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How amazing is the internet? Just by one click you can find what you're looking for. First things first, nice to meet you. You are in need of a locksmith in Detroit, we are here to provide. Detroit locksmith is a licensed professional locksmith company who offers 24 hour locksmith services. We say it with confidence: we have what you need. Our locksmiths in Detroit will find the most suitable solution for your specific needs, while striving to make you satisfied. You are welcome to find what you need throughout our comprehensive locksmith services, and if you think something might be missing, tell us, we will find it.

Auto locksmith

What happens when the tool that is designed to take you from one place to another doesn't? Problems are many, but so are solutions, as our locksmiths in Detroit always say. It could be a lock out, while you lost your keys, or maybe it's a jammed key in the ignition, but the main issue is that we're talking about your transponder key. Read more.

Residential locksmith

There are some things that are usually forgotten. You have other things on your mind, renewing the kitchen, buying new furniture and redecorating the living room, but who will keep their existence? A lock, but not just any lock, we're talking about high security locks with positive recommendations from our residential locksmiths in Detroit. 201-322-5019

Commercial locksmith

Who loves to work? Sometimes you just need the day off, wondering from your bed to your couch, watching TV and practically doing absolutely nothing. In our profession, we can't enjoy those little incidents such as being locked out of the office, thinking it's a sign from up above, telling us to take the day off. It's what we do; unlocking locks and providing emergency locksmith 24/7. Read more

Emergency locksmith

What are you waiting for? Call 888 433 0888 We will deal with it on the spot.

Locksmith Detroit or Detroit locksmith?

Beware of imitation! Many carry the name but few respect it. Our original locksmiths in Detroit will show you the real deal!

Story full of services

Magy is moving to a new home today, congratulations! While she takes out her new home keys to open the door, it doesn't go that smooth at all. Is it supposed to turn left or right? It's a jammed key alright! What to do? How will it work right? Locksmiths in Detroit will do it right. "Are you from Detroit's emergency locksmith service?" "Yes mam, I see it's a jammed key, don't worry, we'll extract the key" The locksmith hands Magy the key he had removed from the lock, but it's a broken key… "I'll make a new key and I'll duplicate the key for you" the locksmith says and he does, handing Magy her two similar new keys. "Thank you for dealing with my lock out" says Magy, while she opens her door. "It was my pleasure" says the locksmith, but he had more to say… "Excuse me mam, there are a few things you should know while moving to a new home: first things first, you should change locks or rekey them, in fact I recommend on high security locks that are more powerful and advanced, it's for your home security. They can be used as door locks, garage locks, and safe locks. Talking about locks, what about a mailbox lock? Do you store valuables in your closet? If so, use a closet lock. Now keys, if the key that I have duplicated for you is a bother, you can use a master key that will operate all your locks, handy don't you think"? "Well, that’s a surprise" said Magy "I didn't know that there was so much to locks and keys" "I was happy to be at your service, if you need us, remember, Detroit locksmith is available 24 hours.


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