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This is the home page for ContactRight Ltd. We are a multimedia company based in the United Kingdom and have been developing multimedia solutions for our clients since 1988. We will publish our latest news here from time to time as new products and services are created. They will each have a page where you can find our more. Click on the 'New' button to see the latest news in more detail. Advance news of things we are working on is covered on the 'Coming Soon' page. All our sites are designed to work with modern browsers and are converging on the new HTML-5 and CSS-3 standards.

Latest News

Work is currently in hand to release our next self published book. This will be the first book in a series of books about Digital Video Compression and will pay particular attention to the HEVC codec work being standardised all over the world. Our imprint is called ContactRight Press. It has a web site all of its own (here).


During our development process, we often discover or create useful resources. The Resources page lists things that we found or built which you can download or link to for your own multimedia project work.

Company History

Click on our logo in the page heading to go to a page that describes our background and history. There you will find a timeline and some details of our previous work.

About This Site

The site is designed to work best in modern browsers. For most purposes, building web content with HTML-5 and CSS-3 works well with the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera for Mac OS X users. Windows users can use Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer 9.