use the hair drier.

Lyndon is our leader.

I'll talk to Bryan about this.

That seems a reasonable assumption.

"Sometimes it seems, Ofer, that we're the only reasonable people over here." "You're right, Kuldip. However sad it is, we're surrounded by idiots alone, and their ring is inexorably tightening."

I've got to get this off my chest.

Are you sure you can do it?

Jeff and I are always busy.

Those officials don't understand finance at all.

He said he'd come and he did.

We should get away from here.

Did I fall asleep?

Next year I'm going to Hawaii.

Well, that's rather bizarre.


I didn't know them last year.

I knew you wouldn't like the way Rajiv did that.

How many victims were there?

Why did you keep her picture?

Starbuck is a snob.

We are wasting time.

Concentrate, Rolf.

Death to the king!

She got a piece of bread stuck in her throat.

The city took the initiative in the pollution suit.

You should've known better than to put yourself in that situation!

Jem is grown up now.

She couldn't accustom herself to New England winters.

I'm not interested in material gain.

Markus promised he'd help me build a doghouse.

Nancy is the most beautiful of the four girls.

Heather has co-authored three textbooks.

"I want to climb this tree," said the boy.

Let's play another game.

Go at once, otherwise you will be late.

If you don't want to get married, you shouldn't get married.


I always get up at 6.

They're required to work eight hours every day.

Kusum poured some milk into a bowl.

I want to buy something to eat.

I need to stay here with her.

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In case I am late, please go ahead of me.

The boss threatened to fire me.

Marsha is already beginning to talk.

You can use my office.

The vocabulary of young people is not so great.

Would you know where there is a pharmacy that is open till late?

I saw a kabuki play in Tokyo.


These shoes belong to Ramesh.

Despite their bulk and weight, hippos can swim rapidly.

I add examples to Tatoeba in many languages.


He is not fond of pets.

The box had been damaged, but its contents were intact.

They had cleared the obstacle from the road.

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You really have a passion for food.

I waited all afternoon in vain.

We tortured them.

It goes without saying that she is happy.

You'll feel better after a good night's sleep.

She was clothed in a red blouse and a black skirt.

I know how dangerous it'll be.