Will I be able to get it before then?

I'm sick.

Shari didn't know Cole was dating John.

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However, there are instances in history where entire peoples were successfully exterminated.


It's every man for himself.

He said only one word: "Bosh!"

The revenues for the first month of 2011 exceed 1 000 000 yen.

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Suzan looked around, but saw no one.


The animals are treated well.

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Could I speak with you for a moment?


I'm prepared to help Linley.

I don't betray my friends.

My plan was eventually adopted.

The problem is that I don't have any money.

What did he say this time?


Cristopher is taking her final exam.

This was happening every winter.

It's not raining yet.


I knew you'd show up eventually.

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We know the risks.


This book is too difficult for me to understand.

I love geography and history.

That he is innocent is quite certain.


Don't think I don't like you.

The poor man is independent of other people, and only has to answer to his needs. The rich man is independent of his needs, but has to answer to other people.

You don't know where Brian has gone, do you?


Go get coffee.


Nanda announced to Oliver that he would soon have a new brother or sister.

I have four in my family.

Why are you sleeping in a place like this?

Debi thinks that Sanjeev won't be able to pay all her bills this month.

What exactly are your symptoms?


He's considering becoming a sailor.


Handsome is as handsome done.

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I can't ask him to do that.

The sound of a kiss is not so loud as that of a cannon, but its echo lasts a deal longer.

She writes to her parents once a week.


Two people were killed in a traffic accident.

Carlo was forced to make a radical decision.

She had to alter her dress by herself.

Gary tried to make sure that every employee was treated with respect.

I don't want her to give up.


Several people were injured.

I went there with my aunt last month.

We'll get you another balloon.

The small dog tried to get away.

He spoke of the people and the things that he had seen during his trip.

How long is that bridge?

We don't have all night.

Calvin was stung by a bee.

I want to know who you were with this afternoon.


You're not the only one here who can't speak French.


In basketball, tall players have an advantage.

According to schedule, this task should be finished within this week.

All the cars in this garage belong to Gabriel.


He was granted admission to the university.

She showed a picture.

I should've worn a short-sleeve shirt.

We have enough time to catch the train.

He's a bit younger than me.

Some people say that you shouldn't go swimming right after you eat.

I'll be here all morning if anyone needs me.

He's a creationist.

These sentences are strange.


We have forgotten to sign up!

We're in love with each other.

I will need to add new dictionaries to the library.


Celeste's new smartphone is really big. It doesn't even look like a phone anymore.

What's your opinion on that?

Roman might want to consider asking Bernie for advice.

That meal was incredible.

Only yesterday did I see him.

The dress in the window caught your eye.

If it's necessary to do so, I'll pay back my loan now.

This house is a very beautiful one.

Liz will leave in an hour.

You're a bread.

I will shed light on that incident.

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I have good reasons for hating Sedat.

Kory is starting to feel a little better.

I wonder when Stefan will swim.

There is a crowd of women around Adam.

The police found no clue.

I compared notes with Lenny.

Three ships were given to him by the queen.


That would be something.

I feel disenchanted by the limited capacity of the computer.

Scotch brand is a type of adhesive tape.

Yana studies astrophysics in Yekaterinburg.

I suggest you give it back to Floyd.

That song reminds me of my home.

That woman who picked a fight with me was being very disrespectful.

Behold the days come saith the LORD that the plowman shall overtake the reaper and the treader of grapes him that soweth seed and the mountains shall drop sweet wine and all the hills shall melt.

Michel gave his dog a good scratch behind the ears.

I've known Jim ever since we were children.

Some people seem to complain about everything.


You might as well come in.


I suppose I ought to apologize.

He's still underage.

Put this scarf around your neck.

Kristen was the one who did this for you.

Mara is looking a lot better.

Have you got any milk?

The heat is terrible today.


The money has not been used up.


There are too many things here to fit into this suitcase.


I'd like to discuss pricing with you.

The largest part of my life is already gone.

Today we'll study Charles Dickens.

I don't think anyone else could do my job.

The dog was chained in the backyard.


What do they want with me?


This pass is a gateway to India.

I went to Boston by car.

The man watched the sun set below the horizon.

I am still in shape.

What's with all the flowers?


Raif was like a brother.


You're staying with her, right?

Spencer wants to sweep the house.

I'm very pleased with Corey's performance.

It is neither more nor less than absurd.

Ram moved toward Kay.


Why are you just standing there?


The grand jury indicted Clark for murder.

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Let me tell you how this works.

I found at my elbow a pretty girl.

Get the book.

The game finished.

Such behavior can cause an accident.

My cat and dog get along.

The shaking began to slowly get less.


This watch is better than that one.

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Please inform him.

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Suyog saw a snake slither across the path.

Calvin's very resilient and can always manage to smile, no matter what's going on in his life.

Rich is carrying a watermelon.

The cat is sleeping on the sofa.

Perhaps Randal will leave.

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I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

I wish I had a pony.

Nothing could please us more.

She sent me a long letter.

Here's what we know.


He turned pale with fear.

My brother took me to the museum.

I need to help Reinhard.

Markus said he slept well last night.

Her suggestion seems to have been turned down.

She will come soon.

It's very risky.

Handsome women age far better than pretty women.

I'm going to go see her.

The earth is shaped like a sphere.

Panama is a piker compared to Fifth Avenue.

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Saumya and John moved in together.