Suzanne is normal, isn't he?

She ran as fast as possible.

He's just an ordinary office worker.

I'm going to throw a party.

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I forgave you a long time ago.

Everybody was clapping.

Bradley punished his children.

Isabelle never misses a chance to go to Boston.

You must rest.


If I were you, I'd go home right away.

A promise made in Spanish is more than a simple promise.

Yesterday morning, I harvested my potatoes. Because of the rain, they were partly rotten.

Marion is young and strong.

I didn't know what was in the envelope.

I wouldn't dream of contradicting you.

I made a promise to Henry.

Mwa is materialistic.

I'll get you back home.

It's the best there is.

Everyone in the church joined hands.

Donn turned to Spyros for help.

I'll go along with that.

One learns by one's mistakes.

I am sharpening my sword.

They arrested Marcel for disturbing the peace.

I honestly believe this.

The woods were clothed in autumn leaves.

Ima drowned in the ocean.

I want to know about Gill's new job.

We both know Gene is innocent.


I will never go away.

Can attack a human if cornered.

I wasn't even there that night.

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If there is a hell, Rome must be built on it.

I'm happy because I am not a woman.

This AC unit wastes a lot of electricity.

Only adults may watch that film.

The new supermarket was opened last month.

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Do you think Julianto and Panzer will ever be friends?

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"How can I help seeing what is in front of my eyes? Two and two are four." "Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane."


I had gotten no sleep the night before, so I kept dropping off during the meeting.

Tourists are locusts on wheels.

Nelken has hope.

You ought not to have kept her waiting on such a cold night.

We don't want to talk about it.


Clifford went off on a tangent.

She went by the name of Bess.

Sid loves architecture more than anything else in the world.

You don't accept credit cards?

You've done your homework.

Someone parked in my spot.

School is over... for now.


Lanny is a rock and roll star.

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I'm scared of cats.

Colonists often take a shine to indigenous women.

You should go to the dentist and have that tooth pulled out.

He doesn't know anything about electronics.

I'm not going to talk about that.


Raymond speaks with a slight French-Canadian accent.

What would you have done in his place?

It's too late to shut the barn door when the horse is already out.

I used to be a gardener.

They're racists.

He'll almost certainly telephone tonight.

How long have you been in love with him?


I'll keep that in mind.

The concert starts at seven. We must not be late.

My father often washes the dishes.

If I'm not home, just let yourself in.

There wasn't a single vacant seat in the hall.


The job is practically done.

This is the best method to solve that problem.

I've never felt better in my life.

I think the time is right to introduce this product.

It was because he was ill that he decided to return home.


Do you understand what I'm saying?


What were the alternatives?

We sang and we loved it.

Kinch didn't see any familiar faces at the party.

Come back now.

Do you have enough money to buy everything you need?

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Can we just eat, please?

I have some things I want to do.

Nici did a lousy job.


When I woke up today, I yawned, stretched, rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, and put on a pair of slippers.


I forgot who I was talking to.

You're going to help me, aren't you?

He traveled about the world.

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Paper is made from wood.

They'll come.

Nichael is leaving Boston tomorrow.


It's my turn now.

She's not here for the purpose of defending herself against these accusations.

Vince is a slowpoke.

Would you like some more roast beef?

Blayne still isn't sure what to do.

Handsome women age far better than pretty women.

Bert doesn't go to high school, does he?

He took me to lunch or dinner quite a lot.

He set himself up in life.

It's not nearly as cold today as I thought it was going to be.

I would like to move to Australia.

I like cities.

I helped Dalton clean the kitchen.

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Now, my boy, times have changed.

Watch it there, Vincenzo.

I want more detailed information.

There are five Russians among the party.

The theater used to open up even on Saturdays.

Gale didn't want to be there.

A wide leather belt would look good with that dress.

You're a pushover.

We're not the least bit afraid of being subpar.

I'm sure Vern knows what he's doing.

He asserts that she is innocent.

You desperately need a vacation.

Was that weird for you?

Eduardo is out of the picture, since he's too young.

Sit down! Don't stand up.

I thought the only thing you really enjoyed was golf.

Come on, let's get breakfast.

She is a woman of singular beauty.

Marcia is said to have been ill last week, but she looks well now.

I searched high and low for my glasses but couldn't find them.

The old man wanders from town to town peddling his wares.

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My boss was satisfied with what I did.

Mysteries abound where most we seek for answers.

I've lived in Realengo since 1993.


Clem is always candid.

It isn't cheap.

He seems to have apprehensions of age.


Dalton is simple.

They started at the same time.

This billionaire has 5 homes in 4 different countries.


We were so dumbfounded we couldn't even answer.

Emi had her mother make a dress.

Listen to your mother!


I figured I'd be safe here.

Tens of male and female students were drawing a lone - completely nude - male model standing on a platform.

Nicholas helped his son get dressed.

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I know you probably don't want to go with us.

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Anthony likes potatoes.

I found no shoes completely to my taste.

The singer was standing by in the studio.

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She lost her locker key while she was swimming in the pool.

Juliet was arrested and immediately taken to headquarters.

You'd better ask them first.

Air the bedclothes when the weather is good.

Hey, wait a minute. Where do you think you're going?

A sparrow is very alert in its movements.

We congratulate you on the day of your wedding, and wish you all the best.

I think Ahmet is following me.

Torsten must be at least thirty years old.

The assignment was very difficult, requiring hours of tedious work.

Too much water drowned the miller.

She's so huge!

Wonderful was the fighting spirit of the Australian rugby team.

Stewart wasn't polite to Steen.

I'm calling to receive my prize.

I forgot myself.

According to schedule, this task should be finished within this week.

Who knows what you'll find up in the attic?

A hard wind is blowing.

I like your dress so much I wish there was an 'I like' button I could press.

Should I have asked your permission?

Can you see Eli's boat?

I need a concise explanation.

I had nothing to say.

I learned about Greek culture.

You're new around here, aren't you?

Bob's father works in a car factory.